Could These Tiny Plastic-Eating Caterpillars Hold The Answer To Our Trash Problem?

Plodia interpunctella Caterpillars Eating Polyethylene Film
Plastics are incredible. They are one of the most fascinating and useful inventions of the modern world. The keys I am pressing right now to type these words are made of plastic, the pen I used to take the notes for this piece was made mostly of plastic, heck, you may even be holding a piece of plastic in your hand right now in order to read this article. We just can't get enough of it. According to the New York Times, as much as 300 million tons of plastic is produced globally each year, with less than 10% of it being properly recycled. This creates a problem on a truly staggering scal...

Where Does All The Water Go? Analyzing World Water Use For Clever Ways To Save

Where Does All The Water Go? Cartoon Earth Graphic
Trying to wrap your head around figures for world water use is a truly mind-boggling exercise. The scale is simply too vast to relate to our everyday lives. You rapidly encounter astronomical figures like million gallons per day which are just the kinds of basic mathematical tools we need to begin understanding the sheer amount of water used globally. According to statistics from the USGS, the United States alone used a massive 355,000 million gallons per day in 2010, with this accounting for only a fraction of total water usage worldwide. So where is it all going? What is it doing? Some us...

The Many Benefits of Rainwater Harvesting

Is it safe to drink rainwater?
Despite the fact that rainwater remains one of the world's primary sources of drinking water, for many people living in modernized areas the idea of rainwater harvesting has become somewhat divorced from everyday life. From the earliest parts of humanities history with settlements, rainwater collection has been a vital and essential tool. Today this remains as true as it did for our ancestors: the range of benefits to rainwater collection can be great. Yet despite that, rainwater harvesting has fallen so far from our everyday lives that many believe it to be illegal. This is (mostly) untrue - ...

Could Plasma Activated Water Be An Eco-Friendly Solution To Chemical Pesticides and Disinfectants?

Plasma Activated Water Article
If you were to compile a list of all the ways in which we use water, you would probably only get a fraction of the way done before you realized that, unequivocally, water is the most useful substance known to man. Let's take for granted (as we usually do) the fact that it is life's most necessary ingredient. Even if it wasn't, we'd still be using water in all kinds of ways. In machinery, manufacturing, and sanitation - just to name a few areas - water is put to innumerable uses. Whether it is cooling down the engine of a car, being converted to steam to drive giant turbines and provide electri...

Illuminating Documentaries On The World Water Crisis You Can’t Afford To Miss

Tapped Bottled Water Documentary Movie Cover
Fresh water is the vital resource without which no life on this planet would be possible - yet the amount of this unequivocally essential element grows more scarce each year. With human activities increasingly polluting fresh water beyond recoverable means through industrial and agricultural pollution, and with corporate and government interests working to privatize and commoditized the most valuable ingredient for life, increasingly water scarcity becomes more and more of a problem across the globe. The impacts of this scarcity and decreasing availability of fresh water are felt most direc...

“The Water-Wise Home” Book Review: A Great Guide To Sustainability

The Water Wise Home How to Conserve Capture and Reuse Water
Water is, without a doubt, our single most precious and useful resource. Proper management and care over our water usage and supply is a vital human skill necessary for sustaining our way of life. Taking a unique and in-depth approach to water conservation, water collection, and hundreds of similar and related topics, the book "The Water-Wise Home: How To Conserve, Capture, and Reuse Water in Your Home and Landscape" is a truly wonderful and illuminating read. While there are plenty of DIY plans for water conservation methods and tips available for free on the internet, in The Water-Wise H...

5 Amazing And Unusual Ways To Get Clean Drinking Water

Amazing and Unusual Ways to Make Clean Drinking Water
Water is one of our most precious resources, yet despite being one of the most abundant elements on the planet, clean water can be remarkably scarce. Throughout all of human history, the quest for clean water has driven innovation and inspired incredible achievements in engineering, science, civil planning, and so many other areas. In the modern world it is easy to take for granted all of the hard work and brilliance which went into making water so plentiful and easily accessible for most of the people reading this. Yet now more than ever, incredible technologies and brilliant minds are be...

Biodegradable Edible Water Bottles That You Can Make At Home

Biodegradable Edible Water Bottle Capsule
We've looked extensively at how much of a problem disposable water bottles can be for the environment in many of our previous articles. Perhaps the most obvious response to this problem is to just pick up a reusable water bottle, which will severely cut down the amount of waste you produce from disposable bottles. However, even reuseable water bottles eventually run their course, and they can end up as waste. Even with the possibilities of recycling, we still run up against the issue of waste from containers. If you think about it, on some level any type of container is undesirable. You rea...

The Amazing Drinkable Book Brings Water Purification Worldwide

The Drinkable Book - Revolutionary Water Filtration Technology
Despite the fact that technological improvements have expanded the possibilities of water filtration and purification systems to an incredible point where powerful filters can be made completely portable and even fitted into a water bottle, hundreds of millions of people lack access to clean drinking water. The situation is probably more grim than most realize. To quote the U.N. Water Facts and Figures Website: “85% of the world population lives in the driest half of the planet. 783 million people do not have access to clean water and almost 2.5 billion do not have access to adequate sanitati...

5 Easy Ways to Save Water at Home

Save water just by thinking about how you shower!
Taking a look at the handy U.S. Drought Monitor it is easy to see why water conservation is such an important issue. Large parts of the United States are listed as “abnormally dry,” with severe droughts impacting the western and southern parts of the country. With populations continuing to grow and the demand for water increasing every day, it is essential for everyone to don the mantle of the water conservationist and do their part to protect our most important natural resource. There are so many ways we can save water at home, at school, at work, in the bathroom, the kitchen, even outdoors! ...