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Best Infuser Water Pitchers Review PhotoInfuser water pitchers offer a simple and effective way to make sure you always have plenty of infused water around ready to drink. Simply fill up the infusion tube with the fruit, vegetables, or herbs of your choice, place it inside pitcher, and fill it up with drinking water. Immediately your water will begin infusing with the delicious flavors and traces of helpful nutrients infusing from your fruits and veggies. Definitely one of the quickest and easiest ways to make a large amount of infused water all at once, infuser pitchers are a must-have kitchen accessory for anyone looking to incorporate infused water into their daily lifestyle.

In addition to providing you and your family with a great source of infused water made fresh at home, the infuser water pitcher also allows you to easily offer guests a glass of delicious and refreshing infused water. Infuser water pitchers are affordable and available in an increasingly numerous variety.

Not familiar with infused water? Be sure to check out our Benefits of Infused Water article to learn all about it and take a look at some recipes and resources. If you’re already sold on infused water, read on to see our comparison of three of the top infuser water pitchers available on the market.


Comparison Testing To Find The Best Infuser Water Pitcher

Fruit Infused Water Pitchers Infusion TubeIn the process of seeking out the best infuser water pitcher, we’ve read countless reviews, bought tens of infuser pitchers, drank countless gallons of infused water, and sat around department stores asking befuddled clerks about their infuser water pitchers. But we’ve managed to narrow it down to three infuser pitchers, and below you’ll find our review summaries and comparison of all three.

Infuser pitchers are fairly simple. The main considerations we have, besides the usual product concerns like durability and manufacturing quality, are looking at how well the pitcher manages to make infused water. So far as we cal tell, this is mostly a function of three things: how large the infuser tube is in proportion to the size of the pitcher, how porous the infuser tube is, and how far down into the pitcher the infuser tube runs.

This last point is often one of the most damning features of otherwise well-made infuser water pitchers. The key to infusion is getting as much water in contact with the fruit in the infusion tube as possible, so infuser tubes which offer more surface area for water to contact fruit tend to make better infusions. Not only do short infuser tubes minimize the amount of fruit you can put in as well as the surface area, they also do not extend very far into the pitcher, meaning unless the water level is high, no infusion is occurring at all.

Let’s take a look at our picks!

Fruit & Tea Infuser Water Pitcher
3 Quart Capacity
Great Infusion Quality
Includes 3 Infusion Tubes (Fruit, Tea, Ice)
BPA-Free Tritan Plastic Construction
Buy on Amazon
Fruit & Tea Infuser Water Pitcher
2 Quart Capacity
Decent Infusion Quality
Includes 2 Infusion Tubes (Fruit, Tea)
BPA-Free Tritan Plastic Construction
Buy on Amazon

1. Prodyne Fruit Infusion Flavor Pitcher

Prodyne Best Fruit Infused Water Pitcher

Prodyne Infuser Water Pitcher with Fruit SlicesThe Prodyne Fruit Infusion Flavor Pitcher is a no-nonsense infuser water pitcher which, despite its simplicity, excels thanks to its high quality and functional design. Made from BPA-free acrylic plastic and offering a huge capacity of 93 ounces (roughly 3 quarts,) the Prodyne infuser water pitcher is a well-designed pitcher we’d be happy to have even without its greatest feature: the infusion tube.

In the Prodyne, the infusion tube does a fantastic job of getting a quality infusion into the pitcher’s water. The infusion tube is long, has a decent diameter, and is more than adequately porous to create ideal conditions for infusion. Importantly, it also reaches down through almost the entire length of the pitcher. The tube allows for plenty of space to get larger pieces of fruit and vegetables inside of it, or experiment with a wide variety of different flavors in a single infused water drink.

Although it doesn’t come with many extra bells and whistles, the Prodyne makes up for its lack of extraneous features with high manufacturing quality and great durability. It is also a nice looking pitcher, with a highly functional pour spout and handle that makes for easy handling and no-spill pouring.

Learn more about the Prodyone infuser water pitcher by visiting the Amazon listing.

2. Gourmet2day Fruit & Tea Infusion Flavor Water Pitcher

Gourmet2Day Fruit Infuser Water Pitcher with Three Infusion Tubes

Three Infusion Tubes Included With Gourmet2Day Infuser Water PitcherThe Gourmet2Day Infuser Water Pitcher offers a great value and a versatile tool for any kitchen. Each Gourmet2Day infuser pitcher includes three different infuser tubes: one as a standard fruit or vegetable infuser, one designed specifically for making tea, and an ice tube designed to help chill your pitcher’s contents. They also throw in a free eBook with some recipe ideas.

At 3 quarts, the Gourmet2Day offers plenty of capacity for making and holding infused water. In terms of infusion quality, we rank the Gourmet2Day below the Prodyne which we ranked #1 above. The Gourmet2Day’s infusion tube does do a good job of making infused water, but the infusion tube doesn’t reach as far down into the pitcher as it could and we feel it could do with a little bit more diameter as well given the high capacity of the pitcher. Regardless, we aren’t complaining about the results: the Gourmet2Day performs admirably at making delicious infused water.

The inclusion of the extra infusion tubes is quite handy, giving the Gourmet2Day a multi-purpose versatility in your kitchen. We really like the tea infuser, which makes it incredibly simple to make iced tea easily whenever you want. The ice infuser tube we use less, however it is handy to have around and can do a great job of keeping your beverages chilled when its time to serve.

Learn more about the Gourmet2Day infuser water pitcher or buy your own by visiting the Amazon listing.

3. MAMI WATA Fruit & Tea Infusion Water Pitcher

MAMI WATA Fruit and Tea Infusion Water Pitcher Review Photo

MAMI WATA Fruit and Tea Infuser Water Pitcher Handle Button CloseupAt about 2 quarts or 67oz, the MAMI WATA Fruit & Tea Infusion Water Pitcher is the smallest by capacity on this list. But it’s also by far the cheapest, by around ~$4. This reduced capacity somewhat makes up for the fact that the infuser tube is a little short, not getting the best coverage down into the pitcher. The problem is not so bad as to disqualify the MAMI WATA pitcher, but you have to keep the bottle at least half-way full to get enough contact for quality infusion.

One of our favorite features of the MAMI WATA is its opening (pictured right.) Without pressing on the handle the opening is sealed shut, forming a water tight spill-proof seal. This makes the MAMI WATA an ideal infuser pitcher for outings, as it is safe and easy to transport even when full.

Despite the infuser tube being a little short and cramped, the MAMI WATA still produces delicious tasting infusions provided you’ve made sure there is plenty of water in the pitcher for enough duration to get a good infusion. Outside of this complaint, there is a lot to like about this infused pitcher. With a BPA-free Tritan plastic construction, its quite sturdy, shatter-proof, and not prone to easily cracking or fractures.

It’s hard to beat the raw value on offer. In addition to the pitcher and infuser tube, purchases also include a tea infuser tube, a circular ice tray for making ice balls, and a free infused water recipes eBook download. We like the ice tray and the cool circular ice balls!

To learn more about or purchase your own MAMI WATA Fruit & Tea Infused Water Pitcher, click here to visit the Amazon listing.


Is Infused Water For You?

Infusing water with MAMI WATA Infuser Water PitcherIf you have yet to try it, there is no reason not to treat yourself to some infused water. Depending on your tastes, it can be anything from fruity to crisp or maybe even a bit bitter. The wonderful thing about infused water is the ability to add a hint of whatever flavor you find the most delicious. This increases the enjoyment of drinking everyday water, improving your hydration and encouraging you along the way to building healthy habits.

Although many people and marketers have associated infused water with things like “detox water” and health fads, the real health benefits of infused water come mainly from proper hydration. It is possible to get some traces of nutrients and healthy vitamins and other compounds in your infused water, but it will never provide you any more benefit than just eating some healthy fruits and vegetables. For a whole lot more on this topic, click here to read our article on infused water.

You can make infused water in just about any container you happen to have, but purpose designed products like infuser water pitchers make the job that much easier for those who habitually drink infused water. We like infused water pitchers in particular because it makes it easy for you to always have a supply of infused water on hand with minimal effort. For those who just can’t get enough infused water all day long, be sure to have a look at our best infuser water bottles section of our feature Best Water Bottles 2017!

Try It Today!

Whether you buy an infuser pitcher or water bottle, or just get yourself a cup and some slices of fruit, go give infused water a try! You might be surprised at what you’re missing, and find that a simple infusion is all you need to make reaching your daily hydration needs that much simpler.

Thanks for reading, and be sure to keep your eyes peeled on Hydration Anywhere for lots of more coverage of infused water topics!


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We review and compare our top three picks for Best Infuser Water Pitchers and have a look at some benefits of infused water.

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