Best Smart Water Bottles with Hydration Tracking

H2O Pal Hydration Tracking App and Smart Water BottleDigital technology has worked its way into virtually every aspect of our lives. Even the simple necessity of drinking water has now become infused with all sorts of gadgets. One of the most modern of these devices is the Smart Water Bottle. While the definition of “Smart Water Bottle” – and the products themselves – is still in its infancy, the rapidly growing number of these products available on the market has already left us with plenty to review. We’ve been testing away at different Smart Water Bottles equipped with hydration tracking: a simple monitor which records how much you’ve drank from the bottle.

Hydration tracking can be useful for those who don’t drink enough water, have specific health goals, or even if you just want to collect all the data you can. (Read our article “How My FitBit Is Changing The Way I Drink Water” to learn about the benefits of tracking your hydration.) Taking all the tedium out of recording the data, equipped with a hydration tracking smart water bottle all you have to do is fill it up and drink from it. The bottle automatically knows when you’ve filled it and keeps track of the amount of liquid inside and consumed, along with daily totals and other stats. Some smart water bottles can even give you regular reminders to take a drink, and sync up with your smart phone or tablet to provide all kinds of in-depth data on your hydration.

Below we’ve sorted through the options to bring you our picks for five of the best hydration tracking smart water bottles on the market. Take a look!

Finding the Best Hydration Tracking Smart Water Bottle – Top 5 Quick Compare

Moikit Cuptime 2
#2 Pick
Hydration Tracking
Hydration Reminders
iOS, Android, FitBit, Jawbone Apps
Buy on Amazon
Pryme Vessyl
#3 Pick
Hydration Tracking
Hydration Reminders
Fitbit, Jawbone, Apple Health Apps
Buy on Amazon
Thermos SmartLid
#4 Pick
Hydration Tracking
Hydration Reminders
Limited iOS Apps Only, No Android
Buy on Amazon
Hydra Coach
#5 Pick
Hydration Tracking
LCD Screen Display
No Apps or Phone/Fitness Tracker Sync
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1. H2O-Pal Hydration Tracker (~$100 on

H2O Pal Smart Hydration Tracking Water Bottle Review

Our top hydration tracker we have come across so far is the H2O Pal Hydration Tracker. Making use of a simple accelerometer and weight sensor, the H2O Pal does a brilliant job of tracking how much water is in your bottle throughout the day. Highly accurate stats are recorded and can be synced up with your iOS Device to get access to the in-depth H2O Pal app, which includes all sorts of stats, graphs, and the ability to configure reminders if you aren’t reaching your hydration goals. The H2O Pal app is quite a well put together app, but unfortunately is currently unavailable to Android and limited to iOS users only. Hopefully H2O Pal will roll out Android compatibility in the future.

While the H2O Pal includes a water bottle with purchase, the actual hydration tracking device itself is detachable and can be equipped to any water bottle with a base diameter of 3″. This gives you a whole world of options for what bottle to use your H2O Pal with.

Be sure to check out our complete review of the H2O Pal for lots of more details on this nifty hydration monitor.

2. Moikit Cuptime 2 Intelligent Water Bottle (~$70 on Amazon)

Moikit Cuptime 2 Hydration Tracking Intelligent Water Bottle with iOS and Android App

The Moikit company attracted some early interest in smart water bottles with their successful crowdfunding campaigns for the Seed bottle, which we ran a piece on awhile back. We finally got our hands on an actual Moikit smart water bottle with the Moikit Cuptime 2 Intelligent Water Bottle.

Equipped with a LED indicator on the front, the Cuptime 2 is able to tell you just by glancing at your bottle how much water you’ve consumed. Of course that is not the limit of its data crunching capabilities. Able to sync up with a huge range of devices including Apple iOS Devices, Android devices, or even FitBit or Jawbone fitness trackers, the app provides in-depth hydration tracking and the ability to set regular drink reminders.

Made from a durable BPA free Tritan plastic, the Cuptime 2 is reasonably durable and well put together. Out of the box we had no problems getting it working, and found the apps and synchronizing no problems with iOS, Android, and the Fitbit we tested out. Definitely an ideal option for anyone looking for a smart water bottle which works well with a range of devices.

3. Mark One Pryme Vessyl 2nd Edition (~$120 on Amazon)

Pryme Vessyl with lid off Smart Digital Water Bottle


When we reviewed the Pryme Vessyl’s original edition we ran into some issues with connectivity and a wonky system of calculating your “Pryme” (the proprietary metric the Vessyl uses to help track hydration.) Fortunately, the new 2nd Edition of the Pryme Vessyl promises to solve some of these issues. Connectivity issues were one of the major concerns addressed by the 2nd Edition, along with some other corrections to common issues.

In our testing the 2nd Edition certainly worked out quite a few of the kinks in the design, and the Pryme Vessyl is now a pretty neat device. Equipped with hydration tracking and able to sync up with Fitbits, Jawbones, or the Apple Health Services on iOS devices, the Pryme provides lots of details on your daily hydration. It also attempts to work out the optimal amount of water for you to drink (your “Pryme”) by collecting some simple data. On the front of the bottle is a blue line which fills up the more water you drink, with the goal of always staying at your “Pryme.” We ran into some issues with this feature in our original review, but the 2nd Edition seems to smooth things out a bit.

The Pryme Vessyl offers a couple things that set it aside from the pack. It has an all-glass interior, ideal if you want to avoid plastics touching your drinking water altogether. It also has a very cool lid (updated in the 2nd edition to combat leaking issues) which incorporates a magnetic top for a space-aged experience every time you interact with the bottle.

4. Thermos Smart Lid Hydration Tracker (~$60 on

Thermos Smart Bottle Smart Lid Review

The Thermos Smart Lid is a fairly simple device. Unfortunately, while it is Thermos brand it is not an actual classic insulated Thermos – just a regular old BPA-free non-insulated plastic bottle equipped with the Smart Lid. The Smart Lid does its job of providing hydration tracking and has the option to set up drink reminders. It doesn’t have much in the way of bells and whistles, but will reliably report your water intake.

Very simple and bare bones, the Smart Lid suffers from some limited compatibility. It only works with a small number of iOS devices. We covered the Thermos Smart Lid in-depth before here on Hydration Anywhere. Click here to read the complete review of the Thermos Smart Lid.

5. Sportline Hydracoach Intelligent Water Bottle (~$26 on Amazon)


The Sportline Hydracoach is a bit simpler than the other entries on this list. Instead of syncing up with your smart phone or tablet, the Hydracoach accomplishes its hydration tracking with the couple of buttons and small screen on the front of it. While it doesn’t provide the in-depth statistics and nice graphic presentations of its more advanced smart bottle brethren, it does get the job done and provides a straight ahead way to track your daily hydration for a fraction of the cost of the other bottles on this list.


That’s All For Now!

We eagerly await the coming of new smart water bottles and are always excited to get our hands on a new one to review. We expect to see all kinds of cool stuff emerging from the increasingly popular world of smart water bottles and hydration tracking. Be sure to keep up with the latest here at Hydration Anywhere to make sure you don’t miss a beat as these new bottles make their way to market! If you haven’t already, be sure to signup for our newsletter to always stay up to date!

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We compare some of the top hydration tracking smart bottles to pick out the very best.

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