Concealing Water Tanks: Hiding An Outdoor Eyesore While Collecting Rainwater

Water tanks concealed with awesome paintingsHaving a water tank on your property can be a huge boon to your water independence. It can be a source of water in emergencies, or just a way to cut down on your water bill through rainwater harvesting. For those conscious of the appearance of their lawn, one of the major concerns is concealing their water tank. With a bit of creative spirit, this can be a fun project.

Storing water can prove something of a task. To really get a significant capacity, you’ll need a fair amount of space to install a water tank. They usually go outdoors, where some find them less than pleasant to look at. But rather diminishing the beauty of your lawn, with a bit of clever planning your water tank can instead be a decorative addition.

Whether you’re looking to just have an emergency water storage on-hand, or to actively harvest the rainfall on your property, a water tank is a massively useful thing to have around. There are some attractive water tanks you can buy, but we have a few ideas for DIY-ers to turn any water tank into a work of art.


Hiding Your Outdoor Eyesore: Turning Your Water Tank Into Something Beautiful

Idea 1: Paint the Water Tank!

Painted Water TankThese tanks are, ultimately, blank slates. They can be painted to suit any personality or style. They can be painted and decorated to suit the theme of your backyard or as an extension of the décor in your home. This is a great option because it will not require any significant monetary investment. All you need is some time, a bit of paint, and some creativity! It can also be a really fun project to do with the kids so that they can add a bit of their personality to the artwork that is being created in the backyard.

Depending on your skills as an artist, you could turn your water tank from an eyesore to the centerpiece of your entire yard!

Idea 2: House the Water Tank!

Water tank concealed in purpose-built housingAnother possibility is to build a housing around the entire tank. You can even expand it a bit so you have a small shed or extra storage space. In addition to giving you a bit of extra structure in which to keep things, the shed can also be insulated or heated in colder climates. This is extremely important for making sure your water storage tank doesn’t freeze up when the temperature drops in the winter.

While this certainly requires a lot of effort and some investment in supplies, tools, and labor, ultimately it provides the most durable and attractive option. The added bonus of extra storage space, the ability to insulate your water tank, and the added protection of isolating the tank from the elements are all extra bonuses.

Idea 3: Camouflage Your Water Tank

Camouflaged water tankThe outside of the tank can be decorated with the addition of things like wood planking, stone, faux tile, or whatever type of material will compliment your landscaping. This is another easy way to make them look great in a way that is simple and classic. It can give your tank a very unique and camouflaged look that can leave guests and passers-by wondering just what you’ve concealed under your decorative cover.

This requires some investment of time and labor, but it is far less intensive than building an entire structure to house the tank. A stylishly camouflaged water tank can add an element of elegance and class to your backyard or garden.

Idea 4: Bury Your Water Tank

Bury Your Water TankIf you want to completely conceal your water tank, burying it in the ground is probably the best way to go. It certainly affords the best space economy of any other option. However, it’s important to note that most water tanks are not designed to be buried. Few water tanks are built with the tolerances to handle the weight of the earth above them. Even those water tanks specifically designed to be buried have a very important depth limit which must be observed to avoid damaging your tank.

Should you plan to bury your water tank, make sure you’re purchasing one sturdy enough to go underground. The water tank should readily advertise its ability to be buried and the depth to which it can be buried. For an example, check out the Graf Herkules.

Idea 5: Buy an Attractive Water Tank

Algreen Attractive Concealed Water TankThere are some pretty nice looking water tanks designed to compliment the look of your yard. If you prefer an easy, out-of-the-box method for getting a nice looking water tank, these will do the trick. However, you do pay a premium for the fancy looks of these tanks, and it severely narrows the options in terms of shape and capacity.

But if none of that bothers you, or if you find one of these tanks to suit your needs, it’s an excellent way to camouflage your tank. With one of these, it’s less about concealing your water tank so much as showing it off!

Use the Surroundings to Compliment Your Water Tank

Attractive Concealed Water Tank In GardenOnce you have the tank looking the way you want it, you are going to want to finish off the area that it sits in. You will want to add flowers, décor, and whatever else your creativity can come up with. Depending on the tank, you may be able to accent the top of it with flowers or other decorative pieces as well. The finishing touches to beautifully concealing your water tank will be how you integrate the water tank into the overall landscaping of your yard.

With a beautifully decorated and well-landscaped installation, you can feel great about getting a rainwater tank. This is an ideal option for those who want to live a little greener and invest in something that looks snazzy and is good for the environment.

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Thanks for reading and remember to stay hydrated!

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We explore some clever ways of concealing water tanks that can make what would otherwise be an outdoor eyesore into a fun, engaging art project and a centerpiece of any lawn.

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