Camelbak Eddy Glass Water Bottle with GlassDharma Straw Review

Camelbak Eddy Glass Water Bottle in Green Being Held By HandOne of the leading names in outdoors equipment, Camelbak is renown for their plastic water bottles and hydration packs. Perhaps less famous is their venture into the world of glass water bottles with the Camelbak Eddy Glass. This simple glass bottle is equipped with a stylish silicone sleeve for extra durability, manufactured from quality lead-free glass, and equipped with an easy-to-use flip-top straw with bite valve.

The health- and materials-conscious readers will likely already be familiar with the wide scope of benefits of glass as a container material. It doesn’t impart any flavor to its contents, is easy to clean up as good as new, and is virtually infinitely recyclable. While out of the box the Camelbak Eddy Glass includes a plastic straw, below we’ll examine how you can combine the bottle with a GlassDharma Straw to have one of perhaps the only glass bottle-and-straw combination bottles around.

We named the Camelbak Eddy Glass the Best Glass Water Bottle of 2017. Let’s dive into this complete review to see what makes the Eddy Glass so great.


Going Glass with the Camelbak Eddy Glass Water Bottle

Camelbak Eddy Glass Water Bottle in BlackComing in around 23 ounces in capacity, the Camelbak Eddy is exceptionally portable and lightweight even when full, weighing a bit less than 2.5lbs when filled. In addition to being lightweight, the Eddy also offers a slim profile capable of fitting into most cup holders. It strikes a good balance between portability and carrying capacity, making it an ideal companion for the gym, the office, or a day in class; enough to keep you hydrated without weighing you down.

While it is made from glass, the glass is fairly thick and the construction is high quality. Reinforced by the silicone sleeve, the Camelbak Eddy Glass is probably a lot more durable than most might assume. We have dropped it plenty of times onto some unforgiving surfaces and it has always survived. We would not recommend testing the extreme limits of this, as it is ultimately just glass, but it handles normal abuses from everyday use quite well.

Equipped with a wide-mouth opening, the Camelbak Eddy Glass is somewhat unique among glass water bottles. It easily admits ice cubes or even fruit. Combined with the straw lid, you can easily use the CamelBak Eddy Glass as an impromptu infuser water bottle. Check out our article Benefits of Infused Water for some infusion ideas!

Looking at the Lid

Camelbak Eddy Glass Water Bottle Straw Lid Bite Valve Closeup in GreenIncluded with the Camelbak Eddy Glass bottle is a BPA-free polypropylene plastic top and straw. The straw is equipped with a bite valve and flip-top construction, which does a great job of securing the bottle with leak proofing when the straw is not in use. Very easy to use, the straw ensures you don’t need to tip the bottle to drink from it. You simply open the lit, bite down on the valve, and drink!

Glass purists who are looking for a bottle which won’t put their water in contact with plastic can be well served with the Camelbak Eddy. While it requires a bit of modification (more on that below,) the overall design of the Eddy lends itself well to avoiding any plastic contact. Though it is true that the lid and straw are plastic, the straw can be replaced, and thanks to the design of the bottle plastic contact from the lid can be minimized. Unless the bottle is inverted, the contents will never contact the plastic lid, and thanks to the no-tip design and straw, there is little reason for the bottle to be inverted unless it finds itself upside down in a bag.

The lid has some pretty tight spaces which can make cleaning a little difficult. You need to be diligent in cleaning out the entire lid and the straw and bite valve mechanism otherwise you run the risk of mold developing in the nooks and crannies of the plastic. It might be advisable to give the lid a good soak or even bring in some heavy duty rubbing alcohol if you need a serious clean.

If you don’t need a straw at all, one neat feature of the Camelbak Eddy is its compatibility with some other types of Camelbak bottle lids. For those who prefer something different, you can swap the included straw lid out for the Camelbak Chute Lid, which offers an easy-access spout cap.


Swapping Out the Plastic Straw for a GlassDharma Straw

Camelbak Eddy Glass Water Bottle with GlassDharma StrawIf you opt to keep the straw lid but still want to minimize plastic contact, your best bet is to get rid of the included plastic straw and pick up a GlassDharma Straw for Camelbak Eddy. Designed specifically to suit the bottle, this glass straw is made from durable borosilicate glass (also known as Pyrex) and is designed to fit comfortably into the straw lid included with the Camelbak Eddy.

You have the option of replacing the uptake straw (the one that hangs inside the bottle,) and the bite valve straw for 100% glass flow-path for your water. Or you can keep the stock bite valve straw to keep the bite valve functionality, as the GlassDharma Straw does not offer a bite valve.

With this inexpensive (about $12) addition to a Camelbak Eddy Glass bottle, you have one of very few opportunities to have a 100% glass straw integrated into a water bottle. Although the glass straw does not solve the problem of the plastic lid, as we noted above, so long as you do not invert the Eddy you can rely on the absolute minimal plastic contact offered by the glass bottle and glass straw combination.


The straw works pretty great. Personally, I prefer to only replace the uptake straw and keep the bite valve as I very much like the bite valve. In our opinion, doing it this way is still more than enough to minimize the contact with plastic. While water will contact some plastic at the end of its flow as it passes through the bite valve, this is quite insignificant. The main concern of a plastic straw constantly being in contact with the bottle’s contents is eliminated by the uptake straw, so preserving the plastic bite valve keeps some additional functionality of the bottle while also incorporating the glass straw.

Another important thing to note is that if you decide to replace the bite valve straw with the GlassDharma straw, you’ll be compromising the leak proofing of the bottle. Without the flip-top or the bite valve, there is nothing stopping leakage from the glass straw. It is also something of a durability concern, with the glass straw extending from the top of the bottle being quite durable yet still easy to snap off accidentally.

Conclusion & Review Summary

Camelbak Eddy Glass Water Bottle in Pink and OrangeNo doubt the Camelbak Eddy Glass is a highly functional and well-designed bottle. It offers a lightweight and portable profile capable of fitting into cup holders while still carrying a respectable 23oz of liquid. Easy and comfortable to hold with an ergonomic design and helpful silicone sleeve for extra grip, the Eddy Glass is fun and easy to use and carry.

With the lid equipped with straw and bite valve, the Eddy Glass is very easy to drink from on the go. The flip-top lid combined with bite valve on the straw do a great job of providing a leak proof seal when the Eddy is not in use. The ability to swap out the lid for other compatible Camelbak bottle lids is a great option, and the purpose made GlassDharma Straws offer a unique option for getting a glass water bottle with a glass straw.

We are huge fans of the Camelbak Eddy. It remains simple to use while offering a range of functions and an unusually wide selection of possibilities for customizing the bottle with additions like new lids or the glass straw. For an inexpensive glass bottle, it is stylish, functional, portable, and backed by a world leading brand name.

We award the Camelbak Eddy Glass a solid 5/5 stars. Great job!

Learn More About the Camelbak Eddy Glass Bottle or the GlassDharma Straw

To check current prices, read other customer reviews, find out more details, or purchase one for yourself, be sure to visit the Camelbak Eddy Glass Bottle Amazon Listing and the GlassDharma Straw Amazon Listing.


(Minor Correction: A previous version of this article incorrectly referred to the GlassDharma as “Dharma Glass.” The article has been updated to reflect this correction. Our apologies to the folks at GlassDharma!)


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The Camelbak Eddy Glass is a durable glass water bottle with silicone sleeve and straw with bite valve from renown outdoor gear company Camelbak. Equipped with a Dharma Glass Straw, it becomes one of the few glass bottle and glass straw combinations available on the market.

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