The Coldest Water Bottle Stainless Steel Insulated 21oz Review

The Coldest Water Bottle 21oz Insulated Stainless Steel Bottle in 5 ColorsFrom the very beginning, Hydration Anywhere has taken a focus on bottles which offer exceptional insulation. We’ve tested everything from the most popular brands on the market to the most obscure, and dozens in between. But now we’ve found a remarkable new comer in the world of vacuum insulated water bottles, one which has proven in our review to be a worthy contender for the best insulated bottle around: The Coldest Water Bottle.

With a 21-ounce capacity, The Coldest Water Bottle is slim enough to fit into your cupholder. Made with high-quality, 18/8 food grade stainless steel, it is practically indestructible. But more important than those features (which plenty of other bottle’s can boast of,) The Coldest Water Bottle actually seems to be capable of living up to its name. With high quality vacuum insulation, the bottle advertises its ability to keep liquids cold for a remarkable 36 hours!

Ticking all the boxes for a great bottle, and being offered at a remarkable bargain rate of less than $20 on Amazon right now, this was a bottle we couldn’t help but take a close look at.

So, is it truly the Coldest bottle, the best insulated? We’ll take a look in this review.


Best Insulation? The Coldest Water Bottle Has Something To Prove

The Coldest Water Bottle Information DiagramIf you take a look at similar bottles (for example, in our article The Best Insulated Water Bottles) you’ll find a common claim about these types of vacuum insulated stainless steel bottles: most of them advertise their ability to keep cold for 24 hours, and usually boast of about 12 hours of insulating capability for hot liquids. Well, The Coldest Bottle turns things up a notch by advertising a very considerable 36-hour cold-insulating capability! That means you could, in theory, toss some ice in it, and come back a day and a half later to still find your beverage frosty.

We were eager to test this, so that is precisely what we did! We took The Coldest Water Bottle, filled it up with chilled water leaving a bit of space for some hefty ice cubes, and tossed it in the back of a car during a hot (75+ degrees) day in the tropics. 36 hours later, we returned to see just how cold the water remained.

For comparison, we also filled up a Insulated Klean Kanteen (the winner of our Best Water Bottles 2016 award) and a 21 ounce Hydro Flask with Flex Cap (the successor to the classic Hydro Flask we named Best Bottle of 2015).


The Insulation Comparison Test

The Coldest Water Bottle Insulated Stainless Steel Water Bottle Up To 36 Hours Cold Insulation Test ImageAfter a full 36 hours, we grabbed all three bottles and opened them up. To our complete surprise, not only was the water in The Coldest Water Bottle still nice and frosty, it actually still had some chunks of ice bobbing around! While the ice cubes had certainly shrunk, the water remained refreshingly cold, and the ice looked as though it still had a few hours of life left in it! We sealed the bottle up again and returned about 6 hours later to find the ice having more or less melted completely – yet for a full day and three-quarters of a second, this was an amazing result.

The comparison bottles performed pretty admirably as well, but after 36 hours, neither the Hydro Flask nor the Klean Kanteen still had actual chunks of ice left in them. While the water in both of those bottles was still nice and chilled, the ice had completely melted, where it was still floating in solid chunks in The Coldest Water Bottle! Impressive!

A Versatile Bottle

The Coldest Water Bottle In Cupholder At GymIf all you cared about was insulation, The Coldest Water Bottle would certainly be the bottle of choice hands-down. Of course, there is more to a bottle than just its insulation capability: durability, aesthetic, manufacturing quality, portability. In all of these categories, we have to give The Coldest Water Bottle high marks. After toting it around for weeks as an everyday companion, a gym bottle, and even traveling across the country with it in tow, The Coldest Water Bottle is no worse for wear except for a scratch or two on its finish.

Made from high quality, 18/8 food-grade stainless steel, the bottle is virtually indestructible through normal usage. Although it is slightly heavier when empty than similar 21-ounce stainless steel bottles, this extra weight is the small price you have to pay for the truly remarkable insulating capability of the bottle. Yet lending to its relatively small size of 21 ounces, even when full The Coldest Water Bottle isn’t too heavy at all.

Perfectly sized for an excellent balance between portability and water content, the bottle can easily fit into a standard cup holder, slide easily into your backpack, is easy and comfortable to carry, and still offers enough storage space to keep you hydrated throughout the day without constantly rushing to fill up from the tap.

Leak-Proof Lid Options


The lid included with The Coldest Water Bottle is a simple screw-on lid with a small and convenient carrying handle to make it easy to transport or tie onto a bag. It does a great job of leak proofing and has a durable construction. But for those who want their bottle to be a bit more accessible than a screw-on lid can offer, The Coldest Water Bottle offers an optional Straw Lid to make getting a drink a little simpler. Convienently, The Coldest Water Bottle’s straw lid is also compatible with standard-mouth Hydro Flask bottles and other bottles with similar threading.

Perhaps the one slight downside to The Coldest Water Bottle is the fact that it has what is generally consider a standard- or narrow-mouth opening. While large enough to easily admit some ice cubes, it doesn’t quite offer the clearance of larger bottles with their wide-mouth lid design. However, we don’t really fault The Coldest Water Bottle for this too much. It is rare to find a wide-mouth design on bottles of this size, as that feature is usually found on bottles at least 32oz and up.

Overall Impressions & Review Summary

The Coldest Water Bottle Action ShotAt the end of the day, The Coldest Water Bottle is no doubt a great selection for anyone concerned with insulation and looking for a quality bottle. It has a stylish look, great durability, truly exceptional insulation, and even includes some handy extra features like its silicone carrying ring.

Not only does The Coldest Water Bottle do what it says it well and do it quite well, it also does it all for a bargain price! As of this writing, the bottle is less than $20 on – but this introductory price might not last, so snag one while you can!

We award The Coldest Water Bottle a solid 5/5 stars. It’s a great bottle. One that, we think, will likely be making an appearance in our upcoming Best Water Bottles of 2017 article (stay tuned!)

Learn More About The Coldest Water Bottle

To learn more specific details, check current prices, or see what other reviewers had to say, head over to the Coldest Water Bottle Amazon Listing


Exceptional Insulation Up To 36 Hours Cold
Easily Portable
Stylish Look
Multiple Lid Options


No Wide Mouth Option

  • Editor Rating
  • Rated 5 stars
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A vacuum-insulated, 18/8 food-grade stainless steel water bottle with exceptional insulation capability that manages to live up to its name and claims.

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