5 Reasons Why Water Is Essential For Your Health

There are many nutrients that our body needs; they might lack them, but they sure can survive without them. However, water doesn't fall into this category; water is absolutely essential, there is no way around it. With that being said, it’s obvious that water provides the body with what it needs. It is responsible for aiding so many functions in your body, it makes sense that a human would die after a week of not drinking water. There are benefits that we’re already aware of, like how water lubricates our organs and transports material for nutrients and waste, but what if you knew that...

The Best Water Purification For Your Car’s Emergency Kit

Emergency strikes as car breaks down in the desert
A small emergency water purification kit, which can cost less than $50 to assemble and be easily stashed out of sight in your vehicle, can literally save your life. Most of us love those times when we start out on a long vacation trip by loading up our luggage and heading out on a drive. We are usually so excited that we rarely consider what happens if things go wrong. An emergency water purification kit is likely to be the furthest thing from your mind. Rare situations like having a flat tire or breaking down in the middle of nowhere can happen to anyone. It's always a good idea to take ti...