bobble Infuse Modular Filter & Infuser Water Bottle Review

bobble Infuse Filter and Infused Water Bottle in RedThese days bobble bottle is a remarkably popular brand. Their neat brand of intriguingly curved Tritan plastic bottles equipped with charcoal filtration offers an affordable way to always have a portable filter bottle handy. With the new bobble Infuse, bobble has improved upon their classic bobble by allows the bottle to function either as a filter bottle or as an infuser bottle capable of making infused water on the go!

bobble has gained popularity for good reason. While the bottles themselves are simple, they are well-designed and made from a durable BPA-Free Tritan plastic. This plastic is simultaneously durable and squeezable, allowing you to force some pressure into your bobble to get water out, but still resilient enough to withstand a fall or some rough handling. Unlike classic bobble bottles, the bobble Infuse has the ability to remove the charcoal filter element from the bottle, leaving it with the ability to act as an infuser bottle by adding fruit.

We’ll look at all of the best aspects of the bobble Infuse, and hear a few of our gripes, in our complete review below.


Testing the bobble Infuse: Filtering & Making Infused Water

bobble Infuse Bottles in Six Colors

Woman holding purple bobble Infuse bottleAs far as the bobble bottle itself goes, it is a pretty simple bottle: 20 ounces, transparent, distinctive bobble shape, available in a selection of six different lid colors. The real magic is in the filter and infuser element, which is the colorful little tube which can be seen descending into the bobble.

The filter in the bobble is just a simple charcoal carbon filter – its purpose is just to make tap water taste better. It filters out chlorine, small particles and contaminants, and can do a good job of removing bad flavors and odors from tap water. It is not a heavy duty filter designed to allow you to drink from non-potable water sources, just a filter designed to make tap water cleaner and tastier to drink. If you’re looking for a more heavy duty filter bottle, check out our Filtered Water Bottle Buyers Guide.


We have some particularly nasty tasting tap water in a few places near where we live so we put it to the test with the bobble Infuse bottle. It does a good job of cutting out the bad taste, leaving the water considerably more drinkable than it was before passing through the bobble’s filter. The bobble works by filtering as you drink. Water exiting the bottle passes through the filter before entering your mouth, so using the bobble is as easy as filling the bottle up with unfiltered tap water and drinking as you please. This design is pretty handy in combination with the squeezable Tritan plastic the bottle is made from, allowing you to squeeze water through the filter into another container if desired.

Each bobble filter is rated for 300 16.9 ounce refills – just shy of 40 gallons of water. On the scale of water filter lifetimes, this is a fairly mediocre filter lifetime. With replacement filters running about $11, the bobble is perhaps a little over priced in terms of its filters lifetime versus cost.

Using the bobble as an Infuser Bottle

bobble Infuse Bottle Making Infused WaterThe feature which separates the bobble Infuse from the classic bobble bottle (and justifies its ~$4 increased price tag) is the ability to remove the charcoal filter element and use the bottle as an infuser instead of a filter. When the filter element is removed, the casing which extends down into the bottle and normally holds the filter now acts to prevent your fruit or vegetables from spilling out of the bottle when drinking infused water.

Overall the bobble does an okay job of infusing water. Unlike many infused water bottles, the bobble Infuse doesn’t have its own infusion tube. Instead of placing your fruit, vegetables, or other infusion materials into a tube and then into the bottle, you simply place your infusion materials directly into the bobble itself. This works fine, although the downside is you sometimes have the difficulty of fishing the bits of fruit out to get the bobble properly cleaned.

Not familiar with infused water? Check out our article Benefits of Infused Water to learn all about it.


A Strange Combination

bobble Infuse Infusion and Filtration BottleWe have to reflect on the rather odd decision bobble made when they made a bottle with an infuser and a filter. While these features could be useful used in combination with one another, the design of the bobble Infuse does not lend to combining them at all. Since the bobble Infuse’s filter works by filtering water as it leaves the bottle, if you try to infuse water and use the filter you’ll just end up filtering out a lot of what you were trying to infuse!

Infusers and filters are on opposite ends of the spectrum: infusers add, filters subtract. If bobble had designed the Infuse a bit differently to allow you to filter water as it was added to the bottle, instead of filtering water as it leaves the bottle, the Infuse could simultaneously offer infusion and filtration. Instead, it is a decision between which you need or prefer.

Since the bobble Infuse bottle is squeezable, you could in theory fill it up, squeeze the water through the filter into another container, then use that filtered water to make infused water inside the bobble Infuse. While a possibility, this is definitely something of a hassle, but is the only real way to use both of the bobble Infuse’s features simultaneously.

The bobble Bottle Itself

Closeup of bobble Infuse Bottle in Woman's HandThe bobble Infuse’s bottle is straight forward. 20 ounce capacity, equipped with a flip-top lid which screws off for filling, and given an ergonomic curve for easy holding and a distinctive look. The bottle’s mouth is definitely not a wide-mouth, but offers a decent amount of clearance for mid-sized ice cubes and chunks of fruit for making infused water. When properly closed, the bobble Infuse is leak proof although it could be jostled open and is not as secure as a screw-on top.

While fairly durable, the squeezable Tritan plastic is rather thin and we have encountered reports of them deforming or developing cracks. One bobble we own has developed some cracking on the upper part of the bottle after several months of use. However, on the whole, they are fairly durable. Comparing the price of replacement filters to the cost of a new bottle, it is clear that the majority of the cost of a new bottle is being put towards the filters.

Conclusion & Review Summary

bobble Infuse Filter and Infused Water Bottle on TableOn the surface, the bobble Infuse Filter Bottle has a lot to like. But on closer inspection, there are some oddities in its design. The inclusion of two contradictory functions (infusion and filtration) with a design that does not allow them to compliment each other leaves the bobble Infuse with a sense of something to be desired. While it might not be a real every day necessity to have both filtered and infused water from your water bottle, the fact that your bottle can do both but due to a quirk of its design only allows you to use one function or the other is somewhat frustrating.

The filter performs its job quite well, removing bad tastes and odor from tap water while also eliminating most chlorine content. It is definitely a great carbon charcoal filter – however, its lifetime of around 40 gallons and its replacement filters costing over $10 make it a rather expensive and not terribly competitive for this type of low-end filter bottle.

Ultimately, the bobble Infuse is an okay water bottle. While some aspects could certainly be improved, we have to give it marks for being a unique bottle which stands out by offering an unusual combination of features. We award the bobble Infuse Filter Water Bottle 3/5 stars.

Learn More About the bobble Infuse Filter Water Bottle

To learn more about the bobble Infuse bottle, check current prices, read other reviews, learn specific details, or order one for yourself, visit the Amazon listing.

Want to see the bobble Infuse in action? Check out this brief video from bobble in the YouTube clip below.


Quality Filter
Squeezable, Durable BPA-Free Tritan Plastic


Can’t Filter & Infuse Simultaneously
Low Filter Lifetime

  • Editor Rating
  • Rated 3 stars
  • 60%

The bobble Infuse Filter Water Bottle incorporates a carbon charcoal filter and the option to make infused water in the bottle.

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