Self-Filling Water Bottles Will Soon Be An Awesome Reality (Or Maybe Not…)

Fontus Airo Self Filling Solar Water Bottle In Sun

(UPDATE: We are sad to report that the Fontus self-filling water bottle appears to have been a scam. We apologize to our readers for reporting on this bottle without being aware of this. Many blogs and IndieGoGo users have debunked the science behind the Fontus bottle, showing that it is almost impossible for the bottle … Read more

“Smart Bottles” Bring Water Bottles Into The Digital Age

Moikit Seed Smart Bottle 12 Colors

Living in the era of smart phones, self driving cars, FitBits, and so much more, there seems like practically nothing that some innovator won’t shove a computer in. And now the time has come for the humble water bottle to get beefed up with some digital technology. A company called Moikit is introducing a bottle … Read more

Simple Guide to Chloramine Filters & Chloramine In Drinking Water

A Simple Guide to Chloramine Filters and Chloramine in Drinking Water

For most people, chloramine is not an everyday term. Yet despite that, it is present in a huge amount of drinking water across the globe. You have probably heard of chloramine’s much more familiar cousin, chlorine. Chloramine is actually a combination of chlorine and ammonia into a single molecule. Like chlorine, it is used to … Read more

How Much Do You ACTUALLY Know About Drinking Water? Take the Quiz Now!

refreshing drink from the collapsible silicone baiji water bottle

We all drink water everyday. But how much do you really know about the water you drink? Take this quick quiz full of interesting water and hydration facts to test your knowledge and learn a few things along the way. Be sure to share your results on Facebook! [wp_ad_camp_4] [wp_ad_camp_1] Take the Quiz! [wp_ad_camp_2] Jacob … Read more