5 Reasons Water Is an Essential Muscle Builder Drink

Why is water an essential part of your workout regimen? Find out in this guide to the unheralded muscle builder drink known as H2O. More than three-quarters of Americans are actually chronically dehydrated. We're constantly forgetting to drink water. But, staying hydrated is particularly important when we're working out. You probably have your workout routine established. You eat a healthy diet packed with protein and nutrients, you spend time in the gym every day and you avoid drinking too much alcohol or unhealthy snacks.  But, if you want to build muscles and get stronger, you s...

Hydration for Athletes: How to Properly Stay Hydrated During Exercise

Don't hold back your fitness routine by neglecting your hydration! Read our guide on hydration for athletes to learn how to properly stay hydrated. It's no secret that staying in shape is an important part of a healthy lifestyle. In fact, working out is crucial for maintaining a healthy heart and build muscle. This means you'll sweat a lot. And when you sweat, you can easily become dehydrated. That's why it's so important to learn about hydration for athletes. Drinking water is the first step, and yet there are other things you can do to improve hydration at the gym. This article o...

Upgrade Your Coffee Experience with Filtered Water

Reading a book with coffee made from filtered water
Coffee is a beloved part of the everyday ritual for millions of people across the globe. While it might not be the most hydrating beverage, it is certainly one of the most stimulating. And one of the most varied, too. There are literally thousands of different selections of coffee, dozens of ways of brewing it, and countless aficionados with their own tastes and methods. Those deep into the world of coffee may have already given some thought to the quality of the water in their coffee, but for those who have yet to really consider it, it's time to have a taste. Filtered Water - Making Cof...