Best Water Bottles 2017 – Reviews & Comparison

S'Well Insulated Stainless Steel Triple Wall Vacuum insulation Water Bottle Best Bottle 2017
It's that time of year again! We've been testing all sorts of bottles to work out the best picks for 2017. Look no further for the best water bottles - we've compiled this massive, comprehensive review with a huge variety of categories to help you sort out the best bottles on the market. Like usual, we'll first be looking at the best Plastic, Glass, and Stainless Steel Water Bottles around to help you find the right bottle and the right bottle with the right material. But this year we've also decided to go a step further and offer you our suggestions for the best bottles to suit a variety o...

The Coldest Water Bottle Stainless Steel Insulated 21oz Review

The Coldest Water Bottle 21oz Insulated Stainless Steel Bottle in 5 Colors
From the very beginning, Hydration Anywhere has taken a focus on bottles which offer exceptional insulation. We've tested everything from the most popular brands on the market to the most obscure, and dozens in between. But now we've found a remarkable new comer in the world of vacuum insulated water bottles, one which has proven in our review to be a worthy contender for the best insulated bottle around: The Coldest Water Bottle. With a 21-ounce capacity, The Coldest Water Bottle is slim enough to fit into your cupholder. Made with high-quality, 18/8 food grade stainless steel, it is pract...

Simple Modern Vacuum Insulated Bottle – Summit Wide Mouth Coffee Tea Thermos Review

Simple Modern Summit Insulated Stainless Steel Water Bottle In Purple In three Sizes
The new Summit Wide Mouth Vacuum Insulated Bottle by Simple Modern was an exciting find for us. Awhile back we reviewed the Simple Modern Wave bottle, a slim, ultra-compact insulated stainless steel water bottle. We like the quality of the design, the range of colors, and a few other things about the Wave Bottle, and we were excited to discover that many of these great qualities had been preserved in the new Summit Wide Mouth. Of course not everything is just the same. The main difference between the Wave and Summit is the Summit's wide-mouth construction. Where the Wave has only a rather n...

Hydaway Collapsible Water Bottle Review

Product Photo of Hydaway Bottles in Different Colors
Whenever you select a new water bottle, there is always a decision to be made of how practically sized it is for your everyday needs. While it might be nice in theory to have a great-big behemoth of a bottle to make sure you always have as much water as you need, in practice you might find this to be a little too cumbersome. But what if you could have high-capacity when you need it and minimal foot print when you don't, all in the same bottle? As it turns out, you can. Meet the Hydaway Collapsible Water Bottle. Capable of folding up into a tiny disc when it's not full of water, the Hydaway ...

ShredTech Electric Mixer Bottle Review

ShredTech Electric Vortex Mixer Bottle Mixing Powder
If you're a fan of protein shakes, water additives, or supplement packs, you are probably all too familiar with the hassles of mixing up your own drinks. Whether you're getting a bit of a workout shaking your old-school agitator bottle up, dirtying spoons or other utensils to get the mixing job done, or even opting to pull out the big guns and using your home blender to get that perfect consistency, any method you employ tends to be a bit of a hassle, leaving you with dirty dishes and often clumpy mixtures. Enter the ShredTech Electric Mixer Bottle. This simple device is designed from the ...

Thermos Stainless King 40 Ounce Beverage Bottle Review

Insulated Thermos Stainless King 40 Ounce Beverage Bottle Review Photo
Probably the most famous and classic name in all of beverage bottles, Thermos is a company with a long and successful history which we've written about in the past. With over a hundred years of experience under their belts, there is no doubt that their modern products like the Thermos Stainless King have quite the pedigree behind them - but how do they stack up against their new-fangled rivals? The Thermos Stainless King packs quite a few features rather uncommon to water bottles, giving the Thermos its own distinctive appeal. While suitable to hold just about anything you want to put it in...

The LifeStraw Go Filter Bottle Gets An Update and More Filtration – Lifestraw Go 2 Bottle Review

The new Lifestraw Go 2 Filtering Water Bottle
As one of the world's most popular brands of portable filter, LifeStraw is a product we have highlighted more than once here on Hydration Anywhere. We did a complete review of the original LifeStraw Go Bottle so when we learned that LifeStraw had upgraded its filter bottle to the LifeStraw Go Bottle 2 we were eager to get our hands on the updated model and see what's new. On the surface, it doesn't look like much has changed - although the LifeStraw Go Bottle 2 is available in a selection of 4 colors, the bottle looks virtually identical to its predecessor. Where the main upgrades come with...

Easy Guide to Hydro Flask Lids

Hydro Flask Lids Wide Mouth Compatible
So you've just got your neat new Hydro Flask - but what sort of lid should you use? There is no shortage of options: whether you want a straw, a flip-top lid, a screw-on, a honeycomb insulated Flex Cap for extra insulation, or even a third-party off-brand lid - the selections for your Hydro Flask's lid are full of possibilities and in many ways the lid is the most important part of the entire bottle, since it will be your main point of interaction with your Hydro Flask. While we already touched on a few varieties of Hydro Flask lids in our Hydro Flask Accessories article, we thought we'd ta...

Hydro Flask Vacuum Insulated Stainless Steel Food Flask Review

Hydro Flask Food Flask in Mango Color
Since the focus of our site is hydration, when we talk about Hydro Flask we are typically talking about their insulated water bottles. But the Hydro Flask Food Flask is a nifty little device from a favorite brand which we just couldn't help but take a look at. The Hydro Flask Food Flask takes the exceptional insulating power of Hydro Flask's double-walled insulated design and scales it down a bit to make a perfect little food container ideal for keeping your food stuff hot or cold for hours. We got our hands on a couple Hydro Flask Food Flasks and have been putting them to use over the past...

Under Armour 64 Ounce Foam Insulated Hydration Bottle Review

Under Armour 64 Ounce Foam Insulated Hydration Bottle Product Photo
Branching out from the world of athletic apparel, Under Armour has ventured into the world of water bottles with its 64 Ounce Foam Insulated Hydration Bottle. At a massive 64 ounces, this bulky bottle can work as a simple metric for making sure you get your recommended eight 8 ounce glasses of water each day with just one fill. As cool as the Under Armour might look on the surface, we found it had more than a few flaws as we put it through its testing. We were immediately skeptical of the power of foam insulation, but as it turns out this probably isn't the bottle's weakest feature. But ou...