Clearly Filtered Water Pitcher Review

Getting the cleanest, purest and best-tasting water possible is the goal most have in mind when selecting any type of water filter, and it is ostensibly what company Clearly Filtered had in mind when they went into business. Their product line includes filtered water bottles, survival straws, and other water filter solutions. But one of their products I’ve owned myself is the Clearly Filtered Clean Water Filter Pitcher (~$75 on – a top-of-the-line filter pitcher. In this review, I’ll discuss what I like (and don’t like) about this offering from Clearly Filtered.

Clearly Filtered Water Pitcher Review

Getting to know the Clearly Filtered Water Pitcher

Clearly Filtered Water Pitcher Filter Information ChartTo get the biggest question out of the way first: the Clearly Filtered Watcher Pitcher filters water very well. Exceptionally well. I have used a lot of water filters in my life – from in-line systems installed in the plumbing to portable filtered water bottles and everythig in between. Out of all of them, I would definitely put the Clearly Filtered Water Pitcher in the running for best of the best in terms of taste. According to the chart provided by Clearly Filtered (right,) the filter in this water pitcher effectively removes the common chemicals which tend to cause the most concern for tap-water drinkers: chlorine, flouride, lead, mercury and chromium. This is of course an incredibly small snap-shot of what the filter is capable of removing. It gets rid of all sorts of water contaminants – far too many to list here. Bacteria, harmful chemicals, heavy metals, dirt, and just about anything else that makes its way into the water supply can be captured by the filter.

Like most filtered water pitchers, there are a few drawbacks inherent to the design. Probably chief among them is the inevitable wait for water to move through the filter – since the Clearly Filtered Water Pitcher has a gravity-fed design like most water pitchers, you have to wait as the relatively slow flow-rate takes its time to pass your water through the filter. But the results are quite impressive once it does make its way through the filter – you can visibly demonstrate the power of the Clearly Filtered Water Pitcher by adding some food coloring to the water before sending it through the filter. What comes through will be free of the food coloring you added, not to mention rid of all sorts of microscopic contaminants.

But don’t take my word for it! Below we have a YouTube video courtesy of YouTube user Jessica Simms, which demonstrates the Clearly Filtered Water Pitcher removing blue food coloring from some water. It also gives some impression as to the flow rate of the Clearly Filtered when filling it up, as well as Jessica’s opinions on the pitcher. Thanks Jessica!

Gettin’ Filtered

Side view of the Clearly Filtered Water Pitcher for ReviewMy biggest complaint with the Clearly Filtered Water Pitcher has to be that is can be somewhat difficult to pour water from it. The design incorporates a lid which pops open when tilted forward, but sometimes it can be a bit unpredictable and cause a splash. You also have to be careful when filling the pitcher to make sure all of the water you poured in has passed through the filter before you try to pour any out of the pitcher, or it will spill out the top of the filter. This can mean waiting awhile when filling the whole pitcher before you can use it. At the price point, the pitcher itself is a little bit lackluster – made from a transparent BPA-free plastic, it looks quite plain and is nothing special.

One strong point of the design of the Clearly Filtered is the inclusion of a flushing add-on for the filter. This neat feature screws is a plastic bulb which screws into the filter and allows you to directly connect the filter to your faucet to flush it out. For anyone who has owned a Brita Filtered Water Pitcher you may be familiar as I am with occasionally ending up with little black specks of charcoal or other weird stuff from the filter in your water. This is never the case with the Clearly Filtered, assuming you properly flush out each new filter before use. Don’t be shy, give it awhile under the tap to make sure you expel everything in there – you certainly don’t want it ending up in your drinking water.


Review Summary

Functionality: 8.5/10

The filter is truly the star of the show in the Clearly Filtered Water Pitcher – just as it should be. Given how brilliantly the filter works, I would almost award full marks for functionality, but since the pitcher itself does leave a little bit to be desired, I’m giving it a (still stellar) 8.5/10.

Durability: 8/10

This is a pretty well put together pitcher – the plastic is all thick and durable, well constructed and BPA free. I’ve had several months owning mine now, and haven’t had any problems or too many visible signs of wear. I think it will remain sturdy for quite some time. As with all filters, the filter itself must be replaced periodically – Clearly Filtered recommends around every 200 gallons, although I have definitely taken it longer than that and still got more or less the same results. Replacement filters are available for about ~$50.

Cost: 6.5/10

Clearly Filtered Water Pitcher Replacement FilterAt about $75 on, the Clearly Filtered Water Pitcher isn’t cheap – in fact, its one of the more expensive filtered water pitchers on the market. Is it really worth the extra scratch? Personally, I think it is, because the design is a cut above what is offered by its competitors. Yet, the price point remains steep for those on a budget, so I had to dock some points for cost.

Plus we have to factor in the cost of a $50 replacement filter – either every 200 gallons as suggested, or when the performance of the filter starts to noticeably decline. This makes the Clearly Filtered Water Pitcher potentially something of an investment.

Overall Rating: 4.3/5

The Clearly Filtered Water Pitcher is something I used everyday for many months and I was satisfied with the results. The only reason I don’t still use my Clearly Filtered is that I moved somewhere where the tap water tastes a lot better. Having lived somewhere with mediocre and sometimes downright disgusting tap water, the Clearly Filtered Water Pitcher was a lifesaver, enabling me to have delicious water from my not so tasty tap.

While the price was a bit high, it was still more affordable than getting an in-line solution, and ultimately I was satisfied with my purchase.

More from Clearly Filtered

Want to learn more about the Clearly Filtered Water Pitcher, or other Clearly Filtered products? Check out their website at and head on over to the Clearly Filtered Water Pitcher Amazon listing. Also, check out this great video from Clearly Filtered:

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High Quality Filtration
Easy To Fill


High Cost
Low Filter Lifetime

  • Editor Rating
  • Rated 4 stars
  • 80%

The Clearly Filtered Water Pitcher incorporates proven Clearly Filtered filtration technology into a convineent and easy-to-use water pitcher.

15 thoughts on “Clearly Filtered Water Pitcher Review”

  1. I have a different problem with mine. I returned the pitcher and refused the filter package. It has been almost two months now, and I can not get my $149.85 back. To me, it is a scam. I can’t get anyone to legitimately promise to refund my money and actually do it. I have written many letters. I am ready to write the BBB.

  2. I have owned this filter for well over a year & am still on my original filter! I live in Vancouver for 4 months a year & that water is exceptional. I then live 8 months in Costa Rica which also has good water; not exceptional. It is the only country in Central America were Heiniken is made, because of the water.

  3. It’s not a great design but it does supply great water. If you want something under your sink where its all neat and tidy then you wont get the benefits of this type of filter. The gravity fed system works for a reason. The water flow through the filter slows when the impurities have started to increase to such a level that you need to consider replacing the filter. Thats a good thing. I have had mine for approximately 18 months (2 pitchers) and they supply 5 adults and two children and are still going although they are slowing down. Buy one or two and realise the benefits to your health. Drinking water is not good anywhere in the world.

  4. It is a scam, I got charge for filter $149;85 I never got. They never return e-mails or telephone calls, you can’t get hold on anybody.
    So please be aware of this company they are a Scam!!!!

    • Mine was ~$70 originally, but I used the “cancel” and was offered a “trial” for 30 days at a teaser cost of about $10 USD.
      Due to my dislike of the design and effectiveness, I bailed and killed the CC so they would not be able to charge me. They also wanted me to pay to ship back the pitcher……… so I didn’t.
      You can get lower cost replacement filters from other sites. I don’t think this company is necessarily a “scam”, but the marketing/advertising tactics they use are crap. They should spend their $$ fixing the bad pitcher design.

  5. I received my Clearly Filtered Pitcher as a gift on Mother’s Day, 2016. I love it! I too have used every filter on the market and this is CLEARLY the BEST! My question however, is, I don’t know when to change the filter. I don’t keep track of how many gallons I use. I am the only one drinking from it.

    • Judie,

      Clearly Filtered guidelines recommend changing after 6 months of use, or every 200 gallons. When it nears the end of its lifetime the filter should reduce flow or even stop completely. So once you notice the flow rate getting slower, it’s probably time to replace the filter.

    • You can buy the replacement filter and it will come with instructions. Basically, you connect the replacement filter to your faucet to “flush” the filter for about 2-5 minutes (It’s in the instructions) with cold water, then take out the old filter and put in the replacement.

  6. For the filtering performance, I would give this 4-5 stars, and the quality of the water is the best; HOWEVER, that being said, the design engineering on the pitcher leaves a lot to fix. You cannot simply “pop the top” to fill up with tap water, as you have to maintain your finger on the pop up or it will fall back down; either that or completely remove the entire plastic top cover. Also the flapping cover where the water pours out is very inconsistent. I will make sure it is loose and flapping, then a couple of pourings later it will be stuck down and water spills during pouring. I’ve become accustomed to the wait for the water to pass through the filter, but there is also an issue when the container is “heavy” and when you pour, the top tends to shift and can leak water. Not sure if the quality filtering is worth this hassle. I would LOVE for the company to take a serious look at redesigning the pitcher for better fitting parts, ergonomics, and anything else that would improve the experience of using this. As for now – I am looking at the Mavea line of water filtration products for a comparison.

  7. Could you please do a comparison of the Clearly Filtered vs. Clear 2O? Perhaps using contaminated water and then send the resulting filtered water to labs for testing? Thanks.

  8. There are definitely some design improvements that could be made for the pitcher itself. I was not a fan at all of the little lid for the pour spot, so I removed it (I don’t keep water in the pitcher long enough to worry about dust contaminants and what not getting into the water. That solved that problem. The second issue is a bit more difficult to fix. After a month or so of use, the fill cap stopped staying in place when opened and you would have to hold it upright until the reservoir was filled, or partially filled if you still had water in the main pitcher. That I do not have a solution for, but is not terribly inconvenient…I just have to stand and wait about 30 seconds to fill. If accidentally putting too much water in the reservoir while there is still water in the main pitcher, it will spill without fail. This is my most disliked issue. It would have been nice if they had a water tight seal around the sides to keep this from happening. All in all, I think you are paying 70% for the filter itself and the contaminates it removes versus the 30% ‘after-thought’ the pitcher itself seems to be. I’ll take the clean water over the poor pitcher design though. For what it’s worth…

  9. I cannot ever get it to “connect” to any of my faucets so have to use the old Brita method of flushing quite a few pitchers full before using the water. That said, excellent tasting water, and peace of mind after our fires in Northern California this October that my water is safe. Also have the pouring problem others mentioned but not a big deal. Maybe a new design of pitcher and flushing system are in order.


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