Best Smart Water Bottles with Hydration Tracking

H2O Pal Hydration Tracking App and Smart Water Bottle
Digital technology has worked its way into virtually every aspect of our lives. Even the simple necessity of drinking water has now become infused with all sorts of gadgets. One of the most modern of these devices is the Smart Water Bottle. While the definition of "Smart Water Bottle" - and the products themselves - is still in its infancy, the rapidly growing number of these products available on the market has already left us with plenty to review. We've been testing away at different Smart Water Bottles equipped with hydration tracking: a simple monitor which records how much you've drank f...

Thermos Smart Lid – Water Consumption Tracking Smart Bottle Review

Thermos Smart Bottle Smart Lid Review
Immediately I was a little sad when I learned that the Thermos Smart Lid Bottle is not an actual classic Thermos - rather, it is a simple uninsulated Tritan plastic water bottle. Regardless, the Thermos Smart Lid is a pretty nifty and budget execution in the budding smart bottle market. The Smart Lid is capable of syncing to Apple iOS devices or a FitBit to provide real-time monitoring of water consumption. Automatically tracking your water intake as you drink from the bottle, while simultaneously providing you the temperature of your bottle's contents and reminders of when to hydrate, the Sm...

Another Smart Bottle Review: The H2O-Pal Hydration Tracker Water Bottle

H2O Pal Smart Hydration Tracking Water Bottle Review
For the water bottle world, 2016 seems to be the year of the digital revolution. We recently spent some time with the H2O-Pal Hydration Tracker, a straight ahead smart bottle featuring automatic water consumption tracking. Able to sync to an iPhone or Apple Watch (Android support is still in beta,) the H2O-Pal automatically tracks how much water you consume from the bottle, organizing it into useful and easy to read charts. It also allows you to set goals and provides reminders when you need to drink more water. We recently reviewed another smart bottle, the Pryme Vessyl, and we ended up fi...

A Smart Bottle Available Now: Mark One Pryme Vessyl Review

Pryme Vessyl With Charger and Lid Off
Not long ago we did an article on a yet to be released Smart Bottle. While that device still hasn't hit the market, we have encountered something which boasts many of the same features: the Mark One Pryme Vessyl. Designed to be able to sync up with fitness trackers such as Fitbit, Jawbone UP, or Apple Health app, the Pryme Vessyl provides a method to digitally track your water consumption throughout the day without having to do anything but drink from your Pryme Vessyl. In the article "How My Fitbit Is Chaning The Way I Drink Water" I highlighted how fitness trackers can be used to track wa...