Understanding The Harmful Effects Of Dehydration For People With IDD

For Ben Carter, his beloved blue sippy cup wasn’t just a drinking vessel, it was a lifeline to years of comfort. According to a report by CNN, Ben refused to drink without his favorite cup, and put himself at risk for severe dehydration that required emergency medical treatment. So when his father, Marc Carter, realized the crucial cup was starting to wear out, he launched a plea online. Thankfully, the manufacturer heard of Ben’s struggle and provided a lifetime supply of cups to ensure that he stays happily hydrated. However, while this story has a happy ending, dehydration is a common yet d...

Healthy Vacations: 5 Essential Ways to Stay Healthy on Vacation

There's more to a healthy vacation than just staying hydrated. Keep reading for healthy vacations: 5 essential ways to stay healthy on vacation. You've been ticking the days off your calendar for weeks and you've packed so early that you've had to take your phone charger back out to use it. Now you just pray that you won't get sick the moment you step off the plane.  Vacations are often a time when we forget to look after ourselves even though there's surely no better time. You don't want to spend your precious vacation time in bed with sunstroke or worse. Healthy vacations will give you...

Does Drinking Coffee Count Towards My Water Intake? Coffee Hydration Facts

Coffee beans shaped like a heart monitor
Coffee is one of the world's favorite beverages. In fact, in the USA, coffee is second only to water in terms of total consumption. Americans drink an average of nearly 89 gallons of coffee per capita, which is more than juice, soda, and tea combined. It is something that millions of people enjoy multiple times a day. Many would call it a focal point of their day.  Some get it from stores and coffee shops, some drink it at work, and others make it at home with their best coffee maker. But despite its popularity, a lot of questions hover around coffee's role in your hydration. Some believe c...