Best Glass Water Bottles – Our Top 5 Selection

Woman studying with Lifefactory Glass Water Bottle
Looking for the best glass water bottle you can buy? We are constantly reviewing the market to find the latest and greatest water bottles, so we've done a bit of the leg work for you. Below you'll find our top five picks for the best glass water bottles that you can buy right now -- without breaking the bank! The benefits of glass as a container material are too long to list here. In recent years, glass has been embraced by the health- and ecologically-conscious as an ideal material for water bottles which does not leach any nasty flavor or chemicals into your water. Although we've put t...

Takeya Classic Glass Water Bottle Review

Takeya Classic Glass Water Bottle Posed in Shopping Cart
Takeya water bottles seem to be popping up just about everywhere these days. After reviewing Takeya's ThermoFlask, an insulated stainless steel bottle offering the company's answer to the HydroFlask, we were excited to take a look at the Takeya Classic Glass bottle and see if it offered the same combination of affordability, durability, and functionality we found in reviewing the ThermoFlask. As we've explored before here on the Hydration Anywhere blog, there are many benefits to choosing glass as a container material for your water bottle. Unlike plastic or some cheap metal bottles, glass ...

Innovative Squeezable Titanium Water Bottle from Keego Coming Soon

Keego Bottle Being Squeezed Gif
Just when we thought we'd seen water bottles of every description, along comes something new. "Elastic titanium," "squeezable metal" -- these sound like terms out of Star Trek. But instead of classic science fiction, these terms are hopefully science fact. A start-up company called Keego claims to have invented a durable and functional alternative to plastic squeeze bottles by using lightweight, food-safe titanium and some clever engineering which lets the bottle function like a squeezable plastic water bottle. The Keego bottle is slated to begin deliveries in August 2018, according to an a...

CamelBak Chute Vacuum Insulated Stainless Steel Water Bottle Review

CamelBak Chute In Action
One of the most well-known names in outdoors equipment, especially in products like water bottles and hydration packs, CamelBak is a familiar name for anyone who loves to spend time outdoors. Offering quality bottles of nearly every description, CamelBak designs are clever and functional enough to also make for excellent every day use water bottles. Recently, a 40 ounce CamelBak Chute came into our lives, and we are finding ourselves continually refreshed by it's clever additions to the classic insulated water bottle. Having gone through plenty of CamelBak bottles from all across the spectr...

Takeya ThermoFlask Review – A Budget Hydroflask Alternative

Takeya Thermoflask Carrying Handle
We've gone through insulated water bottles of all varieties. From leading brand names to generic white label products, we've tested just about all of them. While some bottles can put a bit of a strain on your wallet and others manage to remain incredibly affordable, there is something to be said for those in the middle of the price spectrum. The Takeya Thermoflask is just such an option - on the cheaper side of affordable, even! Takeya is a leading name in insulated stainless steel water bottles. You can find their products in use just about every where you go, and for sale at major retail...

Best Thermos Bottles

Best Thermos Bottles
The classic Thermos. No name in the world of beverage containers is more ubiquitous than Thermos. So commonly used, in fact, that "Thermos" was deemed a generic term. But behind it all there is still the good old original, brand-name Thermos, a company that has been churning out quality products for over a hundred years. In this round-up, we'll give our opinions in brief reviews of a range of different Thermos bottles. We'll take a look at everything from old-school-style Thermoses to the latest innovations. Distinguished by being the first company to offer insulated bottles on the market, ...

GRAYL Water Filter Bottle Review

GRAYL Water Filter Bottle Being Filled From Lake
The GRAYL is a filter bottle with an interesting twist. Where other filter bottles rely on pumps or suction, the GRAYL has worked out a novel method. You simply fill the bottle, insert the filter, and press it down. This creates pressure which moves water up through the GRAYL bottle's advanced filter element. With a patented filter design which removes bacteria, viruses, cysts, and microscopic contaminants, the GRAYL can make water from almost any source drinkable and delicious. As we compiled this review of the GRAYL filter bottle, we had a few weeks to put it through its paces and tested ...

Best Filtered Water Bottles Guide 2018

Best Filtered Water Bottles 2018
Filtered water bottles put the power of modern water filtration systems right in your hand. Immensely portable, these water bottles include small filter elements which are incorporated directly into the bottle itself. Powerful filter elements can purify water from the nastiest sources, removing particulates, bacteria and other harmful microorganisms, while at the same time improving the taste, odor, and clarity of your drinking water. Not only do the best filtered water bottles make your water more delicious and enjoyable to drink, they can actually be a lifesaving tool should you find yoursel...

Alkaline Water Bottles Are Worthless

Alkaline Water Bottle With 8 Step Process
The entirety of the alkaline water bottle craze is founded on bad science and half-baked ideas. The most recent products of the age-old "magic water" myths have come home to nest in the form of all sorts of "alkalizing" devices. We take water bottles pretty seriously here at Hydration Anywhere. Almost daily we find more and more requests for reviews and information on alkalizing water bottles and all we can do is sigh and scratch our heads. You don't need an alkalizing water bottle, you don't need an alkaline water system, you don't need ionized water. It's all snake oil. Alkaline water bot...

Hydro Flask Review

Hydro Flask in Multiple Colors with Bottles and Tumblers
Without a doubt, the Hydro Flask is one of the most enduring water bottle brands we've encountered. Founded in Bend, Oregon back in 2009 by then-dating-couple Travis Rosbach and Cindy Morse, Hydro Flask has now become a world leader in insulated stainless steel water bottles. Offering the world a high-quality stainless steel water bottle equipped with double-wall vacuum insulation, the Hydro Flask brand has expanded into something more than just a water bottle manufacturer and has cemented itself as an essential piece of equipment for an active lifestyle. Hydro Flask's path to success was n...