Glass Water Filter Pitchers: The Limited Options

We’ve done extensive reviews of water filter pitchers and we are often praising glass as the safest and cleanest way to store your water, so when we decided to combine the two it seemed like it would be a logical step. Unfortunately, from our first searches for glass water filter pitchers, we were rather disappointed … Read more

Best Infuser Water Pitchers

Best Infuser Water Pitchers Review Photo

Infuser water pitchers offer a simple and effective way to make sure you always have plenty of infused water around ready to drink. Simply fill up the infusion tube with the fruit, vegetables, or herbs of your choice, place it inside pitcher, and fill it up with drinking water. Immediately your water will begin infusing … Read more

Clearly Filtered Water Pitcher Review

Clearly Filtered Water Pitcher Review

Getting the cleanest, purest and best-tasting water possible is the goal most have in mind when selecting any type of water filter, and it is ostensibly what company Clearly Filtered had in mind when they went into business. Their product line includes filtered water bottles, survival straws, and other water filter solutions. But one of … Read more