Cheapest Hydration Packs – Best Affordable Packs Under $20

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Equipping yourself with a hydration pack is a great way to beat the heat while hiking, running, or cycling. These simple backpacks incorporate a water bladder and drinking tube, giving you the ability to hydrate without breaking your stride. In this guide to the cheapest hydration packs, we’ve pushed aside some of the expensive brand names and narrowed our focus to finding the best quality we can get for $20 or less.

We were pleasantly surprised at the results. We’ve compiled this round up review of our top five best budget hydration packs. Though quite cheap to purchase, we’ve been impressed with their overall quality and we think you will be too.

Without further ado, let’s take a look at the cheapest hydration packs that made the cut.


Reviewing Cheap Hydration Packs – Finding What Matters

Man running with YISMEET hydration pack

When it comes to assessing hydration packs, we have a few simple questions:

  • Hydration Bladder & Drinking Tube Material: The bladder which actually holds the water and the tube which you drink from should always been made from 100% BPA-free, FDA-approved non-toxic plastics. Since this could impact your health, it is the most important factor!
  • Capacity of Hydration Bladder & Size of Pack: The overall capacity will impact the size and weight of the bag. Weight is a very important consideration, especially for anyone who uses a hydration pack during a competitive event. Try to figure out how much water you need on an average outing and how much weight you are comfortable adding before selecting a hydration pack.
  • Bag Quality & Comfort: How comfortable the bag is to carry is a big consideration, as is the overall manufacturing quality of the bag. When looking through cheap hydration packs, we came across plenty examples that had skimped far too much on the quality of the bag and were ultimately excluded.
  • Extra Storage Space: Some people look for a hydration pack which has extra pockets or pouches. This gives you an extra space to keep your keys, wallet, phone, or other small objects while out and about. While some hydration packs are extremely spacious and can practically double as a regular backpack, others take a minimalist approach to keep weight down, sometimes to the point of not including extra pockets at all.

Top 5 Best Affordable Hydration Packs For Less Than $20

~$17 – KUYOU Hydration Pack (2 Liters)

KUYOU Hydration Pack Product Photo

The KYOU Hydration Pack is extremely bare-bones, but manages to get the job done quite well at such a low price point. It has a 2 liter hydration bladder made of TPU plastic, which is 100%-BPA free and doesn’t leach any nasty flavors or chemicals in the water.

The pack features adjustable mesh shoulder straps and is very lightweight and breathable. Construction quality on the pack leaves a little to be desired but for the price it isn’t too bad. The drinking hose is also made from TPU plastic and features a small hinged plastic cover to prevent leakage when not in use. One extra pouch is included for storage, enough to fit a wallet or phone, but when the 2 liter bladder is full space is very limited in the extra compartment.

Learn more and check current prices by visiting the Amazon listing.

~$17 – Aduro Sport Hydration Pack (1.5 Liters)

Aduro Sport 1.5l Hydration Pack

This hydration pack from Aduro is available in 1.5, 2, and 3-liter varieties. Here we are highlighting the 1.5 liter model as it is definitely one of the cheapest hydration packs on the market and is a great bargain purchase.

While the hydration bladder is a little smaller than the KUYOU hydration pack above, the quality of the backpack on the Aduro Sport feels much better. The Audro Sport is comfortable to wear and offers a fair amount of extra storage space with a zippered storage compartment and two side mesh pockets. It also includes a chest strap buckle, something we didn’t see on many cheap hydration packs in this price range.

This is an excellent low-cost hydration pack, especially for someone looking for enough storage space to also carry a few small items in the pack.

Learn more or purchase your own Aduro Sport hydration pack by visiting the Amazon listing.

~$18 – YISMEET Hydration Pack (2 Liters)

YISMEET 2 Liter Hydration Pack

The YISMEET Hydration Pack has a sleek look and a form factor that makes it very comfortable to wear. Designed not to weigh you down as you actively move while hiking, running, or cycling, the YISMEET is very lightweight and not at all restricting. It also looks great with its small profile and hexagon-textured finish. The pack also includes a reflective strap to make you more easily visible at night, should you be cycling or running into the evening!

Inside the YISMEET is a 2 liter BPA-free TPU plastic hydration bladder with drinking hose. The hose includes an intelligent on/off valve switch near the mouth piece to prevent leaking. On the front of the pack is a small storage compartment with zipper, large enough to store a phone or similarly shaped small item.

To learn more or purchase your own YISMEET, visit the Amazon listing.

~$19.99 – U’be Hydration Pack (2 Liters)

Ube Hydration Pack Product Photo

A very spacious and affordable choice, the U’be Hydration Pack includes a 2-liter TPU plastic water bladder and drink hose with bite valve. The backpack itself includes three storage compartments (two zippers and a mesh pocket,) giving you plenty of space for your keys, phone, and several other small objects to fit alongside the full hydration bladder.

Very small and comfortable to wear. The straps are adjustable and can accommodate a variety of sizes and body types, as the U’be is marketed as a unisex hydration pack. A great choice for someone looking for a cheap hydration pack with plenty of storage space to carry additional items.

Learn more, check current prices, and read other customer reviews by checking out the Amazon listing.

~$19.99 – WACOOL hydration Pack (2 Liters)

WACOOL Hydration Pack Product Photo

The WACOOL Hydration Pack not only gets you a 2-liter water bladder with drinking hose, it also gives you enough space not to require another bag. For small day outings, the WACOOL is plenty spacious enough to hold just about everything you’ll need. With several compartments for small items, the WACOOL is a bit bulkier than the other choice on this list, but it provides you with much more space for items other than the hydration bladder.

It’s also a very comfortable hydration pack to wear. It features adjustable straps and breathable mesh back padding. Adjustable chest and waist straps with buckle add additional comfort, and waist padding includes a small extra pocket.

A top-notch choice for budget seekers looking for a cheap hydration pack that can double as a day bag.

Check current prices, learn more details, or get your own WACOOL Hydration Pack at the amazon listing.

Other Cheap Hydration Pack Options

Didn’t quite find the hydration pack for you? Find more of the best affordable hydration packs in our Hydration Pack Reviews Section.

Thanks for reading. Drop us a line in the comments if you have any thoughts!


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We dig through the cheapest hydration packs to bring you our top five selections of the best values to buy to maximize your spending power.

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