Create Your Own Unique Custom Hydro Flask With MyHydro

Custom Hydro Flask from My Hydro in Unique ColorsThe new MyHydro program from Hydro Flask allows you to make a Hydro Flask bottle uniquely yours. Offering the ability to customize your bottle’s colors and sizes as well as lid options, the MyHydro Hydro Flask bottles provide a striking addition to the already colorful lineup available from Hydro Flask. In addition to allowing for an unrivaled level of control over your bottle, the MyHydro bottles are also equipped with an exclusive boot, a small silicone sleeve which slides onto the bottom of the bottle to prevent dings and banging. This is a feature not available with any other Hydro Flask bottle – only the MyHydro!

Keep reading to learn more about this neat new program from Hydro Flask.

Making Your Own Customized Hydro Flask

All My Hydro bottles are the same top-of-the-line quality that Hydro Flask is known for. Made from 18/8 food-grade stainless steel and equipped with market leading double-walled vacuum insulation and an anti-sweat matte coating, Hydro Flask bottles never sweat from condensation and have insulation capable of keeping liquids cold for up to 24 hours or hot for up to 12. We’ve tested Hydro Flask’s insulation in our Best Insulated Water Bottles article, and reviewed the named the Hydro Flask Best Water Bottle of 2015.

So with this in mind, you don’t have to worry too much about any differences in quality when its time to create your custom MyHydro bottle. Just go ahead and customize it for the look that suits you best!

The MyHydro Website

Making a Custom Hydro Flask on the My Hydro Website

Making your own Hydro Flask is incredibly easy with the MyHydro Web Interface. On the site, you’ll be given a selection of seven sizes of bottle, ranging from 12 ounces to 64 ounces. All MyHydro bottles are wide mouth varieties. Note that the size you select will be the most important component for the total cost of the bottle.

After you’ve selected your size, you’ll be asked to choose from two lids. The first option is the new Flex Cap, which features additional insulation thanks to its HoneyComb Insulation technology. It functions more or less like a screw on-cap, and features a handy carrying handle mounted on steel pivots. Definitely a great lid. We’ve written about the Flex Cap before, when you can read here.

The second lid option is a standard Hydro Flip lid, which provides a small flip-top opening to make for easy drinking without having to screw the lid on and off every time you take a drink. These lids can work great and are leak-proof if sealed properly, but not as reliably leak proof as the Flex Cap.

Of the two options, we definitely prefer the Flex Cap. If you’re familiar with Hydro Flask, you might be wondering “where are the rest of the lids?!” Indeed, we were a little disappointed to see only two lid options available on MyHydro, but don’t despair. MyHydro bottles are standard wide-mouth bottles, so any wide-mouth Hydro Flask lid will be compatible. Check out our Hydro Flask Accessories article to get an idea of some extra options you can purchase.

The Fun Part

Customized Hydro Flasks from color wheel picker on MyHydro Website

Custom Hydro Flask Made From MyHydro WebsiteAfter you’ve selected your lid and your size, it comes time for the fun part. Now you can select your colors for the lid’s cap (and strap with the Flex Cap), bottle, and boot. Choose from over a dozen color options to find what suits you – whether its elegant and understated or wacky and brightly colored. MyHydro not only offers a few colors unavailable from other Hydro Flask vendors, it offers a huge range of color combinations you can’t get anywhere but from custom MyHydro bottles!

Only MyHydro Hydro Flasks allow you to customize the color of the lid, and only MyHydro Hydro Flasks have the “boot” silicone sleeve which you can select the color of. This makes for a whole world of unique combinations of Hydro Flask colors which you can’t get anywhere else – not on the stores of shelves or any online retailer.

If you’re not feeling too inspired, the MyHydro Webpage has a color wheel with some awesome suggestions. Just click on a particular color to see some examples. If you find one you like, you can customize it further to get it just right, or purchase as-is.

Get Started Customizing!

Playing with the MyHydro tool is fun and free until you’ve decide to buy a bottle. You never know what kind of neat combinations you might come up with. Give it a try by clicking here to begin creating your own custom Hydro Flask.


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Learn how to create a unique custom Hydro Flask with the MyHydro Program.

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