How My Fitbit Is Changing The Way I Drink Water

FitBit Fitness Tracker Can Track Water ConsumptionYou’re probably thinking to yourself “what does a fitness tracker have to do with drinking water?” If you’re familiar with modern fitness tracking devices like the Fitbit Charge HR, you might already know about the in-depth diet tracking features which have been integrated into the device and the app, which allow users to easily record what they eat in order to track their calorie and nutrient intake.

A less familiar facet of this is Water Consumption Tracking. With a device like the Fitbit or even a simple app, it is now easily possible to keep accurate tabs on how much water you are drinking throughout the day. It is even possible to configure regular reminders to let you know when you’re not drinking enough and water consumption goals to promote healthy daily hydration.


Water Consumption Tracking with the Fitbit Charge HR

When I was writing our recent post 5 Easy Ways to Drink More Water, I knew right away I’d have to include the Fitbit’s water consumption tracking. But as I was putting together that piece, I realized that the Fitbit really deserves some attention of its own.

I first decided to pick up a Fitbit mainly out of curiosity to track the amount of steps I take in an average day. But after I had it for awhile, I started to dive into the Fitbit’s ability to track my diet and began inputting everything I ate. Shortly thereafter I began to record the amount of water I drink, too.

What was shocking was to realize just how little water I was actually drinking on average! I’ve always carried a water bottle and felt like I was drinking lots of water, but when the numbers were in front of me it actually turned out I was drinking substantially less than I thought, sometimes less than 6 glasses a day!

Digital Drink Reminders

Fitbit Water Consumption Tracking Application Screenshot
Once I realized how little water I actually drank throughout the day I set up the reminder feature on the Fitbit for every hour and a half. I’d then check my water consumption tracker to see how close I was to meeting my goals. If I was falling behind I’d make a point to stop whatever I was doing within the next ten minutes or so and go have a drink.

After just a few days I found I had a bit more energy and was overall in a better mood. Of course, I still stick to my old adage: drink when you’re thirsty. However, having a little digital reminder gave me a bit of extra motivation to always stay hydrated.

See What Fitbit Can Do For You


The Fitbit, used properly, can be a great catalyst to improving some habits in your life and leading a healthier lifestyle. Of course, it is not a magic bullet, but if all you need is a little boost in the right direction, the Fitbit can provide some motivation and some downright useful data.

The list of cool features my Fitbit Charge HR has is pretty extensive. It tracks calorie intake and calories burned, knows how many steps I take, keeps track of my heart rate, helps me record my diet, tracks my water consumption, and even automatically knows when I’m sleeping and helps track my sleep cycle. It also can tell the time and even syncs to my smart phone in order to display caller ID data and other handy things.

So far I have quite enjoyed owning it and would recommend any fitness- or statistics-oriented person to definitely see what Fitbit can do for their lifestyle! See Fitbit on

Future of Water Consumption Tracking

Of course the big problem with the Fitbit’s water consumption tracking is obvious. Everything is manual! You have to studiously input the information every time you take a drink of water. While the app makes this easy, it is still an extra step in a busy world.

Fortunately, change is on the horizon. Awhile back we feature the Moikit Smart bottle, a still-in-development digitally enhanced water bottle called the “Seed.” One of the Seed’s most impressive feature is their new “Air-Elastic Water Consumption Tracking,” a technology which monitors the volume of air in the bottle in order to track your water consumption. With technology like this smart bottle, it should soon be possible to track your water consumption without having to do anything but drink up!

UPDATE: A solution to track your water consumption is here! Read our feature on the Top 5 Best Smart Bottles with Hydration Tracking! After that, check out our full review of the Pryme Vessyl Smart Bottle and other Smart Bottles in our Reviews Section.


Free Apps

I’m a big fan of my Fitbit Charge, however it is possible to do effectively the same thing with some free apps for your Android or iOS device. You can set reminders and track your consumption for free with either Water Alert (iOS) or Water Drink Reminder (Android).

It’s free! Give it a shot. Report back in the comments section below in a week or two and let us know if you find it helpful!

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Learn how the Fitbit, or just a simple app, can change your life for the better simply by keeping track of your daily water intake.

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