Best Filtered Water Bottles Guide 2018

Best Filtered Water Bottles 2018

Filtered water bottles put the power of modern water filtration systems right in your hand. Immensely portable, these water bottles include small filter elements which are incorporated directly into the bottle itself. Powerful filter elements can purify water from the nastiest sources, removing particulates, bacteria and other harmful microorganisms, while at the same time improving … Read more

bobble Infuse Modular Filter & Infuser Water Bottle Review

bobble Infuse Bottles in Six Colors

These days bobble bottle is a remarkably popular brand. Their neat brand of intriguingly curved Tritan plastic bottles equipped with charcoal filtration offers an affordable way to always have a portable filter bottle handy. With the new bobble Infuse, bobble has improved upon their classic bobble by allows the bottle to function either as a … Read more

The LifeStraw Go Filter Bottle Gets An Update and More Filtration – Lifestraw Go 2 Bottle Review

The new Lifestraw Go 2 Filtering Water Bottle

As one of the world’s most popular brands of portable filter, LifeStraw is a product we have highlighted more than once here on Hydration Anywhere. We did a complete review of the original LifeStraw Go Bottle so when we learned that LifeStraw had upgraded its filter bottle to the LifeStraw Go Bottle 2 we were … Read more

Refresh2go Filtered Water Bottles Review

Refresh2Go Filtered Water Bottles in Three Models (Grip, Insulated, and Milestone) Family Portrait Photo

Awhile back we were offered the chance to review Refresh2Go Water Bottles – a super-affordable brand of BPA-free Tritan plastic water bottles equipped with an all-natural coconut shell activated carbon filter. The nice folks over at Refresh2Go actually sent us three models to try out, and we’ll have a bit to say about all of … Read more

CamelBak All Clear UV Purifier Water Bottle Review

Inside the CamelBak All Clear UV Purifier view of Ultraviolet Light

Designed with portable UV purification in mind, the CamelBak All Clear combines the proven design of CamelBak water bottles with a powerful ultraviolet light installed directly into the bottle’s cap. Enabling users to purify their water to render questionable sources definitely drinkable, the CamelBak All Clear is a handy tool for hikers, travellers, campers, survivalists, … Read more