Why You Want a Glass Water Bottle

Aquasana 18 Ounce Glass Water Bottles
For those with an active life style, having a glass water bottle might just seem like a way to invite disaster into one of your more extreme outings. Yet despite its inherent fragility, glass remains one of the most popular options as a container for all sorts of drink items and even some food stuffs. So why is it that in the age of neigh-invincible stainless steel bottles and high quality modern plastics that so many are still going for glass? Find our top choices for glass water bottles in our Top 5 Best Glass Water Bottles Review. The Long History of Glass If we look at any of the...

bkr Glass Water Bottle Review

BKR Glass Water Bottle Logo
Today on Hydration Anywhere we're reviewing the bkr Bubbly 16 Ounce Glass Water Bottle (~$30 on Amazon.com), which I've had the pleasure of owning for a few months. I was first attracted to the neat and simple look of the bkr Bottle, and had fun sorting through the wide selection of over 30 colors the bottle is available in – one design even incorporates a heart. Although I am usually shy of glass water bottles (because, honestly, I'm pretty clumsy) the addition of the neat form-fitting silicon sleeve helped reassure me that the bkr Bottle would stand up to what I put it through. While I do...