Benefits Of Using A Reusable Filter Water Bottle

Proper hydration is important for good health. Using a reusable filter water bottle makes it possible for you to enjoy the refreshing taste of clean and hygienic drinking water wherever you go, whether at work, outdoors hiking, cycling, running or even at a remote travel destination. 

As more and more people come alive to the many benefits of using reusable water filter bottles, these handy, eco-friendly and hygienic water vessels are being seen as more than just a passing fashion trend.

If you are yet to get your very own water filter bottle, read on below to find out why you should seriously consider buying one as soon as possible. 

KOR Nava Water Filter Bottle with Lid Off

Removes Harmful Chemicals Elements 

Regardless of where you are in the world, the quality of tap water has been called into question over and over. Studies have shown that tap water, even in developed countries, contains a variety of harmful chemical elements. From micro-plastics and pharmaceutical compounds to steroid hormones such as progesterone and estrogen, tap water has been found to contain many impurities that are known to put the health of human beings at risk. 

Reusable water filter bottles can remove a number of these harmful impurities, leaving you to enjoy the purest and healthiest drinking water. Depending on the filtration system used, your reusable bottle can be able to keep you from ingesting harmful contaminants contained in your local tap water; or any other water source you choose to drink from. This makes your regular sip of water healthier. 

By drinking water out of these bottles, pregnant women can make sure that they protect themselves, and their unborn children from the harmful effects of the contaminants commonly found in tap water, including Volatile Organic Compounds, chlorine, silver, gold, and lead among others. 

Removes Germs 

As previously stated above, drinking water on a regular basis, up to 8 glasses per day, is essential to maintaining proper health. However, if you do not trust the water sources available to you, you might end up hydrating less frequently, or in extreme cases, expose yourself to dangerous pathogens, including viruses and bacteria, if you decide to drink water from these sources. 

Using a water filter bottle can help remove up to 99.99 percent of the pathogens in the water; thus safeguarding your health. Different filter water bottles use a variety of highly effective systems, including activated carbon filters as well as the latest nano-technology, to block these microbial organisms from making their way into your body through the water you drink. 

Drinking the daily recommended volume of water is much easier and healthier when you are sure that the water is germ-free by the time it enters your body, regardless of how suspect the source(s) in question appear to be. Furthermore, by removing harmful and unwanted microbial organisms from your drinking water, water filter bottles ensure that it smells and tastes better. 

Environmental Benefits 

Reusable water filter bottles are not only good for you, but also for the environment. Over the years, plastic waste in the form of single-use water bottles has accumulated in landfills while some finds its way into the ocean where it has significantly damaged the marine environment. Recycling operations though important still fall short of the levels needed to significantly reduce the dumping of plastic waste in the environment. 

You can show your concern for the environment and do your part in reducing pollution associated with the production and dumping of non-reusable plastic water bottles by using a reusable filter water bottle. If you regularly drink bottled water, switching to a reusable water bottle can help reduce your over-reliance on plastic water bottles. According to estimates, a single reusable water bottle can reduce your consumption of single-use water bottles by up to 300 to 400 before it is replaced. This is especially so considering the fact that you can refill your water filter bottle from just about any water source available to you, even on the go, as you no longer have to worry about the pathogens and contaminants contained in the water. 

As more and more people adopt the use of these water bottles, the overall environmental impact will be compounded with time, thus making a real difference. 

Improves The Taste Of Your Drinking Water

The chemicals and impurities contained in tap water, whether added intentionally or unintentionally, have a noticeable effect on its smell and taste. If you find that the water you are drinking has a weird taste, drinking from a reusable water filter bottle can help remedy this issue. 

You no longer have to avoid drinking water simply because it tastes bad. The bottle’s filtration system, as previously stated above not only prevents contaminants from getting through but also blocks out the harmful pathogens that usually give water a characteristically bad odor and taste. You can, therefore, enjoy the purest tasting water without having to spend a cent on bottled water. 

Even chemicals like chlorine, which are supposed to kill germs in tap water, can negatively affect its taste. Filter water bottles are also capable of removing this unpleasant taste by preventing chlorine molecules from getting past the filtration system. 

Cash Savings

Many people spend a substantial amount of their hard-earned cash on filtered bottled water on a regular basis. However, with a filter water bottle, designed to be used over and over again, there’s no need to waste money on bottled water.   

The high initial cost of purchasing the bottle will be recouped in no time as you will no longer be forced to buy bottled water every time you feel the urge to quench your thirst. 

As you can see from the above, opting to drink water from a reusable filter water bottle isn’t just great for your health but is also good for the environment as well. They filter out contaminants and harmful microbial organisms in the water while reducing your need for bottled water packed in single-use plastic bottles. With the above in mind, joining the reusable water filter bottle wave sweeping across the world is a no brainer!


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