Why Proper Hydration is Essential Everyday

The H2O Molecule
Of all the elements on Earth, none is more essential to life as we know it than water. While we might all be aware that life on Earth would be impossible without water, fewer are aware of the importance of proper hydration in their everyday life. No matter where you are or what you're doing, staying properly hydrated is vital for both immediate physical and mental performance as well as long term overall health. But why is it so important to hydrate your body? What are the benefits of proper hydration, and how can you tell if you are hydrated properly or not? Let's answer these questions an...

3 Incredible Infographics on the Health Benefits of Water

Water: Nature's Wonder Drug & Cure All Informative Infrographic on the Health Benefits of Water
These 3 eye-opening infographics provide a wealth of need to know information in an easy to digest manner. Check them out! Dehydration is Making You Fat and Sick! Water: Natures Wonder Drug Drink More Water! Check Us Out On Pinterest! We found all of these great infographics on Pinterest! For more great stuff like this, please Follow us on Pinterest! Hydration Anywhere makes no claims to copyright or intellectual property over these images. All rights, ownership, intellectual property, copyright, etc are property of their respective owner(s) who are ...

How Drinking Water Helps Lose Weight

How Water Helps You Lose Weight
With so many trends, fads, and products competing for attention in the world of weight loss, it seems almost crazy to think that something as simple as water could help anyone lose weight. Although water alone is certainly not the magic weight loss secret so many are seeking, it can easily become an integral part of a healthy lifestyle conductive to weight loss and achieving fitness goals. But unlike so many methods touted for weight loss, water is free. Further contributing to its uniqueness is the fact that it actually works. A 2008 study from the Children's Hospital Oakland Research Inst...

The Importance of Drinking Water

A refreshing drink
Everyone needs water. There can be no question about that – but are you really drinking water as you need to be? Without a doubt the most vital substance to life as we know it, water is the basis of all of our bodies essential functions. We are all aware that prolonged periods without water can be fatal, but perhaps less aware that balancing our intake to ensure our body always has enough water to work with is essential to good health. Liquid Energy In a comprehensive scientific review entitled “Water, Hydration, and Health,” (full text available free courtesy of HHS Public Access and PMC) ...