Hydro Flask Review

Hydro Flask in Multiple Colors with Bottles and Tumblers
Without a doubt, the Hydro Flask is one of the most enduring water bottle brands we've encountered. Founded in Bend, Oregon back in 2009 by then-dating-couple Travis Rosbach and Cindy Morse, Hydro Flask has now become a world leader in insulated stainless steel water bottles. Offering the world a high-quality stainless steel water bottle equipped with double-wall vacuum insulation, the Hydro Flask brand has expanded into something more than just a water bottle manufacturer and has cemented itself as an essential piece of equipment for an active lifestyle. Hydro Flask's path to success was n...

Could These Tiny Plastic-Eating Caterpillars Hold The Answer To Our Trash Problem?

Plodia interpunctella Caterpillars Eating Polyethylene Film
Plastics are incredible. They are one of the most fascinating and useful inventions of the modern world. The keys I am pressing right now to type these words are made of plastic, the pen I used to take the notes for this piece was made mostly of plastic, heck, you may even be holding a piece of plastic in your hand right now in order to read this article. We just can't get enough of it. According to the New York Times, as much as 300 million tons of plastic is produced globally each year, with less than 10% of it being properly recycled. This creates a problem on a truly staggering scal...

Refresh2go Excursion Insulated Stainless Steel Filter Bottle Giveaway! [EXPIRED]

Refresh2go Excursion Stainless Steel Double Wall Vacuum Insulated Filter Water Bottle
This giveaway has concluded and is no longer accepting entries. Time for another chance to win! The nice folks from Refresh2go are kicking off the launch of their latest bottle by giving away 5 bottles to 5 lucky winners! Winners will receive a free Refresh2go Excursion Insulated Stainless Steel Filter Bottle, which we recently reviewed here! The Refresh2go Excursion is a nifty bottle which incorporates a filter into an insulated stainless steel bottle - a pretty rare combination! With a coconut shell carbon filter, the Refresh2go is ideal for making your tap water tastier and removing t...

Refresh2go Excursion Stainless Steel Filter Bottle Review

Two Refresh2go Excursion Insulated Stainless Steel Filter Water Bottles
When the nice folks over at Refresh2go informed us they had a new water bottle which incorporated their filter elements into an insulated stainless steel bottle, we were excited. The combination of stainless steel water bottle and filter seems to be a bit of a rarity in the world of water bottles. With the Refresh2go 32 Ounce Excursion Filtered Water Bottle, Refresh2go has finally brought this unicorn of the bottle world to mass market with a reliable product. Refresh2go is a brand which has caught our attention before. In our Refresh2go Reviews we looked at their three plastic models of fi...

Best Countertop Water Filter Reviews 2017

Best Countertop Water Filters 2017 Big Berkey Image
Gravity countertop water filters are one of the most useful and convenient ways of filtering water for the needs of multiple people. Ideal for getting the cleanest water possible in your home, or as an ideal camping companion, the gravity water filter allows for water to be filtered by simply pouring it through the top, after which the force of gravity does the rest of the heavy work! Requiring no electricity or manual pumping and equipped with high-tech modern filtration system, these gravity water filters are capable of removing almost all harmful contaminants, including bacteria, protozoa, ...

Where Does All The Water Go? Analyzing World Water Use For Clever Ways To Save

Where Does All The Water Go? Cartoon Earth Graphic
Trying to wrap your head around figures for world water use is a truly mind-boggling exercise. The scale is simply too vast to relate to our everyday lives. You rapidly encounter astronomical figures like million gallons per day which are just the kinds of basic mathematical tools we need to begin understanding the sheer amount of water used globally. According to statistics from the USGS, the United States alone used a massive 355,000 million gallons per day in 2010, with this accounting for only a fraction of total water usage worldwide. So where is it all going? What is it doing? Some us...

What is Detox Water? Does it Work? Investigating and Debunking the Health Craze

Fruits for Detox Water Graphic
If you keep up with online health trends you have almost certainly heard of Detox Water at one point or another. Claims of its health benefits range from weight loss to helping maintain chronic ailments and diseases, while the simplicity of the recipes allows anyone to make some at home in their own kitchen. With our endless focus on hydration, we knew need to get to the bottom of this and see if detox water really does what its proponent's claim it does. Detox water is nothing complicated. Generally speaking, the recipes for making detox water and infused water are identical, but infused i...

Camelbak Eddy Glass Water Bottle with GlassDharma Straw Review

Camelbak Eddy Glass Water Bottle in Green Being Held By Hand
One of the leading names in outdoors equipment, Camelbak is renown for their plastic water bottles and hydration packs. Perhaps less famous is their venture into the world of glass water bottles with the Camelbak Eddy Glass. This simple glass bottle is equipped with a stylish silicone sleeve for extra durability, manufactured from quality lead-free glass, and equipped with an easy-to-use flip-top straw with bite valve. The health- and materials-conscious readers will likely already be familiar with the wide scope of benefits of glass as a container material. It doesn't impart any flavor to...

Infusion Pro Infuser Water Bottle Giveaway! [EXPIRED]

Infusion Pro Premium Infused Water Bottle Product Photo
This giveaway has concluded and is no longer accepting entries. We're giving away 5 Infusion Pro Infuser Water Bottles to five lucky winners! The Infusion Pro is a fantastic way to easily infuse your water with your favorite fruits or herbs where ever you might be. We named the Infusion Pro Best Infuser Bottle of 2017 and we are excited to bring you all a chance to win your very own Infusion Pro completely for free! Not familiar with infused water? Be sure to check out our article "Benefits of Infused Water" to learn everything you need to know! Infused water is a great way to encourage...

Reviewing The Biggest Bottle EVER: DrinkTanks Insulated Growler & Water Bottle with CO2 Keg Cap

Woman Fills DrinkTanks Juggernaut Beer Growler From Beer Draft
How big is a big bottle? 40 ounces? 64 ounces? How about a whopping 128 ounces? That's how big the aptly-named DrinkTanks Juggernaut Insulated Beer Growler and Water Bottle is. At 128 ounces, the DrinkTanks Juggernaut is capable of carrying a full gallon of your favorite beverage (or meal) inside its vacuum insulated stainless steel walls, where it is capable of remaining cold for up to 24 hours or hot for up to 12. The Juggernaut is truly a sight to behold. It dwarfs the huge 64 ounce growlers which previously seemed so massive. DrinkTanks also offers much more than size: with their nifty ...