LIFESAVER Expedition Jerrycan Water Filter Review

LIFESAVER Expedition Jerrycan Water Filter with Shower Hose Attachment
Portable filtration is a brilliant thing. Enabling users to filter water from almost any source, out in the field, on location, quickly and conveniently, they present one of the most useful pieces of equipment imaginable for survivalists, outdoors enthusiasts, those living in rural locations, or anyone who wants the peace of mind of knowing they can always purify their own water. We have previously taken a look at some smaller portable water filters such as the LifeStraw Go Bottle, (read our review of LifeStraw Go here) which do tend to be more what people might typically imagine when they ...

Best Water Filters That Remove Fluoride

Beginning in 1945, government initiatives began adding fluoride to drinking water across the United States. This decision was made in response to studies which demonstrated a lower incidence of dental cavities in areas with high fluoride content in the local water supply. Now as many as 75% of Americans drink water with added fluoride. (Source: The practice is not limited to the United States, with countries across the globe adopting the practice. According to the U.S. Center of Disease Control, water fluoridation is one of the greatest medical achievements of the 20th century. Yet...

Amway eSpring Water Filter & Purification System Review

eSpring Water Purifier Above Counter Unit Review
The Amway eSpring is a water purification system from the Amway corporation. Combining a carbon-block water filter with a powerful UV light which is deadly to microorganisms, the eSpring connects directly to the faucet in any kitchen sink with an above- or below-counter unit. The aim behind the eSpring is to provide a simple, all-in-one filtration and purification device which allows for a hassle-free manner of filtering a households water supply. The eSpring water treatment system is oft-mentioned as one of the leading options and Amway claims that the eSpring is capable of removing taste...

Best Gravity Water Filters 2015 – Comparison & Reviews

A look inside the AquaRain 404 Gravity Water Filter to look at the ceramic sub-micron filter elements
If you are unfortunate enough to live somewhere where the tap water tastes downright terrible, spend a lot of time camping, live in a rural area with questionable water sources, or you simply want the cleanest water possible, finding a way to filter large amounts of water (like your entire daily water supply) can be something of a challenge. Fortunately, the gravity water filter can help. No matter where you live, you can probably benefit from water filtration systems. High quality filtration systems can open up new water sources, giving those living or camping in rural areas access to ...