Lunatec Aquabot Pressurized Water Bottle with Pump Sprayer Review

Man Sprays Water Into Mouth From Aquabot Water Bottle With Pump
Can your water bottle shoot a jet of water 25 feet just for the fun of it? Can it provide enough pressure to help wash dishes after a meal around the camp fire? Or be used to provide a not-so-shabby outdoor shower? If you have an Aquabot Pressurized Water Bottle with Pump and Sprayer, the answer to all of these questions is yes. This water bottle is equipped with a hand pump that lets you pressurize the bottle. Once it's good and primed, you can adjust the nozzle to get anything from a gentle mist to a powerful blast of water. The bottle has a sensitive trigger which lets you control the fl...

Water Bottles That Spray Mist To Help You Beat The Heat – Top 5 Water Bottles with Mister

Woman misting herself with water bottle
There is nothing quite like a nice refreshing mist when the heat is unbearable. You're just standing around, suffering in the sun, when suddenly those gentle cooling drops come to rest on your face and scalp. It's only temporary, but for a few seconds that spray was heavenly. You can now carry on your day a little more refreshed. With a water bottle that sprays mist, you can enjoy this simple pleasure just about whenever you want. Below we'll take a look at five water water bottles with misters. These are all straight-forward plastic water bottles equipped with a button you can press to fir...

Best Plastic Water Bottles – Top 5 Reusable BPA Free Bottles

Though plastic water bottles often get a bad rap, modern reusable BPA free bottles made from durable and massively customizable plastics can do some awesome things. Able to come in shapes, sizes, colors, and intricate designs that other water bottle materials like glass and stainless steel could never imagine, plastic water bottles have some unique offerings in terms of both form and function. The best plastic water bottles don't suffer from the concerns of toxic leaching that have given disposable plastic bottles such a bad rap. While water left in any container for too long can pick up a ...

bobble Infuse Modular Filter & Infuser Water Bottle Review

bobble Infuse Bottles in Six Colors
These days bobble bottle is a remarkably popular brand. Their neat brand of intriguingly curved Tritan plastic bottles equipped with charcoal filtration offers an affordable way to always have a portable filter bottle handy. With the new bobble Infuse, bobble has improved upon their classic bobble by allows the bottle to function either as a filter bottle or as an infuser bottle capable of making infused water on the go! bobble has gained popularity for good reason. While the bottles themselves are simple, they are well-designed and made from a durable BPA-Free Tritan plastic. This plastic ...

The Coolest Water Bottle Around: HYDRA SmartBottle Review

HYDRA SmartBottle Available in Four Colors Utility Water Bottle
When we first heard of the HYDRA SmartBottle, we were a little skeptical. A water bottle with a speaker, microphone, multicolored lights, and a power bank for charging USB devices?! It all sounds a little whacky, and it is. But the HYDRA SmartBottle, for all its cookiness, is actually a pretty functional and awesome bottle. All of its features can be put to some kind of use, either practical or purely novel. Recently we've been looking at a lot of so-called "smart bottles," and among the bottles we've looked at like the H2O-Pal and the Pryme Vessyl, the defining feature of a "smart bottle"...

Precidio Drink In The Box Reusable Children’s Drink Container Review

Juice in the Box Reusable Juice Box with lid Off
No matter how old or young, staying hydrated is vital. Even though we typically give most of our focus at Hydration Anywhere to water bottles for adults, when Precidio offered us the chance to review their reusable juice box, we decided to give it a spin. One important note we have to make is that since we originally received our Juice in the Box, Precidio has since changed the name of the product to Drink in the Box (~$15 on Amazon), however the products are identical except for the different name. Precidio felt it was a good idea to move the emphasis away from juices, which can be extreme...

Polar Bottle Ergo Review

Polar Bottle Ergo with Ice
One of many USA-made insulated plastic water bottles offered by Polar Bottle, the Ergo is a neat 22-ounce bottle which provides a bit more of an ergonomic design compared to its older relative the classic "Sport" Polar Bottle. But just like the Sport models, the Ergo features the insulated design and durable construction which has made Polar Bottle popular. Polar Bottle was kind enough to send us a sample for review, so I had a chance to get up close and personal with my very own 22-ounce Ergo Polar Bottle, and heres what I found. Getting to Know the Polar Bottle Ergo The Polar Bottle...

The Head Turning Looks of Tervis Water Bottles

Tervis Plastic Reusable water Bottle
Although I have yet to get my hands on a Tervis water bottle for some actual usage testing, they have always caught my eye while browsing for their intriguing and colorful designs. If you're looking for the most aesthetically appealing designs on the market, Tervis might just be what you're seeking. Made in the USA from a BPA- and Melamine-free modern plastic material, Tervis bottles are sure to be highly durable. They also have the highly useful quality of being quite suited to different environments, making them safe in the dishwasher, microwave or even the freezer. Unique Designs With ...

Company Spotlight: Polar Bottle

Polar Bottle Logo
Polar Bottle is a company from humble yet inspiring origins. In 1994, cyclist enthusiast and mechanical engineer Robert Heiberger began the company from a garage in Boulder, Colorado. Driven by his desire to keep his water cold even on the most extended bike expeditions, he applied his knowledge of mechanical engineering and his practical experience working in the field of heat loss to creating a high performance insulated water bottle ideally suited for the needs of cyclists. The results of these early efforts blossomed into what has become one of the foremost names in insulated water bott...

Nalgene Review – 5 Great Reusable Bottles

Nalgene reusable BPA free water bottles
A potent combination of high quality and affordable price tags has cemented Nalgene as one of the leading names in water bottles. Whether you need something to keep yourself hydrated at the gym, the ideal container for your next hiking expedition, or just something to carry around everyday at school or work, Nalgene's extensive catalog has something to provide. While most of Nalgene's water bottles are composed of synthetic materials, these modern plastics are free of harmful bisphenol A which has been repeatedly implicated in contributing to a variety of medical conditions. The BPA...