Benefits Of Using A Reusable Filter Water Bottle

KOR Nava Water Filter Bottle with Lid Off
Proper hydration is important for good health. Using a reusable filter water bottle makes it possible for you to enjoy the refreshing taste of clean and hygienic drinking water wherever you go, whether at work, outdoors hiking, cycling, running or even at a remote travel destination.  As more and more people come alive to the many benefits of using reusable water filter bottles, these handy, eco-friendly and hygienic water vessels are being seen as more than just a passing fashion trend. If you are yet to get your very own water filter bottle, read on below to find out why you should ser...

Are Wildlife Conservation Volunteer Opportunities Right For You?

If you want to take part in protecting endangered species from becoming extinct, then participating in wildlife conservation might be just the thing for you. Volunteering for such projects means you get to lend a helping hand to endangered species under threat of human activities or influences. You can care for domestic and exotic wildlife while you save species from extinction due to things like loss of habitat.  These conservation projects usually happen at dedicated rescue centers where you help care for abandoned or injured animals. Activities you might participate in include things lik...

Four Drinks Which Can Help Improve Your Sleep

Four Drinks To Help You Sleep
Many of us have trouble getting to sleep or having a good night's rest. Insomnia is a common problem for many people and is thought to affect one in three adults. Good sleep hygiene can include simple actions such as making sure that your room is at a comfortable temperature before you go to sleep. Generally, this is cooler than you might think – Peter Alexander report that between 60 and 75F is the ideal temperature. Going to bed around the same time each night is also thought to help. Listening to soothing music can also aid relaxation and help you to unwind. If you are still struggl...

Top Innovations in Water Bottle Design

Assortment of Ello Pure Glass Water Bottles in various colors
Americans are now drinking more bottled water than soda, which is a great thing for our health but also a major opportunity for innovative water bottle design companies to show the stuff they are made of. From foldable titanium to 100% sugarcane bottles, new products are reflecting the competitive nature of the industry as companies wrestle to stand out in a globalized, digital-centered market that is as much dependent on influencer backing as it is on true innovation. If you are looking for a water bottle that will turn heads at the gym (or at least spark interesting conversation), wa...

Battling Dehydration: Common Signs You Need To Drink More Water

Water pouring into drinking glass stock photo
Despite the fact that water is an essential dietary resource for nearly every living organism on the planet, most of us really don’t drink enough of it. In fact, it’s estimated that 40-43% of all American adults aged 20-50 consistently fail to meet the recommended daily intake for their age and size. Elderly adults and children are even less likely to be getting enough. By now we’re all aware of the “eight daily glasses” rule of thumb. However, factors like activity level, weather conditions, and health circumstances can mean some people need more water than others. The following are just ...

Is Drinking Bottled Water Good for You?

Couple drink from plastic water bottles
These days, more people than ever before are learning to rethink what they put in their bodies and give to their children. This is just as much the case with the water we drink as it is food or medicine. By now, most of us know that common tap water contains a wealth of contaminants up to and including microbes, harmful minerals (like lead or mercury, to name just two), and even pharmaceuticals. The go-to alternative to tap water for many people is typically bottled water … but should it be? Is bottled water any better for you than tap water? If it’s not, what’s the best way to make sure t...

What Is Fluoride And What Is It Doing In My Water?

What Is Fluoride and What Is It Doing In My Drinking Water?
Many Americans are unaware of the fact that most public water supplies carry an increased level of fluoride. Every person should feel informed about what they are consuming and the health benefits and risks associated with it. While drinking water fluoridation is proven to be safe, the issue has been a source of much controversy over the years. Even today, when fluoride is added to drinking water supplies across the globe, misinformation and confusion over just what fluoride is and does remains widespread. In this brief article, we'll give you a rundown of the basics of fluoride. We'll take...