Contigo Water Bottle Roundup & Mini-reviews

contigoContigo is a notable name in the world of water bottles and travel mugs. Their catalog is vast, containing everything from the most basic plastic water bottle to some high-tech stainless steel vacuum insulated travel mugs and plenty of other feature rich offerings.

Since Contigo’s product line is so expansive, we couldn’t hope to quite cover all of the different options and varieties in a single article. So to give you a better handle on what Contigo has to offer, I’ve compiled this mini-review which features four Contigo water bottles which I have personal experience with.

1. Contigo Cortland 24-Ounce Water Bottle (~$12 on

Contigo Cortland 24 Ounce Water Bottle

The Cortland Water Bottle looks like its about as simple as a water bottle can get, yet at its price point this BPA-free plastic water bottle is actually has some neat features and has a well planned design. I’m personally fond of Contigo’s patented AutoSeal technology, which requires you to hold down a small latch while drinking. AutoSeal makes it a breeze to use the Cortland with one hand and not have to worry about unscrewing any lids or fumbling with a straw. My Cortland has always been quite resilient and leak-proof and I never have to worry about sealing up the lid.

2. Contigo Purity 20 Ounce Glass Water Bottle (~$20 on

Contigo Purity 20 Ounce Glass Water Bottle

The Contigo Purity is made from a high quality glass with stainless steel lid and is coated in a stylish silicon sleeve. With a neat aesthetic reminiscent of a bkr bottle, the Contigo offers a lot of the pizzazz of a designer bottle at a fraction of the price. In my experience the bottle is pretty durable, and the neat window in the sleeve adds a nice flair to the design while also letting you check the level of the water. Another bonus is in the form of its wide-mouthed spout, allowing for ice cubes to be put in easily.

3. Contigo Trekker Kids Water Bottle 14 Ounce 2-Pack (~$14 on

Contigo Trekker Kids Water Bottle

If you’re looking for a rugged and affordable water bottle for kids, look no further than the Contigo Trekker. This 2-pack is just $14, a pretty incredible value for the money. Made from an extremely durable and thick BPA-free plastic, the Contigo Trekker is ready to stand up to whatever your kids want to put it through. Incorporating Contigo’s Autoseal technology, the Trekker is also perfect for children who might not be too diligent about sealing their water bottles!

4.Contigo Autoseal West Loop Stainless Steel Vacuum Insulated Travel Mug (~$20 on

Contigo West Loop Insulted Stainless Steel Travel Mug

Of all the travel mugs I own, my Contigo West Loop is probably the most stylish. I find myself using it almost everytime I want to take some coffee on the go. For just $20, the double-walled vacuum insulation offered by the West Loop is pretty spectacular, keeping my coffee hot more or less indefinitely (at the rate I drink it, anyway!) It keeps cold frosty and hot fiery, and features AutoSeal technology to make sure you don’t accidentally spill scalding liquids, – quite handy!

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We take a look at 4 interesting water bottles from Contigo and provide mini-reviews for each bottle.

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  1. I love my Contigo water bottle. I have dropped it numerous times and it still works just like when it was first bought.


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