Clear2O Water Filter Pitcher Review (Model CWS100AW)

Clear2O Water Filter Pitcher ReviewThe Clear2O Water Filter Pitcher is a feature-rich filtering pitcher with an extremely attractive pricetag at less than $30. Having been on the market for a long time, the Clear2O is not a newcomer and benefits from already being well-vetted through a long history of consumer use. Yet despite having been around for awhile, the Clear2O’s clever design still makes it one of the fastest-filling models available on the market, even stacked against its more modern competitors.

We are no strangers to filtering pitchers. In our article Best Water Filter Pitchers: Comparisons & Reviews we took a look at six of the best water filter pitchers. At the time, we had yet to try the Clear2O, yet it stands apart from every single entry in our best list for its unique filling mechanism. Where most water filter pitchers rely simply on gravity to draw water down through their filter, the Clear2O connects to a sink faucet via a small hose and uses water pressure to get the job done. The result? A faster fill, and water passed with more pressure through the filter.


Removing Contaminants with the Clear2O Water Filter Pitcher

Clear2O Water Filter Pitcher Hose Connecting to Sink FaucetUnfortunately, one thing we can hold against the Clear2O is that they are not very open with disclosing exactly what contaminants their pitcher removes. Their website mentions that it has been “tested to remove up to 53 contaminants” but does not going into specifics as to what those contaminants are. They do specify that the Clear2O is equipped with a carbon block filter, and their advertising suggests that it is more effective at catching contaminants thanks to the increased pressure from hooking the filter up to the sink for filling.

In our own testing, the Clear2O does a good job at getting rid of the weird taste of our local tap water. Water passed through it tastes just as good it does after going through our Brita Grand or Invigorated Living Filter Pitcher. As always with filtering pitchers, the filter is meant to be sort of a “last line of defence” and should only be used to filter water that is already otherwise potable for improved flavor.

Filter Lifetime

Replacement filter cartridge for the Clear2O Filter PitcherSo far we have not noticed any degradation in quality over a few months of using the Clear2O. The manufacturer recommends replacing the filter every 50 gallons, or 88 refills of the 1.75 liter pitcher. This is pretty good lifetime, especially considering that replacement filters are a bargain at about $16 on

The Clear2O includes what they call an “Intelligent-Filter Indicator,” which is just a little strip that is green when the filter is in working order, but turns red at the end of its lifetime to signal the need for a replacement. While pretty barebones compared to some more advanced filter monitoring solutions available, it is very handy to have and takes the guesswork out of when to order a new filter.

Getting to Know the Hose

Clear2O CWX100B Quick Connect Hose Extension for Water Filter PitcherThe hose which connects the Clear2O to the sink faucet is both the pitcher’s greatest asset and its most annoying feature. The hose that comes with the Clear2O sits inside the handle of the pitcher for the storage, and is not much longer than the handle. This can make maneuvering it into your sink difficult, depending on the geometry of your kitchen. For some sinks, you might not be able to get the Clear2O into a workable position, and might need to pick up the Clear2O Hose Extender (~$9) which adds an additional 18 inches.

The Pitcher Itself

The actual pitcher is nothing to write home about. Made from a hard BPA-free plastic, it holds 1.75 liters of water. It is easy enough to pour from and works well, though it has quite a big footprint and takes up a lot of room in the fridge.


Review Summary


Overall we are satisfied with the Clear2O, though we’d like to know a bit more about which contaminants it is removing. At its bargain price tag, it stands up to some of its more expensive and modern competitors. And if a fast filling pitcher is what you’re after, the Clear2O is hard to beat. Learn more or get your own Clear2O Filter Pitcher on Amazon.

If you want to see a (very) extensive demonstration of the Clear2O, check out this old segment from the Home Shopping Network available on Youtube. It is pretty long and drawn out, however it does give you a really good idea of what the Clear2O is like in person, and even compares it to some other options. Check it out:

Learn More About Water Filter Pitchers

Be sure to check out our article on the Best Water Filters to learn more about how water filter pitchers work and what other options are available.


Easy & Fast Filling
Decent Filtration
Budget Price


Contaminants Removed Not Disclosed

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The Clear2o Water Filtration Pitcher provides a simple way to always make sure you're drinking clean, filtered water, chilled and straight from your fridge.

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