A Zero Waste Lifestyle Starts with a Water Bottle

Hydro Flask Action Shot
Search 'how to go zero waste' or 'ways to be more environmentally friendly' and you will find an endless stream of articles with tips to help you reach your eco goals. While we absolutely adore that nowadays there is a wealth of information on environmental topics since it is an important discussion, the issue is that this abundance often leads to information overload.  Information overload can have a paralyzing effect, making many hesitant to take the first step into zero waste living. Often, this is for one of two reasons: They are unsure of where to start. With so much great advic...

How Can Staying Hydrated Promote Better Dental Health?

Around 77% of Americans are chronically dehydrated, according to a study by Quench, with the main reason for this phenomenon being a simple lack of thirst, followed by drinking other beverages that are not quite as hydrating. The daily rule (to consume four to six cups of water a day) is useful for most people, but some people (such as those with heart problems or those on certain medications) retain water so it is important to check with your doctor if you are unsure about how much you should be drinking. Even mild dehydration can have a negative impact on everything from your body temperatur...

Berkey Water Filter Systems: Why You Need Them

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Staying hydrated in the summer can save your life, but staying hydrated in the winter is just as important. If you find that you drink less water in the wintertime, you're actually facing dehydration on multiple fronts. Keep Water Visible Hot weather brings on thirst, so we are inclined to fill up a glass. However, cold weather often has us reaching for hot and often caffeinated beverages. To keep your water intake up as your home, office, skin and hair dry out, keep your Berkey water filter both visible and tanked up. Load up your portable water bottles in the evening and refill ...

Why You Simply Must Filter Your Water

Water is essential for humans. Without it, we wouldn’t survive. However, drinking tap water is not as healthy as it used to be. In fact, it can damage your health. Even spring water can give you much more than you wanted, and not in a good way. For example, you might get some chlorine which is often used to clean water, fluorine, THMs, and pesticides.  Of course, buying bottled water probably works, but let’s face it - our environment is suffering because of it. It’s hard to argue in favor of bottled water when plastic is harming our world and water from plastic bottles may be even worse th...

Achieving Balance In CrossFit: Good Hydration Is About More Than Plain Water

The optimum core body temperature ranges from 96.8ᵒF - 102.2ᵒF, and this temperature rises to become up to 20 times greater during exercise, particularly during warmer weather. All strenuous exercise will elevate body temperature, which causes us to sweat. But as we become accustomed to a particular exercise, our bodies have to work less intensively to regulate under exercise conditions.  This is where CrossFit is different to other forms of exercise: it is a high-intensity approach to exercise with variety at its core. This means we are always working hard, and our bodies don’t get used to...

Road Dangers of Dehydration: Why It’s Just As Dangerous As Drunk Driving

A study by Loughborough University in 2015 found that driving when dehydrated is equivalent to drunk driving, according to the Express. The summer season allows people the opportunity to enjoy a stretch of good weather. However, drivers face many challenges, especially those travelling long distances. Some common complications include hay fever, glare, and overheating due to the high levels of temperature. Health professionals recommend drinking plenty of water to avoid these issues, but only 37% attempt to drink at least one liter of water. These numbers indicate a majority of drivers don’t k...

Shed a Tear of Hope for These Natural Remedies for Dry Eyes

Does it seem like you can't get rid of your dry eyes? Many things cause people to get dry eyes. Some people even suffer from dry eye syndrome, which prevents their eyes from producing tears. So what causes chronic dry eyes?  Wind, not blinking, and lack of hydration can lead to you getting dry eyes. Luckily, there are several measures that you can take to get your eyes back to a healthy state. Read on to learn 5 natural remedies for dry eyes. 1. Use a Warm Rag Tears are made of oil, water, and mucus that your body produces. This means that your  eyes need to be moist for them to be ...

How Hydration Affects Your Sleep

Roughly 60-70% of your body is composed of water. Having the slightest imbalance of hydration can impact your health from your urinary system to your nervous system. Recent findings indicate a direct correlation between dehydration and interrupted sleep. Staying hydrated through the night takes more than setting your water bottle on your nightstand. It presides in having your water bottle beside you throughout the day, changing a few simple habits, and keeping an eye out for any warning signs you may be dehydrated. Dehydrated Through What We Eat And Drink It’s common after a poor night’s s...

Top Smoothies Good For Your Physique And Hydration

Best Smoothies To Keep You Hydrated
Typically we take a look at keeping hydrated by drinking good old H2O. However, there are plenty of neat ways to keep yourself hydrated. Some of them can even be delicious, refreshing smoothies. Healthy, nutritious, and an excellent way to start your day with a burst of healthy fruits. Not only do these smoothies fill your stomach, but they also make you feel productive and ready for the day! Great Smoothies For Keeping Hydrated Breakfast Smoothies Quick Tips: Either freeze the fruit, or add ½ a cup of ice to make your smoothie cold. Breakfast smoothies are always a grea...