The Brita Infinity Smart Water Filter Pitcher Review

Brita Infinity Smart Water Filter Pitcher with Amazon Dash Integration Product Photo with Replacement FilterDon’t you just hate it when you forget to do something until it absolutely needs to get done? If it’s not forgetfulness, it’s procrastination, but one way or another it’ll always bite you in the butt. With the Brita Infinity Smart Water Pitcher, the want for better foresight (specifically regarding the niche area of water pitcher filters) will be a thing of the past! This smart water filter knows when its filter has run its course and it is time to order a replacement – then it actually orders the replacement filter for you, completely automatically.

The Brita Infinity connects to your home WiFi connection and automatically orders replacements through the Amazon Dash service, seamlessly billing your Amazon account and sending out new replacements before the old ones expire. Those familiar with the Internet of Things concept might recognize this Smart Pitcher as something of a small step into the future – however minute, it represents the increasing interconnection of mundane everyday devices like appliances and water pitchers onto the internet at large.

Just How Smart is the Brita Infinity Smart Pitcher?

Filling Brita Infinity Smart Water Filter PitcherSo, just how smart will my smart water pitcher be? Do I need to be worried about an Artificial Intelligence taking over from inside my fridge? Probably not just yet. The Brita Infinity knows approximately when to get it self a new filter, but how does it do it? The Brita Infinity’s tracking works by counting how many times the lid is opened and closed, and assumes that each opening is equal to one full pitchers worth of water. If you prematurely fill it before using it all up, or if you don’t fill it up to the fill line each time it can easily cause some minor miscalculations. But so long as you keep that in mind, the measurement will be more or less accurate. Simply open the lid and fill it up as you would normally – the sensor will activate after a certain duration, and the smart pitcher will record it as another fill.

Setting up the Brita Infinity takes a small amount of work, but after the initial install it is completely automated for the purposes of ordering replacement filters. All you have to do is follow the simple step-by-step directions to connect it to your WiFi and sync the auto-order system with your Amazon account (these features are not mandatory and you can opt out at any time). After that you have achieved automation! The pitcher will recognize when you’ve nearly exhausted the filter’s lifetime of 40 gallons and automatically order itself a new ~$6 Brita Filter, and that’s that. Hands free and worry free, a neat futuristic hydration gadget for a modern house hold.

How the Brita Infinity Smart Water Filter Pitcher Integrates with Amazon Dash

Features of a Futuristic Water Filter Pitcher

Brita Water Filter Pitcher Filter Information Diagram
While the main selling point of the Brita Infinity Smart Pitcher its ability to automatically order replacement filters from Amazon., let’s take a look at the basics for a minute and talk about what to expect with your shiny new Smart Water Filter Pitcher. The Brita Infinity is constructed with BPA-free plastic with a flip top lid and comfort grip handle. However, this comfortable, easy to grip handle has received some criticism from buyers due to the fact that it is hollow and allows for water to slip into it and pool up.

Water can and will enter the handle if the pitcher is over filled or not properly dried after it is cleaned. This is a concern because if water pools inside the handle, it will either leak out or stay there, becoming stale and old, possibly contributing to mold growth or other nasty issues. This should not happen if you properly fill the pitcher up to the fill line and remember to let it dry after you clean it, but it definitely requires some attention.

The pitcher holds/filters 8 cups at a time, and again, be careful not to overfill it. The smart pitcher is equipped with Brita Advanced Water Pitcher Filters, an activated carbon filter with dual mesh screens. The filter does a good job of keeping your water clean, improving taste and removing odor, and filtering out contaminants and additives such as chlorine, zinc, copper, mercury, cadmium, and lead.

The battery in the Brita Infinity is not replaceable and has a lifetime of about 5 years. After that, the pitcher will still be functional, just without the LED display lights or the WiFi service; sort of similar to a broken escalator still functioning as stairs.


Amazon Dash Integration

Brita Amazon Dash ButtonIf you’re not familiar with Amazon Dash already, it is a pretty neat service, and it is the way the Brita Infinity Smart Pitcher integrates with Amazon to automatically order replacement filters before the current one has expired.

Amazon Dash is a service which allows you to easily order products you use frequently at the push of a single button. While the Brita Infinity is completely hands-free and automated, you can also purchase the Brita Water Filter Dash Button which allows you to order a selection of Brita water filter replacements by simply tapping the Dash button without even having to get on your computer or mobile device. Costing just $4.99, Dash buttons connect to your WiFi and can be easily configured to buy a range of products at the push of a button from Amazon.

The Amazon Dash service is not limited to just Brita, but includes all sorts of brands and products you might use frequently. They have an extensive selection of products with categories like groceries and beverages, household supplies, health and personal care, and more. These simple little devices make it easier than ever to keep stocked up on your every day use items – when you notice they’re running low, just hit the button and more is on the way before you know it!

Summary and Final Thoughts

Brita Infinity Smart Water Filter Pitcher on Counter
The Brita Infinity Smart Water Pitcher is an interesting device, to say the least. It is great for forgetful water drinkers who might only realize they need a new filter when the old one is completely used up, and then would have to wait for a fresh one to be shipped. It is a neat little toy, but seems pretty gimmicky. At best it gives you one less thing to worry about, and at worst it is a pretty pricey standard water filtering pitcher. The regular old analog “dumb” Brita Water Pitcher holds 10 cups, 2 cups more than the Infinity, and costs almost half the price at ~$26.


With its flawed hollow handle design the actual pitcher seems less than perfect. And due to the potential inaccuracy of the sensor, I don’t know if I would call it a “smart” pitcher, but it does at least have a few little circuits – which is something. The Brita Infinity Smart Pitcher sets a precedence in modern appliances to be more modern. The first step into the future may not be pretty, but it is important to take that first step. In the not so distant future maybe your house will auto-order new light bulbs, your car may drive itself to the mechanic, and who knows what else. The idea behind the Brita Infinity makes me hopeful an excited for the future, but at its current price, you are basically paying for a gimmick that might be helpful every now and then for some people.

Probably one of the most disappointing things about the Brita Infinity is its limited lifetime of approximately 5 years. Having a product designed to fail with an irreplaceable battery is not a reassuring thing from the consumer’s perspective. On the other hand, if smart pitchers are something you are interested in, hopefully in five years the technology will have progressed considerably past this first step which has so far left us wanting. Perhaps the next generation of smart pitchers will take some cues from the world of smart water bottles and include some hydration tracking features as well as this auto-order technology.

I give the Brita Infinity Smart Pitcher a 2/5.


Learn More About the Brita Infinity Smart Water Filter Pitcher

To learn more specifics, read other customer reviews, check current prices, or purchase a Brita Smart Pitcher for yourself, be sure to visit the Amazon listing.

Check out a comparison of the Brita Infinity Smart Pitcher and a regular old-school Brita “Dumb” Filter in this YouTube video from TheVerge:


Automatically Replaces Filter


Limited 5-Year Lifetime
Flawed Handle Design

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A typical water filter pitcher equipped with a WiFi hook-up to automatically order replacement filters.

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