Fifty/Fifty 40 Ounce Insulated Stainless Steel Water Bottle Review

Fifty-Fifty Stainless Steel Insulated Water Bottles Family PortraitThe Fifty/Fifty 40 ounce stainless steel insulated bottle has been mentioned before – we selected it as our #5 pick when we did our feature on the best insulated water bottles. At the time when we put that article together, we knew the Fifty/Fifty bottle was a high quality vacuum insulated bottle and we’d had a chance to test it out for quite awhile before misplacing our Fifty/Fifty bottle on an outing! Fortunately, the folks at Fifty/Fifty were kind enough to send us another bottle to do a complete review of.

When we did the testing for the Best Insulated Bottle piece, we unfortunately couldn’t get numbers for the Fifty/Fifty bottle when we did the insulation test. Now we have the chance to actually get some data on the Fifty/Fifty bottle, while also putting it through its paces! Originally, we found the Fifty/Fifty to be a well manufactured and functional bottle for a bargain price. Let’s dive into our review to see if the Fifty/Fifty has stood up to the test of time!


The Anatomy of a Fifty/Fifty Water Bottle

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At 40 ounces and featuring a wide mouth opening, the Fifty/Fifty bottle is on the larger size of everyday water bottles – an ideal size to sort of “fill it and forget it” with the assurance that you’ll have enough water for a decent chunk of your day on a single fill. The wide mouth opening lends a great versatility to the Fifty/Fifty bottle, making cleaning much easier and opening up the possibility of taking advantage of the bottle’s insulation to hold large ice cubes, or even soups and hot lunches.

In our original insulation test in Best Insulated Water Bottles, we didn’t have the Fifty/Fifty around to evaluate in our head-to-head insulation testing with other vacuum insulated bottles. So when we began putting this review together, we knew we wanted to have a bit of a do-over on the insulation testing. While we didn’t pit the same bottles against each other again, we did leave the Fifty/Fifty bottle out on our counter top to replicate the original test. Here’s what we found…

Fifty/Fifty Insulation Comparison

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Fifty Fifty Bottle Insulation Information DiagramThe Fifty/Fifty bottle makes use of the same type of double-wall vacuum insulation so common to stainless steel water bottles. This method uses a small vacuum chamber in between the walls of the bottle, restricting heat transfer between the bottle’s contents and the atmosphere. Although a simple concept, this design gives the Fifty/Fifty bottle the ability to keep liquids cold for an advertised 24 hours or hot for an advertised 12 hours. It also means the bottle doesn’t sweat with condensation, or grow too cold or hot to the touch regardless of how far along either side of the temperature spectrum its contents might happen to be!

To simulate the conditions of our original insulation test, we took our Fifty/Fifty bottle and filled it with 40 degree water and a couple ice cubes. We left it sealed to sit on the counter top for a full 24 hours before opening it and taking its temperature. After 24 hours, the ice had melted entirely in the bottle, and the temperature read 51 Degrees Fahrenheit.

While certainly not bad (and still refreshingly chilly even after a full day,) this would put the Fifty/Fifty bottle tied for 3rd/4th place in our original best insulation comparison. Though the Fifty/Fifty bottle’s insulation isn’t breaking any records, this is still some excellent insulation for such an affordable bottle.

A Great Value Insulated Bottle

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With a price tag at around $30, the Fifty/Fifty bottle is very competitively priced when stacked up against similarly sized vacuum insulated bottles on the market. Despite being on the bargain end of the price range, Fifty/Fifty has produced a quality bottle which does not compromise its manufacturing to keep the price down. 18/8 food-grade stainless steel makes for easy cleaning and superior durability, while not imparting any flavors or leaching any strange chemicals into your water. Water from the Fifty/Fifty bottle is tasty even after sitting in the bottle for extended periods.

The included lid is a simple twist-off plastic design that works well and leak proofs the bottle efficiently. We read some user complaints about issues with the ease of unscrewing and fastening the lid, but we haven’t experienced this issue ourselves at all and believe Fifty/Fifty may have resolved this issue with newer version of their bottles.

The main issue we’ve encountered with our own Fifty/Fifty bottle and read about in some other customer complaints is a bit of a durability issue. While most stainless steel water bottles take abuse very well, our Fifty/Fifty bottle has shown something of a tendency to dent rather easily if dropped when full. So far we haven’t managed to actually break anything, but every time it takes a tumble we find some new dents where other bottles we have tested would be no worse for wear.

Though this review is focusing on the 40 ounce version, the bottle is also available in 18, 24, and 64 ounce varieties, as well as a selection of 6+ colors.

Lid Accessories

Fifty Fifty Easy Grip Handle Lid AccessoryIf you’re not sold on the Fifty/Fifty’s lid, there are some accessories sold separately that can help tailor the bottle to your needs. The Fifty/Fifty Straw Lid is a great addition to the bottle, making it super easy to take a quick drink whenever you need one without fussing with the screw-top. Alternatively, the flip top sports lid provides a handy way to get a quick sip without worrying about a straw.

One fairly unique lid accessory offered by Fifty/Fifty is their Easy Grip 3 Finger Carrying Lid. Basically just a screw-on lid, the Easy Grip includes a small, ergonomic handle to make for easy carrying. This is actually a very useful handle in practice, making the otherwise somewhat bulky bottle comfortable and nearly effortless to carry.

Overall Impressions & Review Summary

40 Ounce Fifty Fifty Insulated Water Bottle in RedUltimately the Fifty/Fifty bottle is a great bargain, middle-of-the-road insulated water bottle. It offers exceptional insulation given its price point, has quality construction, a selection of sizes and colors, offers some great accessories, and is a very functional bottle. It has served us well in day-to-day usage testing, as well as performed admirably in its insulation testing.

Though the bottle doesn’t have anything fancy or revolutionary, it represents a great mid-priced vacuum insulated water bottle pick. It is ideal for those just looking for something that works well. In appearance and performance, the Fifty/Fifty bottle stacks up competitively with just about any other water bottle on the market. Some more expensive brand names feel a bit heftier and of slightly higher construction quality than the Fifty/Fifty, yet the bottle and its range of accessories more than make up for it with their affordable pricing.

We award the Fifty/Fifty 40 Ounce Vacuum Insulated Stainless Steel Water Bottle a rating of 4/5 stars.

Learn More About Fifty/Fifty Bottles

To see what other reviewers have to say, check current prices, learn more specifics, or purchase a Fifty/Fifty bottle of your own, be sure to check out the Amazon listing.

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Affordable Pricing
Wide Mouth Opening
Lid Accessories Available


Dents Easily

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A mid-ranged vacuum insulated stainless steel water bottle from Fifty/Fifty with 40 ounce capacity.

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