Cheapest Hydration Packs – Best Affordable Packs Under $20

Man drinking from WACOOL Hydration Pack by the water
Equipping yourself with a hydration pack is a great way to beat the heat while hiking, running, or cycling. These simple backpacks incorporate a water bladder and drinking tube, giving you the ability to hydrate without breaking your stride. In this guide to the cheapest hydration packs, we've pushed aside some of the expensive brand names and narrowed our focus to finding the best quality we can get for $20 or less. We were pleasantly surprised at the results. We've compiled this round up review of our top five best budget hydration packs. Though quite cheap to purchase, we've been imp...

Getting to Know the DolfinPack 2

DolfinPack 2 Lightweight Athletes Hydration Pack Review
Back when we put together our feature on the Best Hydration Packs for Running, we gave the distinction of #1 best hydration pack option for running to the DolfinPack, a super light weight hydration pack with a minimalist design ideal for athletics. Now the folks behind the original DolfinPack have taken back to the drawing board to bring the DolfinPack 2 to the market, hoping to iterate on the success of the original while responding to some critiques from users. I got a chance to try out a DolfinPack 2 and wanted to take this chance to provide a short review of the new DolfinPack and high...

The HydroSleeve Armband Hydration System Review

hydrosleeve armband hydration system for runners review
I'm always looking at ways to stay hydrated while running. Previously here at Hydration Anywhere we've highlighted hydration packs for running, water bottle holders of all kinds, we've looked at ways to carry your water on your back, your belt, your vest, even on a sling or mounted on a bicycle. It might seem like we've exhausted all of the ways one can hope to carry their water on the go, but we've so far neglected what is now one of my new favorite ways to stay hydrated when I'm on the run. Let me introduce you to the awesome HydroSleeve Armband Hydration System. Stay Hydrated While Runn...

Best Hydration Pack for Running 2015

DolfinPack Lightweight Waterproof Extreme Sports Hydration Pack for Running
Whether you're tackling your first marathon, digging in with some trail running, or just love going for a run for the exercise, adding a hydration pack can be a great way to keep up your energy, prevent dehydration, and really get the most from your running experience! To help you navigate the many hydration packs available on the market, I've compiled this guide with my personal suggestions for the best hydration pack for running. Different runners will tend to have different requirements for their hydration packs. If you are running competitively, for example, you probably want absolu...

The 5 Best Hydration Packs for Summer 2015

Camelbak MULE 100oz Hydration Backpack
If you have some outdoor activities planned this summer, you'll need to make sure you take a few steps to beat the heat. Staying properly hydrated is more important than ever when the temperature is high, as sweating can quickly deplete the body of its water supply. For those enjoying the great outdoors in the summer sun, it is vital to always have something to drink readily available - like the water stored in your reliable hydration pack! Of course the trusty water bottle is an invaluable day-to-day companion most of us have readily on hand, but when it comes to hiking or biking in th...

Camelbak MULE3 Hydration Pack Review

Camelbak MULE Hydration Pack
For cyclists and hikers, there is nothing quite like a Camelbak hydration pack. The concept behind the hydration pack is a simple one: a long straw is connected to a supply of water carried in a leak-proof bladder contained within a backpack. The result of this elegantly simple design is a massively useful device which lets users get a drink whenever they please without dismounting their bike or stopping their hike to dig through bags. Camelbak offers several high quality hydration packs, such as the Camelbak Lobo (~$88.00 on,) a great general purpose or bicycling hydration p...