Company Spotlight: Polar Bottle

Polar Bottle is a company from humble yet inspiring origins. In 1994, cyclist enthusiast and mechanical engineer Robert Heiberger began the company from a garage in Boulder, Colorado. Driven by his desire to keep his water cold even on the most extended bike expeditions, he applied his knowledge of mechanical engineering and his practical experience working in the field of heat loss to creating a high performance insulated water bottle ideally suited for the needs of cyclists.polar_bottle_logo26

The results of these early efforts blossomed into what has become one of the foremost names in insulated water bottles. Today Polar Bottle ships a huge array of high quality insulated water bottles across the globe, used by professional cyclists, endorsed by athletes, and cherished by anyone who has decided to purchase one.

Lets take a look at a more or less “standard” Polar Bottle.

Anatomy of a Polar Bottle

24 Ounce Polar Insulated Water BottleThe 24 Ounce “Sport” Polar Bottle is available in a huge selection of eye catching designs and colors to choose from, but aesthetic variations aside they are all more or less the same. Constructed from lightweight durable polyethylene, Polar Bottles are exceptionally rugged and don’t leave their contents with any foreign flavors. Health- and environmentally-conscious from the beginning in 1994, Polar Bottles have never used BPA or phthalates in their production.

To accomplish Mr. Heiberger’s original goal of creating an insulated water bottle, the Polar Bottle features double-wall construction which puts a layer of air to act as a sort of thermal shield between the contents in the bottle and the outside environment, substantially increasing the amount of time it takes for heat to transfer. This means that whatever you put in your Polar Bottle – be it hot, be it cold – will stay that way for quite awhile. Also in line with his original vision, the 24 ounce Polar Bottle fits comfortably into a standard bike bottle holder, or standard cup holer.

Adding to the insulation factor is Polar Bottle’s clever addition of reflective foil to the outside of the bottle. In addition to imparting a stylish and distinctive look, the foil serves the highly functional purpose of reflecting sunlight and heat, thereby keeping the contents cooler still.

Easy to Clean24 Ounce Polar Bottle Insulated Water Bottle

The bane of many good water bottles is their difficulty to clean – even if it works great, if it gets gummed up and acquires a foul smell, it will probably find itself garbage before too long. Fortunately the wide mouth design of the Polar Bottle not only makes it super accommodating to put ice cubes in, but also makes cleaning it out a breeze. Dishwasher and freezer safe, the Polar Bottle can handle extremes on both ends of the temperature spectrum.

The addition of a removable urethane drinking valve makes the Polar Bottle is exceptionally leak proof and the valve easily replaceable.

USA Made

All Polar Bottle products are made in the USA in Boulder, Colorado. Taking all available measures to reduce environmental impacts, Polar Bottle is an advocate of Eco-Friendly practices and constantly striving to leave the world a cleaner and healthier place.

Continuing to innovate and bring new designs to their catalog, Polar Bottle is an exciting company to keep an eye on in the future. Check out some of their excellent products over at their website,

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The Polar Bottle company produces some awesome insulated plastic bottles, and has an inspiring story behind their founding. We explore just what Polar Bottle has to offer.

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