Lunatec Aquabot Pressurized Water Bottle with Pump Sprayer Review

Man Sprays Water Into Mouth From Aquabot Water Bottle With PumpCan your water bottle shoot a jet of water 25 feet just for the fun of it? Can it provide enough pressure to help wash dishes after a meal around the camp fire? Or be used to provide a not-so-shabby outdoor shower? If you have an Aquabot Pressurized Water Bottle with Pump and Sprayer, the answer to all of these questions is yes.

This water bottle is equipped with a hand pump that lets you pressurize the bottle. Once it’s good and primed, you can adjust the nozzle to get anything from a gentle mist to a powerful blast of water. The bottle has a sensitive trigger which lets you control the flow rate depending on how much pressure you apply. For a water bottle with a hand pump, it can actually get some serious pressure behind it!

It might seem like a silly novelty, and perhaps for some it is. But in our time reviewing the Aquabot Pressurized Water Bottle, we found quite a few potential real-world uses for the bottle. Let’s take a look.

What To Do With A Water Bottle With A Pump – Putting the Aquabot Pressurized Water Spray Bottle To the Test

Lunatec Aquabot Water Bottle In GreenFirst, a couple basics on the Aquabot water bottle itself. Included with the Aquabot is a pretty run-of-the-mill 21 ounce plastic water bottle. However, you’re not totally stuck with this bottle. The Aquabot’s pump sprayer lid has a threading that can also fit on other wide-mouth plastic water bottles, including two of our favorites: Nalgene and CamelBak. We haven’t tested it with other bottles bu suspect many more would also fit the threading.

The Aquabot is pressurized with the hand-pump. This means that its very much a sprayer bottle. Unlike some other water bottles with misters or spray attachments, the Aquabot doesn’t offer another way to drink. You need to spray water into your mouth. Which isn’t bad at all. In fact, it’s pretty fun. Kids in particular seem to love this feature of the Aquabot. It’s a great way to make staying hydrated a little more entertaining!

The Hand Pumped Spraying Water Bottle

Spraying off diving gear with Aquabot pressurized water bottle
So, how about that sprayer? According to the manufacturer Lunatec, the Aquabot is capable of spraying water up to 25 feet. We’re not sure how many times you’d have to pump it up to make this happen, but we’ve messed around with it plenty. It certainly gets quite a stream, although we haven’t bothered with exact measurements. It’s enough that if you have two or more Aquabots, you can have a pretty entertaining water fight!

It only takes a few presses on the hand pump to get enough pressure into the water bottle for the sprayer to begin working. You can give it a bit of elbow grease to get it well pressurized and get some serious spray when the nozzle is turned to its jet setting. After you’ve pumped it up, the bottle will stay pressurized for a little while, though it seems to slowly depressurize if you’re not using it.

If you’re just using it as a mister and water bottle on a hike or something, it can be pretty nifty to charge it up and have it ready when you want it later. Without the effort of opening up a normal bottle, you can get a refreshing spray of water into your mouth for some quick hydration. Turn the nozzle a few degrees and get a blast of mist.

Probably the best way to get an idea for how (and how well) the Aquabot water bottle works is to check out this video. In the clip, YouTuber Taras Kul demonstrates the Aquabot bottle’s capabilities while hanging out with his two gorgeous dogs. Have a watch:

Uses For A Pressurized Water Bottle

Cleaning dishes with jet from Lunatec Aquabot Water Bottle With PumpWhen you add the pressure element, the Aquabot really becomes more than just a way to store your water. Which is all you’d expect from a typical water bottle. Instead, the Aquabot water bottle is a portable sink, shower, hose, and water gun!

On a camping trip, in your car, or just on a long day, the Aquabot provides a bit of running water anywhere you need it. While it’s not exactly a hot shower, it can be quite a refreshing boost to your hygiene after a few days on the trail. In a pinch it’s great for washing hands or cleaning off dishes. Pump up a bit of pressure and set the nozzle to the jet setting and you can get enough force to blast off stuck-on food or get the mud off your legs.

We’ve even found ourselves using the Aquabot to ward off flies with a gentle mist. Or give the dog a corrective squirt. Kids always seem to find an innovative way to take advantage of a water bottle that sprays water.


Aquabot Water Bottle Durability

Kid playing with Aquabot water bottle spray On the whole we’ve been impressed with the quality of the Aquabot water bottle’s pump as well as its sprayer. Not only in terms of its functionality, but it seems fairly durable. It is made from a pretty hardy plastic and ours has given us no issue, even after some frantic pumping and a lot of use. However, we have seen some customer reports of the Aquabot failing or not working at all. We actually expected to see more of this, as this is common with any sort of water bottle that sprays, and we expected the pressurized nature of the bottle to create additional challenges.

But ours has held up quite well. As mentioned before, the pressure does slowly leave the bottle if the sprayer isn’t used immediately after pumping it up to pressurize. It does still hold pressure for awhile, and even after extended periods after pumping there is still typically a spray or two left inside. Still, it’s a little unfortunate you can’t pump it up to full blast and save it for later. We expect this is just a problem with getting a complete seal on a plastic bottle that can completely withstand the Aquabot’s pressurization.

Review Summary


We are big fans of the Aquabot water bottle. In terms of water bottles that spray mist, it’s the best we’ve come across. It’s the only water bottle with pump in our collection. It’s certainly the only water bottle we have that can shoot water 25 feet. Having tested it just for the thrill of it as a shower, washed some dishes with it, and had fun hydrated by squirting water straight into our mouths, we’ve found the Aquabot to be a useful and entertaining product.

Overall, the Aquabot pump and sprayer are pretty well-manufactured. We wish it held pressure a little more completely, but this is a minor complaint. There have been no serious issues or failures operating our Aquabot. Everyone who has come across it has remarked on it and had fun playing with the pump and sprayer.

We award the Aquabot Pressurized Water Bottle with Pump Sprayer 5/5 stars.

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We take a look at the Aquabot Pressurized Water Bottle with Pump Sprayer. This unique bottle is equipped with a hand pump which allows you to pressurize the bottle. Once primed, it can spray a jet of water up to 25 feet. Or it can release a cooling mist. Or anything in between.

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