How Much Water Does It Take To Make Our Food? Water Consumption Infographic

How Much Water Does It Take To Make Our Food Infographic
Have you ever wondered just how much water goes into the food stuffs we eat everyday? In addition to the water you consume directly from drinking it throughout the day, all of the food you eat contains a considerable amount of water. Not only that, the process of growing your food -- no matter what it is -- takes massive amounts of water. This is something we explored here at Hydration Anywhere before in our in-depth feature Where Does All The Water Go? Analyzing World Water Usage For Clever Ways To Save. In that article, we talked about how reducing food waste is one of the major ways an...

Cheapest Hydration Packs – Best Affordable Packs Under $20

Man drinking from WACOOL Hydration Pack by the water
Equipping yourself with a hydration pack is a great way to beat the heat while hiking, running, or cycling. These simple backpacks incorporate a water bladder and drinking tube, giving you the ability to hydrate without breaking your stride. In this guide to the cheapest hydration packs, we've pushed aside some of the expensive brand names and narrowed our focus to finding the best quality we can get for $20 or less. We were pleasantly surprised at the results. We've compiled this round up review of our top five best budget hydration packs. Though quite cheap to purchase, we've been imp...

AQUATANK2 Water Storage Bags Review

AQUATANK 2 Water Storage Bladder Bag
The AQUATANK2 brand offers a range of high capacity water storage bladder bags available in 15, 30, 60, 150, and 300 gallon varieties. They consists of a BPA-free polyurethane plastic water storage bladder contained within a durable yet lightweight nylon bag. Designed to make transporting large quantities of water easier, the AQUATANK2 has portability in mind at every step. While the sheer weight of water can make the bags quite heavy if the water storage bladder is full, the AQUATANK2 itself is one of the lightest and most portable methods of water storage on the market. When not in use, i...

Cheapest Water Filters – Guide To The Best Budget Purifiers For Your Home

Home Master TMJRF2 Countertop Sink Water Filter
When it comes to picking out a water filter for your home, the sheer variety of unfamiliar terms can be enough to overwhelm. It can get to be even more of a burden when you see the price of some water filter systems, which can exceed thousands of dollars. But we're here to help. Water filters come in all shapes and sizes. While one person might need a multi-thousand dollar system, you might get away with the cheapest water filter money can buy. It all depends on what you're trying to do. In this guide, we've broken down water filters by price range. We'll review several different types of w...

Cheapest Water Bottles – Choosing The Best Value Bargain Bottle

Assortment of Ello Pure Glass Water Bottles in various colors
Did you know that the average American spends around $200 a year buying disposable bottled water? That's a lot of money for a container you're going to throw away and a resource you can probably get for next to free. Especially when you consider how cheap water bottles -- the reusable kind -- have become over recent years. For less than $10, you can get an environmentally friendly reusable water bottle and start putting a dent in that $200 annual bottled water bill right away. Reusable water bottles have become so cheap it is remarkable anyone bothers with bottled water at all. But some of ...

Hydro Flask vs. Takeya ThermoFlask – Head-to-Head Comparison

ThermoFlask vs Hydro Flask
If you're at all familiar with the Takeya ThermoFlask, you can probably see how the comparison with it's better-known competitor the Hydro Flask is somewhat glaringly obvious. In the design, the look, even the name, Takeya has taken a few cues from the massive success of Hydro Flask. From our first encounter, we felt the Hydro Flask vs. ThermoFlask debate stewing in our gut. And why not? As it turns out, we're pretty glad they did. But we've been comparing the ThermoFlask to the Hydro Flask pretty much the entire time we've had a ThermoFlask. We even referred to the Thermoflask as a "budget...

Best Plastic Water Bottles – Top 5 Reusable BPA Free Bottles

Though plastic water bottles often get a bad rap, modern reusable BPA free bottles made from durable and massively customizable plastics can do some awesome things. Able to come in shapes, sizes, colors, and intricate designs that other water bottle materials like glass and stainless steel could never imagine, plastic water bottles have some unique offerings in terms of both form and function. The best plastic water bottles don't suffer from the concerns of toxic leaching that have given disposable plastic bottles such a bad rap. While water left in any container for too long can pick up a ...

Clearly Filtered Water Filter Pitcher GIVEAWAY! [EXPIRED]

Clearly Filtered Water Filter Pitcher
This giveaway has concluded and is no longer accepting entries. We're excited to announce a brand new giveaway! This time we're raffling off a Clearly Filtered Water Filter Pitcher! A brand new version of the classic Clearly Filtered Water Pitcher, the company has responded to suggestions and created a brand new design improving the practicality of the pitcher. At the core of the new Clearly Filtered Pitcher is one of the most advanced tap-water only filters on the market, designed to exceed NSF/ANSI standards and remove a huge list of tap water contaminants including fluoride, chlorine...

KOR Waterfall Review: The Budget Countertop Gravity Water Filter

KOR Waterfall Countertop Water Filter with Glass Carafes in Use with Infused Water
The KOR Water Fall incorporates an all natural coconut carbon filter into a stylish countertop water filter. The Waterfall includes 2 1-liter all-glass carafes with toppers ideal for storing, chilling, or serving water filtered through the Waterfall. Right from the outset, we liked what was included and the look of the package, so we knew we had to do a review of the KOR Waterfall. Recently, in our search for glass water filter pitchers we highlighted the KOR Waterfall as an adequate stand-in for that category which is strangely lacking. But we wanted to know more about the KOR Waterfall, s...

Best Water Tanks – Choosing a High-Capacity Water Storage Container for Emergencies or Rainwater Harvesting

Sure Water 260 Gallon Emergency Water Tank
Equipping your home with a high capacity water tank can add a great deal of independence and peace of mind to your everyday life. With tanks easily capable of storing dozens or even hundreds of gallons of water to be accessed in times of emergencies, or versatile containers which can be used continually as part of a rainwater harvesting system, having a water storage container can prove invaluable as an emergency preparation or as a practical way to save on your water bill. In this article, we'll take some time to review the best water tanks we've found on the market. We'll look a variety o...