LifeStraw Review: Getting to Know the LifeStraw Go Water Bottle

The LifeStraw Go Water Bottle with Filter Straw
In the LifeStraw we find a seemingly simple device which packs some big implications: equipped with a LifeStraw, one is suddenly able to treat virtually any water source as a safe and viable way to hydrate. Taking the concept of the personal water filter to a whole new level, the LifeStraw incorporates an impressively powerful filter into a remarkably functional and portable design. We've talked about the LifeStraw before here on Hydration Anywhere - in our Filtered Water Bottle Buyers Guide - but I wanted to bring our readers a comprehensive review of the LifeStraw, and the folks at Vestergaa...

Review of the FIT Top Filtered Water Bottle

FIT Top Filtered Water Bottle Review
The demand for filtered water anywhere you go has created a thriving marketplace for filtered water bottles. I was lucky enough to get the chance to spend some hands-on time this week with the FIT Top Filtered Water Bottle, a BPA-free plastic water bottle which includes an innovative pour through filter on its lid. With the FIT Top, the meat of the product is in its pour-through filtering lid. The bottle itself is a pretty standard transparent plastic, and to be frank the plastic on the FIT Top is nothing to write home about. Although the plastic is quite thin, the bottle still manages to b...

Filtered Water Bottle Buyers Guide

FIT Top 24 Ounce Filtered Water Bottles (The Filtered Water Bottle Buyers Guide)
Looking to get the purest water possible where ever you are? The simple answer is to invest in a portable water filter bottle. These ultra-portable filters are ideal for extracting the yuck from your water. Providing you with a bit of peace of mind on the go, having your own filter not only gives you the best tasting water possible, it can even prevent you from consuming harmful bacteria or chemicals. In the case of some of the best filtered water bottles, the filters are powerful enough to potentially even prove a lifesaving device. (UPDATE: This article still contains a lot of great infor...