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baiji collapsible silicone water bottle
Baiji Bottle
If you’ve ever found yourself wishing your water bottle was a bit less bulky or easier to carry around, you are exactly the type of water bottle owner who might find a collapsible water bottle preferable to a traditional, rigid water bottle. As we all know, water is a remarkable element capable of taking all sorts of shapes and always willing to morph itself to whatever container it is in. If what we’re trying to carry around is so incredibly versatile, why should the containers we carry it in be so fixed and inflexible?

Collapsible water bottles follow this line of thinking to their logical conclusion. Using highly durable and flexible modern plastics, some collapsible water bottles are sort of like tiny hydration bladders, while others actually incorporate a bottle which expands and contracts. Thanks to the collapsible design, these water bottles are super compact and offer a ton of space saving compared to a traditional water bottle. For anyone who has ever been stuck carrying around an empty water bottle, the ability to fold up an empty collapsible bottle and tuck it into a pocket or bag is a real hassle saver.


Finding the Best Collapsible Water Bottles: Our Top 3 Picks

gym goer poses with baiji collapsible silicone water bottle
The Baiji Collapsible Water Bottle

As we’ve already touched on, there are more or less two types of collapsible water bottle. The first is effectively just a plastic bag, much like a hydration bladder. These have the benefit of only taking up as much space as the water held inside of them. They are also very cheap. Because it is a highly flexible bag with no solid parts, the whole thing can be collapsed and folded up into practically nothing, and as you use the water inside of it you can fold it up to take up progressively less and less space. Popular examples of this style include the Vapur Element or the Tribe Provisions Flex.

The second style of collapsible water bottle takes its name a bit more literally. Instead of just a bag, these are bottles made from a highly flexible silicone which can be collapsed and easily fit inside of a pocket or small pouch. These silicone options are pretty neat, but they sacrifice some of the space-saving features of the bag variety, as the bottle is either fully expanded or contracted. They also tend to be a bit more expensive, with prices rivaling traditional water bottles. Popular examples of this style include the Baiji Collapsible Silicone Bottle or the Beckly Roll-Up Water Bottle.

So, all that being said, what are our top 3 picks for best collapsible water bottle? Let’s take a look at some reviews.

Vapur Element
33 Ounces
Flip-Cap Lid
Includes Carabiner
Cheap & Large
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Beckly Collapsible
18 Ounce
Flip-Cap Lid
Includes Carabiner
Silicone Construction
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Three Brief Reviews of Collapsible Water Bottles

3. Vapur Element 1 Liter Collapsible Water Bottle (~$12 on vapur element collapsible water bottle in black

vapur element collapsed and folded water bottle
The Vapur has a super small foot print when folded up

Vapur is perhaps the most popular and recognizable name in the collapsible water bottle game. Vapur bottles like this Element or the Anti-Bottle are becoming increasingly popular and can be spotted on the shelves of major retailers. These bottles are in the style of mini-hydration bladders or essentially just durable plastic bags.

When you hold a Vapur collapsible bottle, it might feel a bit flimsy, yet the construction of these bottles is actually remarkably durable. They are extremely resistant to tears or rips and are well suited to standing up to the challenges of being carried around all day. The Element features a simple flip-cap which is suitably leak proof if not abused too much. It also includes a carabiner to make clipping to a bag or belt loop easy.

If you want maximum portability in your water bottle, the Vapur may well be the way to go. At just $12 on Amazon, the 1-liter Vapur Element is markedly cheaper than traditional water bottles of similar capacity.

2. Beckly Collapsible 18 Ounce Sports Water Bottle (~$20 on

beckly silicone collapsible water bottle

beckly collapsible bottle in original package
The Beckly in original packaging

The Beckly is a collapsible water bottle which takes after the second style we mentioned above: a full silicone bottle which can be expanded or collapsed. Made of a durable and practically indestructible food grade silicone, the Beckly rolls up small enough to fit into a pocket but unfolds into a stylish looking water bottle.

Equipped with a flip-top lid, it is very easy to get a drink from the Beckly Collapsible Bottle, and you can give the rubbery silicone a bit of a squeeze while drinking if you want to speed up the process (which is rather satisfying.) The lid isn’t the most leak-proof design we’ve ever come across, but it does the job well enough to prevent leaks in most situations.

Compared to many similar products, the Beckly is made from an extremely high quality silicone, is easy to wash, and is definitely built to last. It won’t wear out from frequent use and the silicone maintains its shape and flexibility remarkably well.

1. Baiji Bottle Collapsible 20 Ounce Silicone Water Bottles [2 Pack] (~$15 on pack of baiji collapsible silicone water bottles

refreshing drink from the collapsible silicone baiji water bottle
Woman enjoying a drink from her Baiji Bottle

Coming in at the top spot is the amazing bargain which is the Baiji bottle. Very similar to the Beckly in form and function, the Baiji is made of a high quality food grade silicone which can be rolled or folded up. When expanded, the Baiji forms a 20 ounce water bottle with a flip-top lid and carabiner for easy carrying.

The first and most remarkable part of the Baiji is its super low price which is practically a steal, since you can get 2 20 ounce collapsible water bottles for $15. That in itself would enough to give the Baiji Bottles a spin, but their excellent quality will keep you satisfied.

Although not quite as durable as the silicone used in the Beckly, the Baiji is made from quality materials and can stand up to wear and tear. It is easy to wash the inside of the bottle by hand, or it is dish washer safe if you want a less manual approach.


the baiji bottle lid and cap
Close-up of the lid and cap on the Baiji Bottle

One neat and unique feature of the Baiji is the fact you can freeze the entire bottle if you feel like it! It is completely safe to put the bottle into the freezer, and you can keep your water cold for extended periods with one simple trick. Just put your Baiji into the freezer about 1/3rd full of water and let it freeze. Pull it out after it is nice and icy and fill with regular water. You’ll have a nice cold drink for hours to come!

The name Baiji was chosen to commemorate the Baiji Dolphin, a species which has been extinct since 2007. To help do their part to save other species of dolphin in need, Baiji Bottle donates 10% of all profits to dolphin rescue and protection efforts.


Hopefully these reviews have helped you towards finding the right collapsible water bottle to suit your needs. If a collapsible bottle isn’t quite your speed, maybe you need a quality insulated bottle instead, or perhaps a travel mug is more your speed. However you want to carry your water (and even if you need something to carry your water bottle in) we’ve got you covered for all things hydration related, so poke around Hydration Anywhere’s other great articles for more info!


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Find the best collapsible water bottles on the market with our helpful reviews and in-depth examination of the options available.

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