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Woman studying with Lifefactory Glass Water BottleLooking for the best glass water bottle you can buy? We are constantly reviewing the market to find the latest and greatest water bottles, so we’ve done a bit of the leg work for you. Below you’ll find our top five picks for the best glass water bottles that you can buy right now — without breaking the bank!

The benefits of glass as a container material are too long to list here. In recent years, glass has been embraced by the health- and ecologically-conscious as an ideal material for water bottles which does not leach any nasty flavor or chemicals into your water.

Although we’ve put together this top five list, we consider each of these bottles to be equally viable. So rather than putting them in direct competition with one another, this is more of a round-up review, where we give you a quick look at five awesome bottles to help with your purchasing decision.

Let’s dive in!


Quick Reviews of the Best Glass Water Bottles

The Style Choice: bkr Bottle

bkr Glass Water Bottle
bkr bottle with spiked silicone sleeve
At this point, we consider the bkr bottle to be something of a classic. It will be remembered as one of the early glass bottles that truly turned the heads of those with a bit of fashion sense. The bkr (pronounced “beaker,”) is made from a heavy-duty glass and is surrounded by a layer of squishy, easy-to-grip silicone which makes the bottle easier to hold, protects the (already quite sturdy) glass, and provides a little extra insulation for your bottle’s contents.

If you like the classic look of the bkr bottle (as pictured above,) it is available in a delightful assortment of soft colors. If you want something that stands out a bit more, the intriguing spiked design of bkr bottle’s newer sleeves (pictured right) certainly offers an intriguingly novel look, plus the silicone spikes are fun to play with.

The bkr bottle is one of the best looking water bottles we’ve ever owned. However, it is a little pricey, though the price is well-compensated for by the high quality construction of the glass and the overall appeal of the bottle’s unique look. It is available in a range of sizes, though they are generally on the smaller side, with their largest variant holding around 26 oz and the medium model holding 16oz. Price can vary widely between different color/size combinations.

Check out our full-length review of the classic bkr bottle by clicking here.

The Glass Purist Choice: Takeya Classic Glass Water Bottle

Takeya Classic Glass Water Bottle in Cobalt Blue
Takeya Classic Glass Water Bottle with Flip Top Lid
In many ways, the Takeya Classic Glass Water Bottle is the opposite of the bkr bottle we looked at above. Where the bkr is a bit spendy and fancy, the Takeya Classic Glass is super-affordable and down-to-earth with a functional design. Made from heavy-duty glass, the bottle is very sturdy and has a slim profile which makes it a bit long but ensures it fits comfortably in any cup holder. With a 22oz capacity, it’s a great everyday companion bottle that lets you always have a drink on hand no matter the situation.

The glass is high-quality and durable, but also reinforced by a silicone sleeve which features a thoughtful “viewing window” to allow you to see the level of your water inside. Takeya Classic bottles are available in Twist- and Flip-cap varieties. The Twist cap threads onto the top and requires a twist to remove or fasten and get a drink, where the Flip Cap has a small lever that can be opened or latched shut to make for easy one-handed drinking.

One thing we like a lot about the Takeya Classic Glass is its all-glass drinking surface, which means your mouth never has to come into contact with anything but pure, clean glass.

To learn the full story about the Takeya Classic Glass Bottle, click here to read our complete review.

The Glass Straw Choice: Camelbak Eddy Glass Water Bottle

Camelbak Eddy Glass Water Bottle in Green Being Held By Hand

Camelbak Eddy Glass Water Bottle in Black

Time and time again, the Camelbak Eddy Glass has proven to be one of our favorite glass water bottles that we keep reaching for day in and day out. We awarded the Camelbak Eddy Glass the title of Best Glass Water Bottle of 2017, highlighting it as one of very few options on the market for those who want a glass water bottle equipped with a straw.

The Camelbak Eddy Glass’s built-in straw is made from a BPA-free plastic and equipped with an easy-to-use bite valve for easy drinking and top-notch leak-proofing. For glass purists, the bottle can be fitted with a Glass Dharma borosilicate glass straw, which can give you a pretty unique all-glass water bottle and straw combo.

With a stylish and protective silicone sleeve, the Camelbak Eddy Glass does a great job of standing out from the pack of glass water bottles. It has a mid-range price tag for its capacity of roughly 24 ounces, and is backed by quality name-brand Camelbak manufacturing.

For more, read our complete review of the Camelbak Eddy Glass.

The Simple Choice: Lifefactory Glass Water Bottle with Silicone Sleeve

Lifefactory Glass Water Bottles with Silicone Sleeves in pink, red, and turquoise

Lifefactory Glass Water Bottle Flip-Cap Lid Closeup

These bottles from Lifefactory are elegantly simple: sturdy glass, attractive silicone sleeve, BPA-free, affordably priced. The flip-cap lid makes drinking from the bottle very easy, though it does not have an all-glass drinking surface such as the one offered by the design of the Takeya Classic Glass flip-cap.

With nearly 20 colors to choose from and Lifefactory’s playfully designed silicone sleeve, the bottle is a great everyday carry that doesn’t look bland on a table or as you carry it. While it scores high marks for aesthetics, the manufacturer warns right away that the Lifefactory is “NOT upside-down, bottom-of-the-bag leakproof.” This means that you should treat it with some care.

However, we would not have included it on this list if the leaking issue was too terrible. Generally when the bottle is inverted it does not leak if properly sealed. However, we see what they mean, as if left unattended and jostled around in a bag it would not be hard for the flip-cap to open and cause quite a mess.

Regardless of this minor leakage faux pas, we give the Lifefactory high marks. To learn more about it, visit the Amazon listing.

The Bargain Choice: Contigo AUTOSPOUT Glass Water Bottle with Straw

Contigo AUTOSPOUT Glass Water Bottle with Straw in red and blue

The Contigo AUTOSPOUT Glass Water Bottle closely resembles the Camelbak Eddy Glass we looked at above, but has in many ways improved upon the lid design. The AUTOSPOUT feature allows you to press a single button to pop out the bottle’s drinking straw and take a drink. A BPA-free plastic straw runs down into the bottle and makes it easy to take a drink one-handed without needed to invert the bottle.

For a 20 ounce bottle, the Contigo AUTOSPOUT Glass is one of the best bargain bottles on this list. Contigo is a well-known brand and their products are backed up by quality manufacturing. The glass on the AUTOSPOUT bottles is very sturdy and protected by the bottle’s eye-catching silicone sleeve, which allows the bottle to come in a selection of 5 colors.

Excellent leak-proofing on the straw mechanism and the ability to lock the AUTOSPOUT feature to prevent it from opening makes this a bottle you don’t need to worry about at all, even rolling around on the floor of a car or tucked in the bottom of your purse.

To get more details on the Contigo AUTOSPOUT Glass, visit the Amazon listing.

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