Contigo Water Bottle Roundup & Mini-reviews

Contigo Purity 20 Ounce Glass Water Bottle
Contigo is a notable name in the world of water bottles and travel mugs. Their catalog is vast, containing everything from the most basic plastic water bottle to some high-tech stainless steel vacuum insulated travel mugs and plenty of other feature rich offerings. Since Contigo's product line is so expansive, we couldn't hope to quite cover all of the different options and varieties in a single article. So to give you a better handle on what Contigo has to offer, I've compiled this mini-review which features four Contigo water bottles which I have personal experience with. 1. Contigo Cort...

Libre Tea Travel Infuser Glass Review

Libre Tea Travel Infuser Glass Models
Today we were lucky enough to find a 9 Ounce "Original" Libre Tea Travel Infuser Glass (~$25 on Amazon) waiting for us in the mailbox, provided courtesy of Libre Tea for review purposes. This neat travel infuser provides the ideal way to make yourself a serving of tea and keep it with you no matter where you go. We were eager to take the Libre for a spin and quickly had it out of its package, washed, and ready to make tea! First Impressions of the Libre Tea Travel Infuser Glass When I got the Libre out of its shipping box, I immediately noticed how tasteful and classy the packaging is. The...

3 Unique Aladdin Water Bottles

Aladdin Logo
For the environmentally conscious, Seattle-based Aladdin PMI is the sot of company worth admiring. While the production of reusable water bottles is in many ways inherently an environmentally friendly proposition all by itself, Aladdin takes their efforts a few steps further. All of Aladdin's employees and offices practice a “Green Office Guide” designed to reduce impact by practicing techniques such as composting, recycling, and energy conservation measures. Manufacturing of Aladdin water bottles utilizes post-industrial recycling as well as water recycling methods to reduce consumption and ...

7 Cool Water Bottles for Summer 2015

Bobble Filtered Water Bottle
Summer is approaching – what better time to check out some cool new water bottles? Make sure you spend the summer staying hydrated in style and beating the heat with the help of a refreshing drink. Super Cool Water Bottles to Celebrate Summer In this round up, I've compiled 7 cool water bottles sure to serve us all very well in summer 2015. 1. Asobu The Beat Silicone Hydra Water Bottle (~$27 on This neat all-silicone bottle contains a slot designed to hold an iPhone 4 or 5. In addition to providing a snug safe space to keep your phone, it also acts to amplify your phones speake...

Best Water Bottles For the Gym

Best Gym Water Bottles
Getting a good work out goes hand in hand with staying well hydrated. Going to the gym is always a sweaty affair, so it is important to keep some refreshing water with you during every visit. As such, no well-equipped gym goer would be caught heading for a workout without a freshly filled reusable water bottle! Finding the Best Gym Bottle In this review, we'll take a look at the best gym water bottles, a selection of stainless steel bottles which I've identified as personal favorite gym companions. Each of these bottles is exceptionally durable and leak proof, meaning they are excell...