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bkr Glass BottleToday on Hydration Anywhere we’re reviewing the bkr Bubbly 16 Ounce Glass Water Bottle (~$30 on Amazon.com), which I’ve had the pleasure of owning for a few months. I was first attracted to the neat and simple look of the bkr Bottle, and had fun sorting through the wide selection of over 30 colors the bottle is available in – one design even incorporates a heart.

Although I am usually shy of glass water bottles (because, honestly, I’m pretty clumsy) the addition of the neat form-fitting silicon sleeve helped reassure me that the bkr Bottle would stand up to what I put it through. While I don’t take it anywhere too precarious, so far it has held up pretty well, even though I have managed to knock it around a few times.

My bkr Bottle Review

The Glory of Glass Bottlesbkr Glass Water Bottle with Heart

If you have ever drank from a sub-par metal canteen or cheap water bottle, you might have suffered the unpleasant metallic taste those bottles can sometimes impart to their contents. While quality food grade stainless steel bottles are largely free of this problem, glass bottles still have a leg up. With by far the longest history of human use, it is more or less indisputable that glass imparts no taste or odor onto its contents.

Free of all of the nasty compounds like BPA which have been associated with modern plastics, and given the absence of any metal, the pure and clean glass of the bkr Bottle always gives the surest representation of the flavor of whatever is stored in it. Everything I’ve ever put in my bkr glass bottle tastes just as it should even after long periods inside the bottle.

Celebrity Approved

Seen on programs like The Today Show and in magazines like Vogue, the bkr Bottle has proven to be stylish for trend setters and top celebrities. The minimalist look captures a basic and widespread appeal, and I often get compliments on my stylish water bottle when it accompanies me in public.The Today Show Logo

Plus, the silicon sleeve is a joy to touch and squeeze, providing a fun and satisfying tactile feedback as it gently compresses in your hand. Adding quite a formidable bit of resistance to prevent the glass from shattering, the sleeve is appealing to the senses and highly functional.

Inspired Design

Taking a look at the clever Amazon description for the bkr Bottle, we find ourselves presented with something a little more inspired than your average water bottle:

“bubbly glass + soft silicone = bkr¨. for thirsty souls who are over the illusion that bottled water is better. created by two friends inspired by everything they adore –parisian street chic, tokyo minimalism, the cool, the pretty, the calm, the bright, soft white sheets and everything transparent and clean. but most of all by the belief that the objects in your life should be beautiful, effortless and loved. this luxe little glass bottle is like the perfect t-shirt. you won’t know what you ever did without it and it will change the way you drink your water forever. welcome to your new addiction. Xo”

Although I still drink water more or less the same way, the bkr Bottle is certainly a pleasant addition to my life. Plus, bkr donates a portion of all sales to early detection cancer research, efforts to combat the global water crisis, and charities devoted to making the world a better place.


bkr Bottle Review Conclusions
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I’m definitely satisfied with my bkr Bottle. My one complaint would be that the spout is not wide enough to accommodate normal sized ice cubes, which can make it a hassle to chill my water sometimes. Although the bkr Bottle is just a typical glass water bottle and definitely not comparable to vacuum insulated water bottles, it does offer a bit of insulation thanks to its silicon sleeve which allows it to keep things cooler than a glass bottle alone would.

I would definitely buy another bkr Bottle – in fact, I think they’d make a lovely gift and have a few people in mind! Be sure to check out the bkr Bottle Amazon listing for lots more details and to get your very own bkr – you won’t regret it, trust me!

Also available in a 32 ounce (1 liter) variety (~$42 on Amazon.com).


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The bkr Bottle is an extremely stylish and nifty bottle, well-suited for every day use and functioning almost as much a fashion accessory as a water bottle.

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