AQUATANK2 Water Storage Bags Review

AQUATANK 2 Water Storage Bladder Bag
The AQUATANK2 brand offers a range of high capacity water storage bladder bags available in 15, 30, 60, 150, and 300 gallon varieties. They consists of a BPA-free polyurethane plastic water storage bladder contained within a durable yet lightweight nylon bag. Designed to make transporting large quantities of water easier, the AQUATANK2 has portability in mind at every step. While the sheer weight of water can make the bags quite heavy if the water storage bladder is full, the AQUATANK2 itself is one of the lightest and most portable methods of water storage on the market. When not in use, i...

Best Water Tanks – Choosing a High-Capacity Water Storage Container for Emergencies or Rainwater Harvesting

Sure Water 260 Gallon Emergency Water Tank
Equipping your home with a high capacity water tank can add a great deal of independence and peace of mind to your everyday life. With tanks easily capable of storing dozens or even hundreds of gallons of water to be accessed in times of emergencies, or versatile containers which can be used continually as part of a rainwater harvesting system, having a water storage container can prove invaluable as an emergency preparation or as a practical way to save on your water bill. In this article, we'll take some time to review the best water tanks we've found on the market. We'll look a variety o...

Hydro Flask Vacuum Insulated Stainless Steel Food Flask Review

Hydro Flask Food Flask in Mango Color
Since the focus of our site is hydration, when we talk about Hydro Flask we are typically talking about their insulated water bottles. But the Hydro Flask Food Flask is a nifty little device from a favorite brand which we just couldn't help but take a look at. The Hydro Flask Food Flask takes the exceptional insulating power of Hydro Flask's double-walled insulated design and scales it down a bit to make a perfect little food container ideal for keeping your food stuff hot or cold for hours. We got our hands on a couple Hydro Flask Food Flasks and have been putting them to use over the past...

Go Caddy Water Bottle Carrier & Tote Bag Review

Go Caddy Water Bottle Holder Front Velcro Pouch View
In addition to our obsession with water bottles themselves, we can never help but gravitate towards a useful water bottle accessory. So when the nice folks from Go Caddy asked us if we could review their all in one water bottle carrier and tote bag, we were happy to oblige. Employing a simple and straightforward design, the Go Caddy is effectively a standard tote bag or purse equipped with a large pocket ideal for carrying a water bottle. The durable yet flexible material of the Go Caddy allows it to accommodate water bottles from just about all sizes - the 35 ounce FNova I tested with fit...

SaltStick Rehydration Tablets: Are Electrolyte Supplements Worth It?

SaltStick Rehydration Tablets Electrolyte Supplement Review
An increasingly popular trend among athletes is electrolyte supplements. These often go by many names, including but hardly limited to: rehydration tablets, hydration pills, electrolyte replacement, hydration tablets, electrolyte capsules, and other similar variants. Whatever you want to call them, the principle is more or less the same in all of these products. The simplest way to describe rehydration tablets is to say they are concentrated doses of electrolytes essential for the bodies function. In this article we'll be taking a look at SaltStick Electrolyte Replacement Capsules, whic...

Best Office Water Coolers

aquaverse 5ph bottleless office water cooler and filter
Gathering around the office water cooler is sort of an everyday working mans tradition. But more importantly, it is a vital part of keeping your employees or anyone in the building properly hydrated. Every office should provide access to cold, refreshing drinking water throughout the day, and a quality water cooler for the office is just the way to do it! There are a lot of options when it comes to water coolers for your office, so we'll explore some of the different features on offer, then take a close look at a few specific models we've selected as some top choices for the office! Fi...

Achiva Nutrition Review – The Amazing, Energizing Chia Seed

Chia seeds sitting on spoon
Today we're taking a look at two products from Achiva Native Energy: the Achiva Energy Beans and the Achiva Energy Drink Mix. Both of these products make use of the amazing properties of chia seeds combined with coconut water, caffeine, and a few other ingredients to provide a long lasting energy boost which hydrates, energizes, and even provides a bit of nutrition. (UPDATE: Since this article was first published, it appears the Achiva Energy Beans have been discontinued and are no longer available on Amazon or the Achiva website. The Energy Drink Mix is still available as of this writi...

Bottle Bright Water Bottle Cleaner Review

Bottle Bright 10 Pack Water Bottle Cleaner Effervescent Tablets Review
Awhile back we published one of our most popular features here at Hydration Anywhere, "How To Clean Your Water Bottle." In that article, I talk about a product called Bottle Bright (~$8 on, an effervescent tablet designed specifically to clean water bottles. When that article was being written, I had not had the opportunity to actually test out Bottle Bright for myself. Shortly after the article was published, we got in contact with the folks at Bottle Bright and they were kind enough to provide us with a review sample! Putting Bottle Bright to the Test To put Bottle Bright t...

The Brode Hydration Vitamin Review

Brode Hydration vitamins
Most of the time here at Hydration Anywhere we talk about water as the main source of hydration. Yet as it turns out, hydration is a more complex issue than just having enough water in the body. In addition to water itself, the body requires important compounds called electrolytes in order to remain properly hydrated. The importance of electrolytes to maintaining proper hydration has come to the public awareness largely thanks to the mass-marketing efforts of various sport drinks. For athletes during extended sporting events or particularly intense exercise, water alone is not enough to...