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Hydro Flask Lids Wide Mouth CompatibleSo you’ve just got your neat new Hydro Flask – but what sort of lid should you use? There is no shortage of options: whether you want a straw, a flip-top lid, a screw-on, a honeycomb insulated Flex Cap for extra insulation, or even a third-party off-brand lid – the selections for your Hydro Flask’s lid are full of possibilities and in many ways the lid is the most important part of the entire bottle, since it will be your main point of interaction with your Hydro Flask.

While we already touched on a few varieties of Hydro Flask lids in our Hydro Flask Accessories article, we thought we’d take a closer examination of a broader selection of lids – there is quite the variety to choose from!

Let’s start off with an examination of the most classic lids, progressing as we move down the list to the less commonly known options.

Finding the Right Hydro Flask Lid: A World of Options

One of the reasons there are so many lid options available for Hydro Flask is that they use a fairly standard threading, which has not only allowed Hydro Flask to offer plenty of lid options themselves but also leaving room for third parties to creative innovative lid options to broaden the horizon.

Something to be careful to look out for is the distinction between Wide Mouth and Standard Mouth Hydro Flasks. We will make the distinction clear in each of the items below – but be sure to double-check before selecting a lid that it is for your proper bottle type! Wide Mouth Hydro Flasks are the 18-64oz varieties while the Standard Mouth Hydro Flasks are as tiny as 12 ounces or as big as 21.

Hydro Flask Wide Mouth Flat Cap Lid (~$5)

Hydro Flask Flat Cap LidEnshrined in our minds as the “original” Hydro Flask lid, the Wide Mouth Flat Cap Lid is a very simple screw-on lid made from a durable BPA-free plastic. While I’ve never managed to break one, they do tend to show wear quite quickly and can definitely have some chips and scars after some hefty regular use. Fortunately, they are easily replaceable and cost less than $5.

The Flat Cap Lid is the classic lid which shipped with original Wide Mouth Hydro Flasks. It doesn’t have much in the way of features, but it does include a small plastic ring which attaches to the bottle, so that you never have to worry about having a loose screw on cap floating around your stuff. There are some nooks and crannies which need to be cleaned out carefully on the inside of the lid to make sure you don’t end up with anything funky growing in there.

Overall, a very basic, but serviceable Hydro Flask lid.

Hydro Flask Wide Mouth Straw Lid (~$10)

Hydro Flask Straw Lid Wide MouthAnother option for Wide Mouth Hydro Flasks, the Straw Lid is almost as classic as the Flat Cap Lid above. The Straw Lid includes an easy-access drinking spout which allows you to close the straw when not in use. It also has a carrying loop to make the bottle a little easier to carry, or allow for attaching to a backpack or rope.

Made from a BPA-free plastic, the Straw Lid is reasonably durable but suffers from a few issues. Primarily with the mouth piece on the end of the straw, which is made from a soft rubbery material which is pleasant to drink from but seems to wear down pretty quickly. The straw itself is not much to write home about, but make sure you clean it out regularly! It can be easily detached from the lid and should be cleaned out separately and diligently.

But the most important thing to note about the Straw Lid is its questionable leak proofing. Generally speaking, I don’t trust the Straw Lid enough to invert the bottle. Typically it will leak. Brand new Straw Lids have some leak proofing, but only if they are very well sealed and the straw fully depressed. Once they get some wear on them from normal usage, the leaking becomes much harder to prevent.

Hydro Flask Wide Mouth Hydro Flip Lid (~$15)

Hydro Flask Wide Mouth Hydro Flip LidThe Hydro Flip Lid is made from a solid and very durable BPA-free plastic. There is not a whole lot to it, just a simple little plastic hatch you can flip open or closed when you want to take a sip from the bottle. The Hydro Flip Lid accomplishes leak proofing well, not letting much if anything slip past it and out of the bottle.

The Hydro Flip Lid is simple but effective. If you’re looking for a simple way to get a drink from your Hydro Flask without having to completely unscrew it or rely on a straw, this maybe the lid for you.

Hydro Flask Standard Mouth Loop Cap Lid (~$10)

Hydro Flask Standard Mouth Loop Cap LidStandard Mouth owners rejoice: finally a lid for you! Although, it is the stock lid which comes with a Standard Mouth Hydro Flask, so perhaps it is not terrible exciting. But it is a great lid! 100% leak proof, when properly secured nothing slips past this trusty seal at all.

Made from a thick and durable BPA-free plastic, the Loop Cap Lid is ready to take some serious abuse and keep on trucking. The inclusion of the handy carrying loop makes toting your bottle a breeze and opens up new options for fastening it to whatever makes it easier to carry. The only downside of the Loop Cap Lid is the fact you have to unscrew it every time you want a drink.

Hydro Flask Standard Mouth Sport Cap Lid (~$10)

Hydro Flask Standard Mouth Sport Cap LidThe Sport Cap Lid is a pretty nifty option for Standard Mouth Hydro Flasks. Just pull up the little cap and let water flow through the Sport Cap Lid – much easier than unscrewing your Loop Cap Lid. The Sport Cap Lid also incorporates a removable spout to make the device easily cleanable and ensure it is always up to your standards of cleanliness.

Unfortunately, the Sport Cap Lid is prone to failures and leakage. While out of the box all the Sport Cap Lids we’ve tested have worked great, we have encountered this problem first hand. After a lot of usage, it is common for a small plastic element inside the Sport Cap Lid to break, causing it to be quite the leaky lid. Taking a glance at the Amazon reviews it becomes clear that this is not an isolated issue. Definitely something to watch out for.

Hydro Flask Wide Mouth Flex Cap Lid

Hydro Flask Flex Cap Honeycomb Insulation Cross-Section PhotoFor the final brand name lid on this list we have the most modern of the official Hydro Flask lids: the Flex Cap Lid. Looking to address the fact that the lid was inevitably the least-insulated part of the Hydro Flask, the Flex Cap Lid incorporates its nature-inspired Honeycomb Insulation Technology to trap heat in the many layers inside the Flex Cap Lid, stepping up the Hydro Flask’s already formidable insulating capability.

In addition to this improved insulation, the Flex Cap Lid also has a carrying strap attached to two stainless steel pivots. The Flex Cap Lid is very durable and well-designed, but it is a screw-on lid, so you will have to unscrew it every time you need a drink. Fortunately, this screw-on design also means it forms a great water tight seal and has top notch leak proofing.

Unfortunately, at the moment the Flex Cap Lid is not offered as a standalone item. The only way to get your hands on a Flex Cap Lid is to purchase a new Hydro Flask. And they are also limited to Wide Mouth bottles only.

Learn more about the Flex Cap Lid in our feature on it.

Stainless Steel Wide Mouth Hydro Flask Lid (~$11)

Stainless Steel Hydro Flask LidFor our first third party, non-official Hydro Flask lid, we have the Stainless Steel Hydro Flask Lid. One of the greatest attractions of the Hydro Flask is its 18/8 food-grade stainless steel construction. Stainless steel is an ideal container material since it doesn’t impart any flavor to its contents, is incredibly durable, and easily cleaned. Yet you might have noticed that, so far, all of the lid options on this list have been plastic. For the stainless steel purist, this just doesn’t add up: every time you invert your Hydro Flask, the contents make contact with your plastic lid. Isn’t that what you were looking to avoid when you got a stainless steel bottle?

Of course, the plastics used in Hydro Flask lids are made from BPA-free approved materials tested for safety and should pose no risk to your health. Regardless, for those who want an alternative, the Stainless Steel Hydro Flask Lid is an excellent way to go. Exactly what it sounds like, this lid is made from 18/8 food grade stainless steel and fits on Wide Mouth Hydro Flask bottles. It includes a carrying handle loop for easy transport. In our testing, it provides a leak proof seal on all our Wide Mouth Hydro Flasks.

AquaGear Standard Mouth Filter Straw Lid (~$25)

AquaGear Hydro Flask Filter Straw LidAnother third party, non-official option, the AquaGear is definitely a neat lid. We’ve actually done a complete article on the AquaGear Filter Straw Lid, which you can read here. But the quick rundown is this: attaching to any Standard Mouth Hydro Flask bottle, the AquaGear Filter Straw Lidheavy duty filter, so it should only be put to use for making already potable water cleaner, or your tap water tastier. It can substantially reduce the amount of additives like chlorine and fluoride while also removing contaminants and small particles, trapping them in the filter long before they get a chance to enter your body.

Other Options


As we mentioned above, there are plenty of non-official, third party Hydro Flask lids available on the market. A simple search on Amazon for “hydro flask lids” turns up all sorts of options which tout their ability to be used with a Hydro Flask. Since there is nothing proprietary about the threading Hydro Flask uses, there is nothing to stop other companies from making lids. Some lids may work purely out of the coincidence of being the right size with the right threading. Feel free to explore an experiment with different options until you find the lid that works for you.

Maybe you event want to mix and match! Perhaps a reliably leak proof screw-on lid for when your bottle is in transit in your bag, and a more convenient straw or flip lid for when its sitting on your desk or accompanying you to the gym. Whatever works for you, there is a selection of Hydro Flask lids to help make your bottle that much better.

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Customize your Hydro Flask by selecting the perfect Hydro Flask lid to make your bottle work just the way you want it. Explore the options in this guide.

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  1. My new hydro flask is leaking with hot or cold water. I have it little bit over a month, kind of disappointed because I can not exchange or return from the sporting store where my daughter got it for me from sporting store. I ordered a replacement lid from AMazon, but it didn’t fit well maybe it was not hydri flask brand.


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