Amway eSpring Water Filter & Purification System Review

eSpring Water Purifier Above Counter Unit Review

The Amway eSpring is a water purification system from the Amway corporation. Combining a carbon-block water filter with a powerful UV light which is deadly to microorganisms, the eSpring connects directly to the faucet in any kitchen sink with an above- or below-counter unit. The aim behind the eSpring is to provide a simple, all-in-one … Read more

Best Gravity Water Filters 2015 – Comparison & Reviews

A look inside the AquaRain 404 Gravity Water Filter to look at the ceramic sub-micron filter elements

If you are unfortunate enough to live somewhere where the tap water tastes downright terrible, spend a lot of time camping, live in a rural area with questionable water sources, or you simply want the cleanest water possible, finding a way to filter large amounts of water (like your entire daily water supply) can be … Read more