Best Water Bottles 2017 – Reviews & Comparison

S'Well Insulated Stainless Steel Triple Wall Vacuum insulation Water Bottle Best Bottle 2017
It's that time of year again! We've been testing all sorts of bottles to work out the best picks for 2017. Look no further for the best water bottles - we've compiled this massive, comprehensive review with a huge variety of categories to help you sort out the best bottles on the market. Like usual, we'll first be looking at the best Plastic, Glass, and Stainless Steel Water Bottles around to help you find the right bottle and the right bottle with the right material. But this year we've also decided to go a step further and offer you our suggestions for the best bottles to suit a variety o...

The Scientist Behind Your Insulated Water Bottle

Portrait of James Dewar Inventor of Vacuum Flask
When you look at your water bottle, it might seem like a pretty benign object. But no matter what type of bottle you have, a huge amount of scientific ingenuity and engineering effort has been put into it. Stainless steel and plastic bottles are only possible thanks to incredible feats of engineering and industrialization that has allowed for them to become so common place, and even the humble glass bottle - by far the oldest material common to modern water bottles - has taken advantage of tons of super-high-tech developments in its production and even in the material itself with modern develo...

Top Ten Reasons Everyone Should Own A Reusable Water Bottle

Hydro Flasks in Many Colors Top Ten Reasons Everyone Should Own a Reusable Water Bottle
Here at Hydration Anywhere we are big advocates of proper hydration, saving people money, and protecting our planet – and therefore, we are big advocates of reusable water bottles! If you follow us then you are probably already the proud owner of a handy-dandy reusable water bottle, but if you're new or looking into making the trade-up transition, then here are our top ten reasons everyone should own a reusable water bottle. If you're already convinced of the virtues of a reusable bottle, be sure to head over to our Best Water Bottles 2016 guide to get some ideas for which bottle best suits...

Best Water Bottles 2016 – Our Top 9 Picks

Best Water Bottles 2016 - 32 Ounce Kanrel Borosilicate Glass Water bottle
Update: Click here to check out 2017's Best Water Bottles! Last year we brought you the best water bottles of 2015. Now that 2016 is in full swing, what changes have we seen in the world of water bottles? In this article, we'll take a look at the most promising rising stars and tried and true favorites from our selection of the best water bottles on the market to get a first hand look at what the best option for water bottles is in 2016. Exploring the Best Water Bottles of 2016 Just like we did in last year's best water bottle article, we'll be splitting up the bottles into three sepa...

The Most Affordable Way To Clean Your Water Bottle

Bottle Bright Water Bottle Cleaner Froth
Ever dealt with a gunked up, nasty, foul-smelling water bottle? It is the fate of anyone who fails to maintain a bit of basic sanitation in owning their water bottle. For those who struggle to keep it clean, there is a simple, affordable way to get the job done with almost zero effort. Previously here on Hydration Anywhere we have looked at Bottle Bright Water Bottle Cleaner among other ways to keep a clean water bottle. For those unfamiliar with Bottle Bright, they are simply effervescing tabs which react with water to create a powerful effervescence capable of dislodging nasty gunk while...

Self-Filling Water Bottles Will Soon Be An Awesome Reality

Fontus Airo Self Filling Solar Water Bottle In Sun
What if your water bottle was not only the container of your water, but the actual source of it? Sound crazy? Well, the self-filling water bottle is already here. In our recent feature "5 Amazing and Unusual Ways to Make Drinking Water" we looked at two technologies which extract moisture from the humidity in the air in order to gather clean, drinkable water. As amazing as this technology is, we have evidence that this concept is, in one way or another, an ancient one. The people of the Inca Empire were familiar enough with it to construct "fog fences" which harvested moisture from the thic...

“Smart Bottles” Bring Water Bottles Into The Digital Age

Moikit Seed Smart Bottle 12 Colors
Living in the era of smart phones, self driving cars, FitBits, and so much more, there seems like practically nothing that some innovator won't shove a computer in. And now the time has come for the humble water bottle to get beefed up with some digital technology. A company called Moikit is introducing a bottle known as the Seed, with the hopes of creating a truly "Smart Bottle." Just what could you ask your water bottle to do? The Seed's most impressive feature is a neat technology they call "Air-Elastic Water Consumption Tracking." Basically, this is a little sensor on the cap which meas...

Futuristic ‘Biosensor’ Improves Water Quality Testing

SBT Aqua Biosensor Water Quality Monitor
Not too long ago we ran an article about testing water quality at home. In that piece, we touched a little bit on how testing for water contaminants can be a tricky business. While on the one hand there are some pretty easy DIY methods to get a general assessment of your water quality, knowing exactly what is in your water still takes some expert help. And even the experts could use some help, especially in the form of new technology like this biosensor being developed by the Danish company SBT Aqua. While certainly not the end-all-be-all, this device could give the industry another powerfu...

Simple Guide to Chloramine Filters & Chloramine In Drinking Water

A Simple Guide to Chloramine Filters and Chloramine in Drinking Water
For most people, chloramine is not an everyday term. Yet despite that, it is present in a huge amount of drinking water across the globe. You have probably heard of chloramine's much more familiar cousin, chlorine. Chloramine is actually a combination of chlorine and ammonia into a single molecule. Like chlorine, it is used to disinfect water for all purposes - including drinking. Chloramine filters have proven desirable in the face of chloramination of water, as chloramine filtration is necessary for certain applications such as filling aquariums, home-brewing beer, and dialysis. Recently, a ...

How To Test Water Quality At Home

E Coli bacteria can be a deadly water contaminant
If you have some concerns about the quality of the water in your home, it only makes sense to look into doing something about it. Yet with so many different water filters, purification systems, treatment additives, and tons of other products on the market, it can be a dizzying decision trying to figure out what you really need to tackle your home water quality problems. This is where water quality testing - be it from a lab, water testing kits, or other water quality testing equipment - can really help you make the right decisions in order to tackle your water problems. To help you unde...