AQUATANK2 Water Storage Bags Review

AQUATANK 2 Water Storage Bladder BagThe AQUATANK2 brand offers a range of high capacity water storage bladder bags available in 15, 30, 60, 150, and 300 gallon varieties. They consists of a BPA-free polyurethane plastic water storage bladder contained within a durable yet lightweight nylon bag. Designed to make transporting large quantities of water easier, the AQUATANK2 has portability in mind at every step. While the sheer weight of water can make the bags quite heavy if the water storage bladder is full, the AQUATANK2 itself is one of the lightest and most portable methods of water storage on the market.

When not in use, it can be easily folded up for storage and is exceptionally lightweight. The 150-gallon AQUATANK2 weighs just 2.15 pounds while empty. Even when filled, the AQUATANK2’s unique shape and exceptional space economy make it ideal for small spaces, or for accommodating vehicles like truck beds or RVs.

Let’s dive into our review to get the nitty-gritty details.

Using and Maintaining the AQUATANK2 Water Storage Bladder Bags

AQUATANK2 Water Storage Bag Inlet and Outlet Closeup

The deceptively lightweight and flexible material of the AQUATANK2 might invite some skepticism. The manufacturer seems to have expected this, so with some orders they include a small sample of the material. They encourage you to “abuse” it: twisting, folding, tearing, puncturing, to get a feel for just how durable the AQUATANK2 really is. And it is quite impressive. The material is not going to leak, puncture, or tear without some very intense forces being applied to it.

When properly filled to maximum rated capacity, the AQUATANK2 isn’t highly pressurized, which adds to its durability. The main risk to the bladder is puncturing if the bladder moves around while full. It should always be properly secured during transport, ideally in a box or container which keeps it in place. If it rolls over a sharp object when full and in motion, there is some risk of puncture or tearing. However, if properly secured, this doesn’t need to be an issue.

For a visual demonstration of how tough the AQUATANK2 water storage bag really is, check out this YouTube video where user Bill Hanover stacks upwards of 900 pounds on his full AQUATANK2 without issue.

Filling up the AQUATANK2 Water Storage Bladder

AQUATANK2 Water Storage Bladder Fill Inlet Hose Closeup

Filling the AQUATANK2 is as easy as attaching a hose to the provided threading on the upper fill inlet and letting the water flow. We recommend always using a food-grade drinking water hose instead of a standard garden hose. You can fill the bladder from any hose with a standard threading. If you plan to use the AQUATANK2 as a water storage solution for your RV or while boondocking, camping, or another activity which might take you far from home, you’ll probably want to consider picking up a small portable water pump to ensure you’ll be able to fill and drain your AQUATANK2 on the go. Coupled with a lightweight portable generator, this kind of setup allows you to have a completely portable way to fill and drain the water storage bag no matter where you find yourself.

For a real look at what it’s like to fill up your AQUATANK2, check out this brief YouTube clip from user JP Beck as he fills up his 60-gallon AQUATANK2 bladder.

Excellent Water Storage & Transportation Solution


Where the AQUATANK2 really shines is water transportation. Whether you’re taking your entire potable water supply for an entire camping or RV trip or just moving large amounts of water from point A to B, the flexible and lightweight nature of these water storage bags simplifies the process immensely. Any size AQUATANK2, even the massive 300-gallon bladder, can fit into a standard truck bed.

Despite weighing over 2,500 pounds when full, that 300-gallon bladder can be transported anywhere a truck can drive and extended anywhere a hose can reach. This is substantially easier than trying to move a massive, heavy, rigid traditional water container.

When it comes to water storage the AQUATANK2 does an excellent job as a short- to mid-term water solution. While the AQUATANK2 and other water storage bladder systems could be used for your long-term emergency storage supply, because of the inherently more fragile nature of a water storage bladder, we’d instead recommend a sturdy, rigid water tank for those seeking to store water for months or years in the same container.

AQUATANK2 Taste Test & Keeping Your Water Storage Bag Clean

AQUATANK2 With a full water storage bladder

Always make sure you fill the AQUATANK2 will disinfected water. If you find yourself filling the bag from a well or any source which has not been previously treated with disinfectants, add unscented chlorine bleach or another water disinfectant. Not only is it vital to ensure you’re only drinking safe, sterilized water, you also need to make sure nothing nasty starts growing on the inside of your water storage bladder. Remember, it’s not exactly the kind of thing you can open up and scrub out. Be diligent by always making sure you use water with an active disinfectant to prevent the growth and build up of microorganisms and algae inside your water storage bag.

Properly maintained, the AQUATANK2 does a great job of keeping your water tasting just as fresh as it did when you put it into the bag. The interior of the water storage bladder is made from 100% BPA-free food-grade polyurethane and doesn’t impart any flavor on its contents or “leach” any nasty chemicals.

Flushing the AQUATANK2 Water Storage Bladder Bag

In addition to only using disinfected water, the manufacturer recommends regularly flushing your AQUATANK2 between fillings to keep the inner water bladder clean. To do this, the instruction manual recommends pumping in about 3-5 gallons of water with 8 drops of non-scented chlorine bleach added per gallon, then draining the solution out.

You should be sure to do this flushing and disinfecting any time you are putting the bladder away for storage, using after storing, or in-between fills, especially if filled from a questionable source. Ultimately any water storage bladder is only as clean as what you put inside of it, so choose wisely when deciding your water source!


Review Summary

AQUATANK 2 60 Gallon Water Bladder In Truck Bed

The AQUATANK2 Water Storage Bladder Bags are an extremely useful means of storing and transporting water. They are well suited to be an essential part of your gear for an RV, camping, boondocking, or general water transportation. In a pinch, they make an amazing and potentially even life-saving part of an emergency kit. Armed with a generator and a portable pump, the AQUATANK2 could serve a vital role in disaster relief, on a job site, camp site, or bug-out location.

It’s clear that these water storage bags were designed to be rugged and put to good use by campers, RV owners, and lovers of the outdoors. They are exceptionally durable and ready for even the rugged abuses the road and the wilderness might throw at them.

We award the AQUATANK2 Water Storage Bags 5/5 stars.

Learn More About the AQUATANK2 Water Storage Bladder Bags

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15, 30, 60, 150, and 300 gallon water storage bladder bags from AQUATANK. Ideal for transporting and storing high volumes of water.

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