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FNova Flask and Sleeve Stainless Steel Insulated Water BottleFNova is something of a familiar face – back at the beginning of 2016, we reviewed the FNova Water Bottle, when we compared the budget bottle to brand leader Hydro Flask. In the beginning of 2017, we were contacted again by FNova to do another review, this time of their larger 40 ounce FNova Flask. This beefy insulated stainless steel water bottle offers the higher-capacity, wide mouth big brother that the original FNova bottle never had.

We found a lot to like in the original FNova we reviewed, eventually naming it as a top pick for best stainless steel water bottle 2016, a mention in our piece on affordable generic Hydro Flask alternatives, and even our #4 pick for best insulated bottle. As we set out to begin testing of the new FNova Flask, we had high expectations. Let’s dive right into the complete review to see how the FNova Flask stacks up to its predecessor as well as its rivals.


FNova Flask: The Next Generation of the Budget Insulated Bottle

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FNova Info Diagram and Inside Bottle ShotThe most immediate thing to notice about the FNova Flask is its price of about $22. Among its rivals in the 40-ounce vacuum insulated stainless steel range, this definitely puts the FNova Flask in direct competition as one of the lowest priced bottles on the market on any given day. Adding to the value is the inclusion of a form-fitting neoprene sleeve with carrying strap which is included with purchase.

The bottle itself is manufactured from 18/8 food grade stainless steel, and makes use of double-wall vacuum insulation. Advertising its ability to keep liquids cold for 24 hours or hot for up to 12, it falls in line with standard claims of insulated stainless steel bottles. In our testing, we found it to have more or less the same insulation as its predecessor the original FNova Bottle (more on insulation below.)

Equipped with a simple, standard screw-off BPA-free plastic lid, the FNova Flask provides quality leak proofing as long as the lid is properly sealed. At a 40 ounce capacity, it might be a little bulkier than some users desire as it certainly won’t be fitting into any cup holders, yet the size is ideal for those (like us!) who drink a ton of water, or for anyone who just doesn’t like to fill up their bottle too often. We’ve found the FNova Flask doesn’t impart any weird flavors to the water – even after leaving our water in the flask for upwards for multiple days, it never tastes metallic and never has a hint of chemical aftertaste.

The Insulation Test

FNova Flask Insulation TestBack when we did the Best Insulated Water Bottles article, we put the original FNova bottle (along with three other contenders for best insulated bottle) to a simple test: we filled them with 40 degree Fahrenheit water, some ice cubes, and left to for a full 24 hours on our counter top at room temperature in the tropics.

We repeated this same process with the new 40 ounce FNova Flask. The results were virtually identical to original test with the original FNova: after 24 hours, the bottle’s contents had increased by 12 degrees and all ice had melted, leaving us with a (still refreshing) 52 degree drink. The FNova Flask was just a single degree warmer than its predecessor we tested before, leaving us to conclude that the insulating capabilities of the two bottles is more or less identical.

This is some pretty good insulation – especially at the price point it is being offered here! We have absolutely nothing to complain about from a bottle which truly does keep cold liquids cold for up to 24 hours. Equipped with a matte anti-sweat coating, the FNova Flask is always easy and comfortable to hold and never sweats due to condensation. The insulation also means you’ll never find yourself burning your hands or freezing your fingers because your drink is too hot or cold – the outside of the bottle always remains at room temperature, no matter what is inside.


FNova Giveth, FNova Taketh Away

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We find ourselves feeling slightly conflicted about the FNova Flask when we compare it to the original FNova Bottle. This is because while the FNova Flask solves the biggest gripe we had with the original bottle, it also takes away our favorite feature of the original!

FNova Flask Water Bottle In Snow Action ShotOur biggest gripe was simple: the larger FNova Bottle definitely could benefit from a wide mouth, instead of the skinny standard mouth. The FNova Flask has this box ticked, offering an expansive wide mouth opening perfect for filling up with large ice cubes, or even stuffing a hot lunch in there to keep toasty until break time. The wide mouth makes cleaning much easier, as well as allowing the user to take full advantage of the FNova Flask’s considerable insulation prowess.

But our new biggest gripe with the new FNova Flask has to be its limiting to only a single lid. Although the threading for the screw-on lid is fairly standard and could likely be used with some other wide mouth bottle accessories, FNova doesn’t offer any brand-name supported lids for its wide mouth design. This is in stark contrast to the original FNova Bottle, which actually includes three very useful lids with purchase of the bottle.

We’d love to see an FNova Flask Widemouth Straw, or Sport Cap, or something similar, and wish the manufacturer had made a habit of including multiple lids with purchase. But as something of a consolation prize, the included neoprene carrying sleeve is actually very handy. It’s a bit of a tight fit, requiring you to sort of shove the bottle into it, but once inside it stays snugly and safely tucked in even through rough handing. It provides a fantastically simple way of easing the burden of carrying your water bottle, allowing you to toss it over your shoulder with the carrying strap, tote it with the carrying handle, or hold it however is most comfortable. The sleeve also does a good job of preventing minor damage to the bottle’s finish.

Overall Impressions & Review Summary

FNova Flask Insulated Stainless Steel Water Bottle on StumpThere is a lot to like from the FNova Flask – anyone looking for a budget-priced high capacity vacuum insulated water bottle should definitely give the FNova Flask – and its predecessor the FNova Bottle – a long and hard look. Despite the amazingly bargain price, they offer high quality insulation and well manufactured 18/8 food grade stainless steel. They don’t leach any flavor into your water, and prove exceptionally durable thanks to quality stainless steel construction.

A 40 ounce capacity makes the FNova Flask an ideal choice for those who drink a lot of water throughout the day, travelers, hikers, or anyone who might need a larger water supply on hand. It’s a great choice for a bottle to toss into your car to make sure you always have a drink, or carry with you while traveling to save money on beverages without having to think about filling it up too often. But be careful to note it is a bit off the “portable” end of the spectrum, as it won’t fit in cup holders and can be a bit hefty when full.


With excellent insulation that lives up to its claims, overall quality design, and an amazing price tag that hovers around the $20-$25 range, the FNova Flask is hard to pass up. Our one complaint is the lack of different lid options, as we would very much like to see a straw lid or some other options for deviating from the included standard screw-on lid. However, this leaves FNova some possibility to expand. We’ll be sure to update the article if we see these types of lids being made available.

We award the FNova Flask a solid 4/5 stars.

Learn More About the FNova Flask

To see what other reviewers had to say, check current prices, learn specific details, or purchase your own FNova Flask, be sure to visit the Amazon listing.

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A 40-ounce, high-capacity, insulated stainless steel water bottle from FNova.

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