What Is CBD Water And What Are Its Benefits?

The consumption of cannabis has gained popularity in countries and states where cannabis has been legalized. People use it either for recreational or medicinal purposes. The major component of recreational cannabis is tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), which provides the feeling of being ‘high.’ However, medicinal cannabis has more cannabidiol (CBD), which isn’t psychoactive.  Since CBD is believed … Read more

Achieving Balance In CrossFit: Good Hydration Is About More Than Plain Water

The optimum core body temperature ranges from 96.8ᵒF – 102.2ᵒF, and this temperature rises to become up to 20 times greater during exercise, particularly during warmer weather. All strenuous exercise will elevate body temperature, which causes us to sweat. But as we become accustomed to a particular exercise, our bodies have to work less intensively to … Read more