The Berkey GSPRT Sport Bottle Review – A Portable Water Purifier You Can Use Everyday

Berkey GSPRT Filtering Sport Water Bottle with Water PurifierBerkey is a well respected name in the world of clean water, and that title is typically accompanied by something of a high price tag. In the Berkey GSPRT Sport Bottle we find the cheapest thing with a Berkey brand you can get, yet a product which – to one degree or another – holds up the quality reputation of the brand.

The 22-ounce bottle is made from a BPA-free plastic and equipped with a simple straw lid. While the bottle itself is pretty basic, Berkey has equipped it with their world-class filtration technology to make this bottle much more than meets the eye. I’ve been putting one of these hand held purifiers to the test over the past few weeks, so let’s get right to it with a pros and cons list and see if this little giant is worthy of the Berkey name.

The Pros of the Berkey Sport Portable Filtration Bottle

Man On Mountaing Using Berkey Sport Filter BottleSimply put, Berkey knows how to get you clean water. The Berkey Sport Bottle is more than a water filter, it’s classified as a water purifier, meaning it meets higher standards than your average filter. Using ionic adsorption micro filtration technology, it not only eliminates over 99.99% of all harmful chemicals and pesticides as well as hazardous bacteria such as E-coli, sediments, chlorine, unwanted tastes and odors, but also removes dangerous heavy metals like: Mercury, Lead, Copper, Aluminum, Cadmium, and Chromium. That’s a long list. The Berkey Sport Bottle uses medical grade technology to give you a clean and access to hydration whenever and where ever you need it.

This 22 ounce bottle has a shelf life of over 50 years, making it an ideal selection for inclusion in emergency preperation kits. The filter lifetime offers you up to 160 ‘wilderness’ refills from contaminated lakes, streams, creeks, or puddles. Or 640 tap water refills – which is how I personally prefer to use the Berkey Sport Bottle, as an everyday companion offering clean water no matter where I fill it.

It takes away the chlorinated ‘tap water’ taste, and leaves every drink extra refreshing and contaminant-free. And it’s pretty cheap at around ~$20, considering the filtration power behind it!

The bottle is made of durable, non-leaching low-density plastic and comes equipped with a flexible straw and carry handle (which is easily tied to a backpack!). The Berkey Sport Bottle is great for getting clean, tasty water while exercising, backpacking, or desk drinking.


Cons: The Berkey Sport Bottle’s Downsides

Two Sport Berkey Bottles Side By SideIt leaks. Consistently, if you turn it on it’s head it will leak. So make sure if it is in your backpack that is is secured – and don’t plan on doing any cartwheels unless you’re ready for a clean up. I found it odd that the water purifying technology is so advanced and powerful, but the bottle technology just isn’t there yet. The Berkey Sport Bottle, even if tightly put together, will leak if upside down.

Another downside I’ve found is that the bottle puts up a fight. It can often be difficult to squeeze water out, which would be useful to fill up another container with purified water. Berkey also suggests a one-time priming of the filter with clean/tap water, which might prove to be a bit of a work out.

The filter lifetime could be a bit better as well. If we fill the 22-ounce bottle from a dirty source, the advertised 160 ‘wilderness’ refills only equates to just under 28 gallons of water. Filtering from tap water sources is a bit better, with the advertised 640 refills working out to about 110 gallons. Still, these numbers are not the best, especially if compared to a device like the Sawyer Mini Portable Water Filter. That being said, the Berkey Sport Bottle is technically a purifier as mentioned above, and is cleaning water to a higher standard.

Also, while it does filter out more than many other filters (especially considering its portable, handheld nature) it will not filter out Fluoride. Which the other, larger, more expensive Berkey home-systems are capable of, like the Big Berkey which we awarded the title of Best Gravity Water Filter 2015.

Review Summary

Berkey Sport Bottle Portable Water Purification and FiltrationIronically, for something called the Berkey Sport Bottle, I’ve found that where this device shines is at home or at work on a desk. It is a quality purifier and makes me feel safe no matter what my water source, but the leaking problem proves to be real trouble if you’re not always mindful of it.

There is certainly the high quality filtration and purification tech we’ve come to know and love from Berkey tucked away inside this Sport Bottle. Unfortunately, the bottle itself leaves something to be desired. And the filter life time is also a little skimpy. Despite that, the Sport Bottle offers something that few other bottles on the market are capable of by providing an exceptional everyday filter bottle which can also double as a survival-quality filter in the event of an emergency, or if you just feel particularly thirsty near a puddle!


Fortunately, many of the flaws we’ve pointed out here are somewhat redeemed by the relatively budget price of the Berkey Sport Bottle. Considering the high quality filtration and purification it performs, it is actually quite affordable at around ~$20 – issues included. One issue with it being bargain priced is that, while the filters are replaceable, they cost just about as much as the bottle itself, so you might as well just purchase a new one.

Given the issues we’ve encountered with the Sport Bottle, we award it 3/5 stars. Still worth checking out, but needs some improvement! If the Berkey Sport Bottle isn’t quite what you’ve looking for, be sure to check out our Filtered Water Bottle Buyers Guide for some more ideas of similar bottles!

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To learn more about the Berkey Sport Bottle, read other customer’s reviews, check current prices, learn more specifics and details, or purchase one for yourself, head over to the Amazon listing.

Want to see the Berkey Sport Bottle in action? Check out this brief YouTube clip from user Survival On Purpose to see a demonstration of the Berkey Sport Bottle.


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A simple portable plastic reusable water bottle equipped with Berkey filtration elements.

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