Alkaline Water Bottles Are Worthless

Alkaline Water Bottle With 8 Step Process
The entirety of the alkaline water bottle craze is founded on bad science and half-baked ideas. The most recent products of the age-old "magic water" myths have come home to nest in the form of all sorts of "alkalizing" devices. We take water bottles pretty seriously here at Hydration Anywhere. Almost daily we find more and more requests for reviews and information on alkalizing water bottles and all we can do is sigh and scratch our heads. You don't need an alkalizing water bottle, you don't need an alkaline water system, you don't need ionized water. It's all snake oil. Alkaline water bot...

Hydaway Collapsible Water Bottle Review

Product Photo of Hydaway Bottles in Different Colors
Whenever you select a new water bottle, there is always a decision to be made of how practically sized it is for your everyday needs. While it might be nice in theory to have a great-big behemoth of a bottle to make sure you always have as much water as you need, in practice you might find this to be a little too cumbersome. But what if you could have high-capacity when you need it and minimal foot print when you don't, all in the same bottle? As it turns out, you can. Meet the Hydaway Collapsible Water Bottle. Capable of folding up into a tiny disc when it's not full of water, the Hydaway ...

ShredTech Electric Mixer Bottle Review

ShredTech Electric Vortex Mixer Bottle Mixing Powder
If you're a fan of protein shakes, water additives, or supplement packs, you are probably all too familiar with the hassles of mixing up your own drinks. Whether you're getting a bit of a workout shaking your old-school agitator bottle up, dirtying spoons or other utensils to get the mixing job done, or even opting to pull out the big guns and using your home blender to get that perfect consistency, any method you employ tends to be a bit of a hassle, leaving you with dirty dishes and often clumpy mixtures. Enter the ShredTech Electric Mixer Bottle. This simple device is designed from the ...

Under Armour 64 Ounce Foam Insulated Hydration Bottle Review

Under Armour 64 Ounce Foam Insulated Hydration Bottle Product Photo
Branching out from the world of athletic apparel, Under Armour has ventured into the world of water bottles with its 64 Ounce Foam Insulated Hydration Bottle. At a massive 64 ounces, this bulky bottle can work as a simple metric for making sure you get your recommended eight 8 ounce glasses of water each day with just one fill. As cool as the Under Armour might look on the surface, we found it had more than a few flaws as we put it through its testing. We were immediately skeptical of the power of foam insulation, but as it turns out this probably isn't the bottle's weakest feature. But ou...

H2O4K9 Review: The Water Bottle For Your Dog

H2O4K9 Dog Water Bottle In Use
So far here on the blog we have kept our focus entirely on human hydration. Despite that, the need for hydration is just about universal when it comes to living organisms, with our canine companions being no exception. Man's best friend should never go thirsty, and with some help from the H2O4K9 Dog Water Bottle you can always have some clean drinking water available for your pooch. In addition to a 25-ounce stainless steel bottle, the H2O4K9 also includes a nifty BPA-free plastic cup which doubles as the lid and acts as the perfect drinking vessel for your dog. The shape of the cup is desi...

Stay Cool This Summer With O2Cool Cooling Mister Water Bottle

O2COOL Mist N Sip Mister in Action
The water bottle is already a key ally to beating the heat anytime of the year. But a company called O2COOL has decided to take it a step further by equipping their water bottles with a nifty little mister which allows you to spritz yourself with a cooling mist at the press of a trigger. The O2COOL Mist 'N Sip is a 20-ounce plastic water bottle which totes your water where ever you go, providing you with a drink or a cooling shot of mist whenever you require one. This seems like a bit of a silly gimmick, but with temperatures rising as summer warms up, any way to stay cool suddenly won't se...

Precidio Multi Flask Revolutionary Water Bottle Review

Precidio Multi Flask Revolutionary Water Bottle Review
Precidio is a brand which has caught our attention more than once with their interesting products. Our piece on their "Unbreakable" Glass Bottle remains a popular one, and later we took a look at their Drink In The Box Reusable Juice Box, both neat takes on the water bottle. But apparently, Precidio's innovation does not stop there. With the Multi Flask Revolutionary Water Bottle Precidio has created a 3-in-1 solution geared towards providing the ideal container no matter your choice of beverage. The Multi Flask accomplishes this with a glass interior surrounded by a hard Tritan plastic out...

Best Collapsible Water Bottles

vapur element collapsed and folded water bottle
If you've ever found yourself wishing your water bottle was a bit less bulky or easier to carry around, you are exactly the type of water bottle owner who might find a collapsible water bottle preferable to a traditional, rigid water bottle. As we all know, water is a remarkable element capable of taking all sorts of shapes and always willing to morph itself to whatever container it is in. If what we're trying to carry around is so incredibly versatile, why should the containers we carry it in be so fixed and inflexible? Collapsible water bottles follow this line of thinking to their logica...

Travel Mug Reviews – 5 Great Options

Travel Mug Reviews 5 Great Options
For lovers of beverages hot and cold of all varieties, the travel mug is a time tested classic tool for toting your beverage on the go. Travel mugs tend to have a few distinguishing features which make them particularly well suited to their role as the container of choice for travelers of all sorts: leak-proof design is essential, along with easy access to the contents, and of course high quality insulation. Below, we'll explore 5 travel mug reviews which select some of our favorite options. In this article we'll highlight selections from 5 different companies. Each product has been sel...

Water Bottle Holders: Everything You Need To Know

hydration belt for runners
If you've finally found the water bottle you've been looking for, you might now find yourself running into the fact that carrying around a water bottle can sometimes be cumbersome and even uncomfortable if you've opted for a high capacity water bottle. Fortunately, water bottle holders are plentiful on the market, with a variety of options: water bottle slings for over the shoulder carrying, bicycle water bottle holders ideal for quick access on your next cycling trip, and other handy options to make your water bottle a little more portable. Water Bottle Holder Buyer's Guide Picking ...