Top Five Reasons Why Your Water Tastes Funny

Someone poisoned the water hole!
Bad tasting tap water can make your whole day unpleasant. Besides quite literally leaving a foul taste in your mouth, it can prevent you from drinking enough water to get properly hydrated. It can prove an embarrassment when it comes time to serve beverages to your guests. It is foul, disgusting, undesirable in every way. In extreme cases, it is even hazardous to your health. Below we'll take a look at five of the most common reasons your water doesn't taste like it should. Not only that, we'll also explain some simple solutions for what you can do about it. Figuring Out The Funny Fl...

bobble Infuse Modular Filter & Infuser Water Bottle Review

bobble Infuse Bottles in Six Colors
These days bobble bottle is a remarkably popular brand. Their neat brand of intriguingly curved Tritan plastic bottles equipped with charcoal filtration offers an affordable way to always have a portable filter bottle handy. With the new bobble Infuse, bobble has improved upon their classic bobble by allows the bottle to function either as a filter bottle or as an infuser bottle capable of making infused water on the go! bobble has gained popularity for good reason. While the bottles themselves are simple, they are well-designed and made from a durable BPA-Free Tritan plastic. This plastic ...

The Coldest Water Bottle 21oz Insulated Stainless Steel Bottle Giveaway [EXPIRED]

The Coldest Water Bottle Info Diagram
This giveaway has concluded and is no longer accepting entires. Selected as one of the Best Water Bottles of 2017, we recently turned the spotlight on The Coldest Water Bottle's 21oz model, putting its insulation to the test to see if it truly lived up to its name in a comprehensive review. Amazingly, it demonstrated some pretty impressive insulation and overall a top-notch water bottle. You can read all about that in our review, or keep scrolling for your chance to win your very own Coldest Water Bottle completely free. Yep, that's right - we've teamed up with The Coldest Water Bottle t...

Best Tumblers For Water and Beverages 2017

Hydro Flask Insulated Stainless Steel Drink Tumbler Cross Section Info Diagram Photo
If you're unfamiliar with the term tumbler, the simplest way to think of them is as a type of drinking glass or cup. Although in many ways nearly identical to water bottles, tumblers tend to have wider openings and distinguish themselves from water bottles by their lack of lids or enclosures on the upper part of the tumbler and typical lack of spill-proof lids. Closer in resemblance to a coffee mug or a home drinking glass, the tumbler is often the more preferred vessel for coffee or tea drinkers on the go. But whether it is used to hold your favorite beverage or just some tap water, the tumbl...

Create Your Own Unique Custom Hydro Flask With MyHydro

Custom Hydro Flask from My Hydro in Unique Colors
The new MyHydro program from Hydro Flask allows you to make a Hydro Flask bottle uniquely yours. Offering the ability to customize your bottle's colors and sizes as well as lid options, the MyHydro Hydro Flask bottles provide a striking addition to the already colorful lineup available from Hydro Flask. In addition to allowing for an unrivaled level of control over your bottle, the MyHydro bottles are also equipped with an exclusive boot, a small silicone sleeve which slides onto the bottom of the bottle to prevent dings and banging. This is a feature not available with any other Hydro Flask b...

Best Infuser Water Pitchers

Best Infuser Water Pitchers Review Photo
Infuser water pitchers offer a simple and effective way to make sure you always have plenty of infused water around ready to drink. Simply fill up the infusion tube with the fruit, vegetables, or herbs of your choice, place it inside pitcher, and fill it up with drinking water. Immediately your water will begin infusing with the delicious flavors and traces of helpful nutrients infusing from your fruits and veggies. Definitely one of the quickest and easiest ways to make a large amount of infused water all at once, infuser pitchers are a must-have kitchen accessory for anyone looking to incorp...

It Looks Like The Fontus Self-Filling Water Bottle Was A Scam

Fontus Self Filling Water Bottle Scam
Back in February 2016 we glowingly and optimistically ran an article with the headline "Self-Filling Water Bottles Will Soon Be An Awesome Reality." At the time, the source of our optimism was an IndieGoGo project by the name of Fontus. We were excited by this seemingly futuristic development, and we certainly weren't the only ones, with many other sites also excitedly reporting on the self-filling Fontus bottle. In no doubt largely thanks to this media attention, the Fontus bottle's Indiegogo raised just shy of $350,000 - a small fortune by any standards - yet over a year later, no self-fi...

YETI Rambler Stainless Steel Vacuum Insulated Water Bottle Review

YETI 36oz Rambler Bottle in Workshop
The YETI Rambler Bottle is an item long over due for its appearance on Hydration Anywhere. A long-standing staple of the insulated stainless steel water bottle world with a name synonymous with high quality, the YETI Rambler is a true beast of an insulated bottle. With a no-nonsense 18/8 food grade stainless steel construction proudly advertised by the bottle's polished steel finish, the YETI is one of the hardiest and most durable bottles around. Available in 18, 36, or 64 ounce varieties, the YETI Ramblers we've tested include the 18 and 36 ounce models, which will be the focus of this re...

FNova Flask 40 Ounce Insulated Stainless Steel Water Bottle Giveaway [EXPIRED]

FNova Flask and Sleeve Stainless Steel Insulated Water Bottle
This giveaway has concluded and is no longer accepting entries. We're excited to announce a great new chance to win a free FNova Flask 40 Ounce Insulated Stainless Steel Bottle! An updated version of the FNova Bottle we reviewed (and gave away) last year, this new FNova Flask boasts exceptional insulation, 18/8 food-grade insulation, a wide mouth opening, and an included neoprene sleeve. Keep liquids cold for up to 24 hours or hot for up to 12. Never sweats from condensation, and offers a high capacity with its 40 ounces of storage space for whatever you want to put in it. Whether it is ...

FNova Flask Review – The Budget Bottle

FNova Flask Insulated Stainless Steel Water Bottle on Stump
FNova is something of a familiar face - back at the beginning of 2016, we reviewed the FNova Water Bottle, when we compared the budget bottle to brand leader Hydro Flask. In the beginning of 2017, we were contacted again by FNova to do another review, this time of their larger 40 ounce FNova Flask. This beefy insulated stainless steel water bottle offers the higher-capacity, wide mouth big brother that the original FNova bottle never had. We found a lot to like in the original FNova we reviewed, eventually naming it as a top pick for best stainless steel water bottle 2016, a mention in our ...