Cheapest Water Bottles – Choosing The Best Value Bargain Bottle

Cheapest Water Bottles Lead Image - Ello Pure Glass BottlesDid you know that the average American spends around $200 a year buying disposable bottled water? That’s a lot of money for a container you’re going to throw away and a resource you can probably get for next to free. Especially when you consider how cheap water bottles — the reusable kind — have become over recent years. For less than $10, you can get an environmentally friendly reusable water bottle and start putting a dent in that $200 annual bottled water bill right away.

Reusable water bottles have become so cheap it is remarkable anyone bothers with bottled water at all. But some of the cheapest water bottles are bargains best not bothered with. To sort the wheat from the chaff, we went slumming through some of the cheapest water bottles we could find. While there are plenty of bottles in the sub-$10 price range that are leaky, easy to break, have a weird odor, or some other damning issue, we were pleasantly surprised with much of what we found.

Let’s take a look at the best cheap water bottles.

Our Selection of the Cheapest Water Bottles

We wanted to have some variety in this guide, so we selected not only based on price but also based on functionality and material type. We ended up with six categories in which we selected the most affordable water bottles with the best overall quality. Our categories:


Cheapest Plastic Water Bottle: Sundried BPA Free 26 Ounce Plastic Water Bottle

Sundried Plastic Water Bottle

Sundried Plastic Water Bottle Action Shot

For about $5, this is quite the stylish purchase. Featuring a slick and minimalist look, the Sundried bottle is made from transparent Tritan plastic. This is the same type of heavy-duty plastic used pricier name brand plastic water bottles like Nalgene and CamelBak.

While the Sundried isn’t as beefy and durable as those more expensive bottles, it is not at all flimsy and capable of being used everyday if you’re careful enough with it. The bottle is capped off with a twist-off lid whcih does a great job of leak proofing. Underneath the lid is the silicone drinking spout, which provides a nicer surface to drink from than rigid plastic. Cleaning the bottle is very easy with a bottle brush or something similar, but the mouth of the bottle is too narrow for a kitchen sponge.

At 26 ounces the Sundried bottle offers a great capacity and thanks to its plastic construction it remains extremely light even when full.

For $5, this is hard to beat. One of the few $5 purchases you might even fall in love with.

If you’d like to look at some other reusable plastic water bottles, check out our Best Plastic Water Bottles: Top 5 BPA Free Bottles Guide.

Learn more and check current prices on the Sundried BPA-free plastic water bottle by visiting the Amazon listing.

Cheapest Glass Water Bottle: Ello Pure 20 Ounce BPA-Free Glass Water Bottle

Ello Pure Cheapest Glass Water Bottle

Assortment of Ello Pure Glass Water Bottles in various colors

For about $10 this Ello Pure glass water bottle manages to offer a stylish look reinforced by the easy-grip silicone sleeve which takes a triple duty making the water bottle look cool, protecting the glass, and giving you a nice surface to grip the bottle.

The bottle’s lid is a twist-off cap which doubles as a convenient carrying handle. The cap is made from BPA-free, non-toxic plastic. The contents of the glass bottle only touch the cap if the bottle is inverted, so you can avoid plastic altogether by keeping the bottle upright. The bottle’s drinking spout is also all-glass, so your lips never need touch any plastic while using this bottle, making it an ideal choice for anyone convinced of the superiority of glass water bottles.

For the pricetag, this is an awesome bottle. The 20-ounce capacity makes it a good size for carrying around where ever you go and fits reliably in most cupholders. It remains lightweight even when full, and the durable glass protected by the silicone sleeve means you don’t have to worry about the bottle being too fragile as you go about your normal day.

If this isn’t quite what you’re looking for in a glass bottle, check out our Top 5 Best Glass Water Bottles Review.

To read other customer reviews, check current prices, and more, visit the Amazon listing.

Cheapest Glass Water Bottle Value Pack: Epica 18 Ounce Glass Bottles, 6 Pack

Epica 18 Ounce Glass Water Bottles Six Pack

Epica 18-Ounce Glass WAter Bottles Value Pack

If you’re looking for the cheapest everyday use water bottle and want glass, we’d recommend the Ello bottle we looked at above. But if you’re not looking for a bottle to be your constant companion, if you just need something to grab and go occasionally, or you just want glass bottles for your kitchen at home, this is an awesome deal. For just $20, Epica offers 6 18-ounce glass bottles all equipped with stainless steel caps.

These bottles are not as durable as higher-end reusable glass water bottles. However, they are generally tougher than the sort of glass bottle you might buy a beverage in from the store. For use around the home they are more than sufficient, and you can take them with you without too much worry if handled properly. The price is hard to beat, certainly among the cheapest water bottles we’ve come across, so even if you do have an accident with one, you have five more waiting in the wings.

Learn more details and check current prices at the Amazon listing.

Cheapest Water Filter Bottle: refresh2go 22 Ounce Sleek Filtered Plastic Water Bottle

refresh2go Sleek Filtered Plastic Water Bottle in Black

Assortment of Refresh2Go Sleek Filtered Water Bottles

A water filter might sound like an expensive thing to have — whether it’s for your whole home or just in a water bottle. But this refresh2go plastic water filter bottle is available for less than $10 and is equipped with an activated carbon coconut shell water filter. This type of filter is great for cleaning up common tap water contaminants like chlorine and reducing sediment.

These filters aren’t the sort of heavy-duty water filter you might bust out at a camping trip on a lake. But they can make the water you drink from your tap everyday taste quite a bit better, and potentially even offer some benefits to your health. refresh2go filters are rated for 40 gallons or 2 months of use, or around 233 refills of the 22-ounce Sleek Filtered Bottle. With replacement filters costing $8 for a 3-pack, the refresh2go manages to be one of the cheapest filtered water bottles we’ve ever come across and the upkeep cost for replacing filters is quite reasonable.

The bottle itself is a simple BPA-free plastic and, while not much to write home about, is sufficiently durable to stand up to everyday use, easy to clean, and fits comfortably into a cupholder.

If you’d like to see some other filtered water bottle options, be sure to check out Best Filtered Water Bottles Guide.

To learn more details on the refresh2go Sleek Filtered Water Bottle, check out our complete review of the bottle or head over to the Amazon listing where you can check current prices, read other customer reviews, and much more.

Cheapest Infuser Water Bottle: LA Organics 24-Ounce Fruit Infuser Water Bottle

LA Organics Fruit Infuser Water Bottle

LA Organics Fruit Infuser Water Bottle Disassembled

This infuser bottle from LA Organics is made from a durable Tritan plastic and features a top-loading infuser chamber. The bottle is pretty much devoid of any features aside from the infuser, but for $9 it is still a good bargain. On the side of the bottle there are some markings which encourage you to drink water throughout the day. Other than that it is just a simple plastic bottle with a screw-top lid.

The bottle does feel a little cheap, but all of the infuser bottles we evaluated at this price-range weren’t terribly impressive. This one costs next to nothing, gets the job done, and while not particularly well manufactured it is sufficiently durable for the price.

Check out our in-depth expose on infused water and our suggestions for the best infused water bottles and infused water pitchers in our Guide to Infused Water.

Learn more about the LA Organics Infuser Water Bottle by visiting the Amazon listing.

Cheapest Insulated Stainless Steel Water Bottle: Takeya ThermoFlask

Takeya Thermoflask American Spirit Edition

Takeya Thermoflask 2 Pack of Insulated Stainless Steel Water Bottles

When it comes to making a cheap water bottle, 18/8 food-grade stainless steel isn’t exactly the most affordable water bottle material you can pick from. Yet these days the huge competition between water bottle brands has lead to some incredibly affordable stainless steel water bottles. We’re still far from the days of picking up a $5 insulated stainless steel bottle, but with brands like the Takeya ThermoFlask these most durable and best-insulated of all bottled are becoming cheaper and more ubiquitous by the day.

The best value for the ThermoFlask comes in its 2 pack, which offers 2 40-ounce insulated stainless steel bottles for around $40. That’s $20 for a high quality insulated water bottle. And, as we demonstrated in our Hydro Flask vs Takeya ThermoFlask Competition, these ThermoFlasks perform just as well as more recognizable brands which charge twice the price.

If you don’t think the ThermoFlask is quite for you, head over to our Top 5 Best Insulated Water Bottles Guide or have a look through our suggestions for affordable generic Hydro Flask alternatives.

You can get the complete story on the Takeya ThermoFlask by reading our comprehensive review of the bottle. You can also find more details and check current prices at the Amazon listing.

More Affordable Water Bottles!


If you didn’t find the water bottle you were hoping to on this list, we’ve got you covered. Have a look through our Best Water Bottles 2017 Guide and if that doesn’t do the trick, explore our huge collection of water bottle reviews!

Thanks for reading and good luck finding the best water bottle for your budget. Remember to stay hydrated!

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We take a hard look at some of the most affordable water bottles on the market to compile this comprehensive list of the cheapest water bottles that provide the best bang for your buck.

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